Bullied- Yoonmin


" Jimin why do you hang out with me when everybody hates me?" " Because hyung you are amazing but nobody knows the real you but me" Where Yoongi is bullied and Jimin is his only friend.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Yoongi walked out of his house and just like every morning Jimin was there waiting for him. Yoongi didn’t have any friends other than Jimin because everyone thought he was a weirdo. He didn’t talk to people because he didn’t know how to, and he always wore dark long clothes to hide his cuts and tried to hid his face in a hoodie not liking the way he looked. “Hi hyung, how are you?” Jimin asked super happy. Why is he so cute, Yoongi thought to himself as he looked at the happy boy. “Fine” Yoongi muttered. “Hey Jimin?” Yoongi said. “Yes hyung~~,” Jimin said in a singing voice. “How are you so god damn happy all the time?” Yoongi questioned, ” To make you happy.” When Jimin said that Yoongi’s heart fluttered and his cheeks went slightly red but Jimin was not able to see this due to the older’s hood covering his face.

The duo finally arrived at school, students making a path for the two avoiding them. More like avoiding Yoongi. Jimin was basically loved by everyone. While the two were walking Yoongi heard whispering “Why does Jimin hang out with him?” “Probably because he feels bad for the guy ” Yoongi distanced himself from Jimin but Jimin pulled him back knowing what was wrong with the older he said in his ear, “Hyung don’t listen to them, I’m friends with you because I know the real you” Jimin said smiling pulling down Yoongi’s hood so he could meet his eyes. Once Yoongi looked into his eyes he was mesmerized by the beauty of the younger. He quickly snapped back to reality and quickly put his hood back on. “Okay,” Yoongi said as he stopped at his locker. That is when he and Jimin parted ways. Jimin went to talk to his other friends and Yoongi got his stuff and went to class even though there was 10 min left. 5 minutes pass and Yoongi is already sleeping because he had nothing better to do.

Meanwhile with Jimin and his friends.

“Hey hyung, ” Jungkook said as he waved to the boy that was approaching their friend group. ” Hi, Jungkook, Taehyung, Hyungs,” Jimin said in a cheerful to his friends ” Hi, Jimin. Hey, do you want to hang out with us later after school?” Jin asked. ” Sorry, Hyung I have plans with Yoongi Hyung” With that the whole group grunted and rolled their eyes in annoyance. ” Why do you hang out with that guy? He’s a freak and annoying, a waste of space, he doesn’t even try to talk to anybody, and everytime someone tries to talk to him he walks away. You are too nice Jimin” Namjoon said and the others nodded in agreement. Jimin clenched his fist and was trying not to get mad. ” Please don’t talk about things you don’t know about,” Jimin said keeping his composure. ” Sorry Jimin but he’s a fucking bitch,” Hoseok said. Jimin got so mad that he walked away heading to Yoongi’s classroom knowing that the older would already be in there.

“Hyung” Jimin whispered once he was close to the sleeping male ” Hyung” Jimin said a little louder while shaking the boy. ” What is it Jimin?” Yoongi said not even having to see who it is. ” How did you know it was me?” Jimin asked slightly confused. ” Because you are the only one that would wake me up in a humane way,” Yoongi said still not looking at Jimin. ” Okay, anyway hyung I’m mad,” Jimin said huffing and crossing his arms. “Why Minnie?” Yoongi said finally looking up. This was not normal for Jimin he was always happy. That is why they are such good friends. Jimin brings the nice happy side out of Yoongi. ” My friends keep saying bad things about you. Like they don’t even know you, how could they say all those things about you,” Jimin said furiously. Yoongi was not surprised, everyone hated him. “Jimin why do you hang out with me when everybody hates me?” Jimin looked at the boy and smiled.” Because hyung you are amazing but nobody knows the real you but me” And with that Yoongi smiled because at least someone was nice to him. “Thank you Yoongi hyung talking to you always make me feel better. Also, you should smile more” Then the boy left Yoongi with a smile on his face and blushing as he put his head down.

Class was about to start and Jimin was in his class sitting with his friend Taehyung. “Hyung we all agreed to say sorry to you and I guess I am first so, I’m sorry” Jimin sighed as he looked at the younger “Its okay Yoongi hyung made me feel better” Jimin smiled at the boy. ” Cut the crap Jimin, we all know you just pity him. Stop acting all high and mighty just because you befriended a freak.” Taehyung yelled. ” That’s not true Yoongi is great he is not a freak and I like being his friend” Even though Jimin was having a bad day because he was arguing with his friend, Yoongi just like every day, was having it worse.

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