Pandora is on earth. She is breaking seals containing the evils within the box faster than Lucifer and his allies can stop her..... Enter The Sandman..... For if Pandora's Box is opened on earth, the greatest danger from the evils unleashed would be upon the the innocent while they sleep.....

Fantasy / Horror
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Bad Vibrations

Ella was silent as she photographed the two bodies. marks similar to the deaths of the last. Dan was on hand as the ranking officer.

"..... Well, it seems pretty obvious to me..... Two more murders, and we as of yet have nothing to go on the symbols carved into their foreheads....."

Ella still said nothing. Dan was beginning to feel a little awkward over the woman's unexpected silence. She usually having much more energy when aiding in the investigation of a crime scene.

"..... I kind of feel like I am all alone here Ella..... Something wrong?"

"..... Huh? Oh, its nothing..... A bad dream, that's all....."

"..... If you need to take some time....."

"..... Nope! It's all good..... I am finished....."

"..... Same as the last?"

"Yep..... The mark? I think I have seen it somewhere before....."

"..... That's encouraging..... Lucifer says the same thing, and he too holds his tongue over why....."

"..... If I have any recollections, I will be sure to let you know Dan....."

"..... Want to break off for some coffee?"

"..... I thought you had a big breakfast date with Charlotte....."

"..... Postponed..... She was called to court....."

"Right..... Well, coffee sounds like a great idea; and I believe I know the best place....."

Ella took one more look at the symbols carven into the foreheads of the victims, and then removed her gloves. the two detectives were now on their way.

"..... All yours guys...." Dan spoke calmly to the junior officers as he passed them.

"..... Dan?"


"..... There's something different about you....."

Dan smiled proudly on her noticing of his changed demeanor.

"Thank you, just please? don't call me anything but Dan?"

Now Ella smiled. Multiple flashbacks of Dan being called Detective Douche by Lucifer running through her mind.

"..... I wouldn't think of it...."

Hooking Dan's left arm, Ella led Dan to a nearby coffee shop.

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