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The Herondales


Romance / Drama
Eva-maria Schober
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Chapter 1

"So couple therapy?" Hodge Steakwather asked. In front of him, on the loveseat, sat a young couple. They ware in their late twenties. The woman was short, probably 5 feet or so, and had long dark red hair, the man tall, with board shoulders and a golden tone to his body, from his dark blond hair to his eyes and skin, everything seemed to be gold. They were an odd couple, Hodge thought, different in every way possible. And that is way they are here, he thought, a last chance to save their marriage. " way don't you tell me way you are here?" Hodge asked, the response wasn't what he had hoped for. The man, Jonathan Herondale as the file had said, came out with a noise that sounded like a thing between a grunt and a moan of discomfort. "Real mature Jonathan" the Woman, Clarissa Fray Herondale, said. She looked at her husband with a scowl on her childlike face, "well, Clarissa what do you expect me to say? We have been here for 5 fucking minutes, and the man already wants to know all our problems" Jonathan said, sounding angry, Hodge shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "It his job Jonathan" she mocked his tone, her cheeks getting redder by the second."Maybe we should take the introductions first then" Hodge interrupted, afraid that if he didn't stop what was going on, it was going to get ugly."Good idea" Jonathan said giving Hodge his hand and shook it "my name is Jonathan Christopher Herondale" his hand shake was hard, probably because of the anger and tension in the room. Clarissa gave her husband the evil look before she took Hodges outstretched hand shook it, lightly " I am Clarissa Fray Herondale" she said before sitting down again, in the opposed side of the loveseat then her husband, crossing her legs, again away from her husband. Jonathan had his arms crossed and a permanent scowl was on his face, clearly showing how much he didn't want to be there."So then, why do you think that you are here?" Hodge asked, still a little afraid that the couple in front of him was going to rip each other apart. With his 20 years of experience every couple still surprised him, of cause some of the cases reminded him of other, but still."Well why you don't just asked my wife about that, since she know EVERYTHING" Jonathan said, the scowl not leaving his face once. Hodge looked at Clarissa, she let out a puff of air "our marriage isn't working" she said, her face unreadable. Hodge suspected it had something to do the husband, there was no denying it, Jonathan was good looking and it wouldn't surprise Hodge if he had been around the block a couple of times and probably also after he got married. But since none of them would say anything, about the situation, Hodge decided to take things slowly."Was it your idea to come here?" he asked Clarissa."No, a friend said that it would be a good idea, you know as a last resort" she said calmly, Jonathan puffed."Okay then, do you know why she said it might be a good idea?" Hodge knew he was on thin ice, with the glare the husband gave him, " she just said it, our marriage isn't working" Jonathan said though clenched teeth "oh god, Jace relax" Clarissa said, " for god sake it is his job!" it almost sounded like she scolded him, "well if he doesn't listen better, then maybe he should get a new one" he argued back, clenching his fists " would you just stop for a minute?, this is as much for you as it is for me, so would you just stop… please?" her voice almost begging, almost. For a moment Jonathans or Jace as his wife called him, expression softened."you know what, let's start from the beginning," Hodge said," tell me how you to met""Walmart" they said it at the same time.


Clary looked down in her cart, there was milk, cheese, a frozen bag of vegetables, chicken, noodles, ice-cream(chocolate of cause), normal chocolate, nutella, coffee beans, whipped cream, potatoes, onions, paper towels, toilet paper, a new block of sticky notes, batteries(her flashlight needed new ones), tea, strawberries (they were on sale), vitamin water, normal bottle water, juice, bread, toast, ham and two bottles of wine. The only thing she needed now was soap, that kind you put in the dishwasher, and she didn't have to go shopping for the next week, hopefully.She walked down the aisle, were she thought that the dishwasher soap would be (or whatever that stuff was called). It took her some time before locating the last item on her list; it was on the highest shelf. Now Clary didn't see herself as a dwarf, but she wasn't really tall, honestly she only about 5, 2. So when she went shopping, she mostly just took the things she could reach, but this time she couldn't escape the death trap. Clary had now 2 choices: number 1, go and ask an employee for help or number 2, see if she could reach it herself.Clary had always been stubborn, even before she started kindergarten, it had been like that, even when she knew or could see she was wrong, she still stood her ground. So now she did the only thing she thought was responsible, solution number 2. She put her cart to the side, so it wasn't in the way for anyone, and stood right in front of the shelf, reaching up on her tiptoes, stretching her arm as much as she could. She couldn't reach it! No matter how hard she tired, even when she climbed up on the lowest shelf, she couldn't reach it, and she didn't want to ask for help. No she still wants her dignity to be intact. She was almost giving up, thinking that she just had to by new plates then, when a hand with long golden fingers reached above her and took the soap down, giving it to her."Thanks" she said, turning around to see who the owner of the hand was. Her chin almost hit the floor; in front of her was a man, maybe a little older then herself. He was tall, like at least 6 foot tall, with board shoulders, golden skin, blond hair and tawny eyes. He was wearing a white shirt, a little se through, and underneath the swirls of black tattoos covered his skin like a spider web, his jeans hung low on his hips and Clary almost wanted to pull them down lower, only to see what other glories things were underneath. She started blushing. Oh god Clary, get a grip on you! The little voice inside her head told her."my pleasure" his voice was low, soft and almost hypnotic, "what?" she asked startled, studying his high cheekbones and straight nose, "you said thanks, so like the gentleman I am, I said: my pleasure" he smirked at her giving her his hand "I´m Jace" she took his hand, her small one almost disappearing in his large on "Clary… ehm Clarissa, no wait Clary, my name is Clary" well there goes my dignity, she thought, I should have just asked an employ to help get that damn thing down, but then I wouldn't have met mister Greek god, her train of thoughts was stopped when he smiled down at her, one of his teeth missing a little bit a one corner. "You know it would nice if you could decide what your name was" he said, he sounded cocky, maybe a little too cocky, but it didn't really matter "my name id Clarissa, but Clary for short" his eyes were boring into hers."well, I think that since I just helped you, how about you go out with me" it wasn't a question, but also not a demand, " sorry what?" the feminist inside Clary couldn't help being a little irritated at his statement. "You know since I just saved your ass, shouldn't I then get some kind of thank you gift?" he smirked again, that damn sexy one. That one that only a few guys could master, the one that wanted to give them your panties right then and there, or take THEM(the boys) right then and there, no matter how many looked. Jace, why couldn't he have an unsexy name like Bob or Harold. "So what you a saying is that you think that I should rewarding you for helping me?" she asked, not quite sure, this was actually happening, "well yes, I guess. So what do you think?" Clary blinked, she couldn't believe this, mister tall blond and perfect, well maybe expect the attitude, wanted to go on a date with her, little freckled, redheaded her: Clarissa Fray!"Sure" the word escaped her lips, before she could even think, she started to blush.He smiled again, this time it looked like a real smile not a smirk. "Great give me your number, and I text you the details" he handed her his phone and she quickly put her number inside of it and handed it back."Well hope you are free Friday" he smiled at her, before walking away from her just like that.She stood still, for a second or two, completely startled by the whole experience.Well, at least she wasn't going to spend Friday night on her couch.

End of flashback

Hodge looked at the couple for a second; Jace had relaxed slightly, but still looked tense. He had learned a lot from the story, like their names. They both preferred their nicknames and that both of them had a lot of personality, to put it in a positive way."Well I don't think that we have time for more," he smiled," but before we end I want to know something" they both looked suspicious "how many times a week, do the two of you do something together?" Silence, filled the room, both of them looking startled "what do you mean?" Clary asked, "it doesn't have to be something big, it could be anything, like cooking or eating together or watch a movie, you know something simple, but were you are together" Hodge looked from one to another " how many times a week do you do something like that?" he asked."Never" I was a short answer, but when it came to Jace, Hodge quickly learned not to expect too much in the talking department, unless it was an argument. Hodge was a little taken aback by this; even the worst couples did something together. He sighed, this case was going to be harder then he first thought. "well", he said looking in his calendar," I have time again this Friday, which gives you two 3 days, before we are going to see each other again, in the meantime I want you to do something together every day, no matter what it is, you have to write it down, and then we will see each other next Friday at 5 pm. Sounds good?" he asked eyeing both of them over his glasses " sounds wonderful", Clary said before getting up again, taking her purse and shaking his hand, " thank you for your time dr."Jace shook his hand to, before following his wife out the door."Really Clary thank you for your time! We are paying for his time, if it wasn't for us, he wouldn't have job" Jace said, before the door closed behind them.Hodge just sighed, took a glass of water before the next couple would arrive, sometimes he wished he had been a child therapist, like his wife, instead of a couples therapist

hei folksi hoped you liked my first Fanfic. second chapter is going to be up soon!by the way sorry for any writing fails, English is not my native language!

tell me what you think and until next timexoxoEva

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