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The new legend of Monkey fan factions!

Sam Kim
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Ep 1. Demons are not alone

“It’s a demon!”

“Get off, you demon!”

“Mom, dad. Am I a demon?”


“Shh, darling.”


“My son, come with me. Carry this bag. No, don’t ask anything. Just follow me now.”

Shaman opened his eyes, his pale face stiffened than usual. He reached his fingers to the air. A white light appeared above his palm and then spread to all around like a fog. In the mist, a silhouette of a little boy showed up. Shaman speechlessly observed him. Past is only a distraction, he thought. However….


Suddenly, someone shouted. Shaman clenched his fist. The boy’s silhouette disappeared, and the mist also vanished as if a wind was blown.

“How many times should I call you.”

The grumbling continued. Shaman turned around. A blond man, with a face filled with dissatisfaction, was walking across the moor. Shaman looked at him, his eyes emptied like died.

“So you slept, didn’t ya?” Raxion asked in a mocking tone. “I saw you stood in a daze. You were dozing, aren’t ya.”

“Nonsense,” Shaman dryly responded. “Sleep is for those who can’t make their reality their dream. To me, my reality is my dream. No need for me to sleep.”

“Come on, you must have something you don’t like in your real life.”

Raxion spat in a cheeky manner.

“Be honest, Shaman. You like our boss shoving you around?”

“I will do you a favor by forgetting what you just said, Raxion.”

Shaman turned back. He stretched his arms forward. A moment later, a huge, sparkling sphere appeared out of thin air.

“Bring the gods,” he said. “Game’s ready now.”

“Who said I work for you….”

Raxion irritatedly mumbled but turned around and walked away since he had no choice. Shaman concentrated his mind to enter his sanctuary. However, there was something in his mind; ‘So you slept, didn’t ya?’ He recalled the silhouette he had seen in the fog. Forget it, he murmured to himself. Now he was not that boy at all. He was Shaman, one of the strongest demons, and the proud subordinate of King Davary.

A wind blew once again. There was no one anymore at where Shaman had stood a minute ago.

“My son, I love you.”

A young boy was standing in the middle of a dim-lit room, his arms lifted. At his front, a vacantly-looking man and woman were sitting in chairs. Though their eyes were upon the boy, they didn’t seem to be really looking at him. They looked like two dolls forced to move.

“Say that again,” the boy said in an emotionless voice.

“You are my son,” the woman, who had no resemblance with the boy, spoke slowly. On her face, a gloomy smile appeared shortly and soon vanished.

“We are family,” the man, who also didn’t resemble with the boy at all, said.

Candlelights flickered. The boy’s face was lit brightly by the golden light, but in his look were shades deeper and darker than ever.

“It’s not fun anymore,” he muttered.

He lowered his arms. As the game finished, the bodies of the man and the woman slid aside. Watching them fall into sleep for a while silently, the boy turned himself. Not here either, he thought. There’s nowhere. He had no one to stay with, nowhere to belong.

Shaman woke up. Again, he couldn’t believe he had been leaving his reality for a moment. If it’s not here, where should my mind be? He had found a place to stay. Then just stay, past is meaningless. Shaman glared at the seal. Inside were standing gods with absent-minded looks. Ancient language rose like a dark mist from their hands.


Shaman coldly lifted one corner of his lips. From a very long time ago, since he had heard about gods for the first time, he hated them. Their so-called community they together had built. He loathed it. Nevertheless, no demon had been able to destroy them, their community. No demon. Except one.


Shaman felt true admiration rising up in his heart. Davary. He was the one who had defeated all the gods and given a shelter, a community to demons. ‘Shaman, how about working for me to build a kingdom for demons?’ When he had made such a suggestion… Shaman couldn’t even remember how he had answered. He could only recall how excited he had been. Finally, a man stepping out to build a place demons can belong. And Shaman could do anything to achieve his ideal.


Now he called him. Shaman heard Davary’s voice coming from empty space. He closed his eyes. As soon as he focused a bit, his body was no more at where it had been. He opened his eyes. Now he was standing in the middle of a dim bedroom.


Shaman bowed his head a little.

“I summoned you to introduce your new colleague.”

Davary chuckled, standing next to his throne.

“See him for yourself.”

Shaman turned around. First, Raxion came into the sight. He was pouting his lips as if he was not pleased again. Shaman averted his gazes and watched a man standing before him. Long blond, two blue eyes staring at the air, and fonts on the face.

“Good looking dude, isn’t he?” Davary asked in a joking tone. “You just got a new colleague, Shaman. You just got more hands, Rax.”

‘Oh, right.’ Raxion’s two eyes showed a gleam of anger. However, Shaman was not upset at all. ‘New colleague.’ He felt relieved. He was right. He was not alone anymore. While working for Davary, while serving his kingdom as one of his pillars, there was no need for Shaman to be alone. Never again.

“It’s magnificent, master.” Shaman praised.

“Ah, thank you. Thank you.” Davary snickered. “Take him for a beer later. Have a chat all night. Because he’s just as talkative as Shaman. Sounds fun, Raxion?”

“Yes, it does.”

Raxion made a forced smile.

Two subordinates walked out of the bedroom. Shaman noticed his step had become faster than usual. There was an impulse, that he had to go and do something, all over his soul. For this great community of demons, he had to contribute by any means. Absorbed in thought, he had no idea Raxion was chasing him.

It’s magnificent?” Raxion sarcastically asked. “Seriously, Shaman?”

“Why do you assume I lied?” Shaman replied.

“Now he appeared, our wages will get cut.”

“Money doesn’t matter.”

“Then what does?”

Raxion stood in front of Shaman and stopped him. Two eyes, blazing with anger, faced another two eyes emptied like died.

“What can possibly matter rather than money? We have served him for centuries, and he’s still giving us nothing. He’s just monopolizing everything. All we get is our wage, and that’s all. So if it doesn’t matter, what does?′

“What matters is that we are doing something together,” Shaman revealed his innermost thoughts for the first time. “Raxion, do you want to go to the past? Do you? The time when not only gods but also mere humans hate and mock us, demons? Do you want to go back to then? This is our time now. The time for demons.”

We are doing something together?

Raxion laughed.

“You talk like we are friends, Shaman, but we are competitors, innit? Davary will save only useful ones. And you,” Raxion pointed Shaman with a finger. “You think you will win, don’t you? You think I will lose?”

“I’ve never thought so,” Shaman coldly but annoyedly answered.

“Well, then wait and see!” Raxion bowled in rage. “Because I will make something, too. No one can look down on me, no one.”

He fumed by his own and then turned around and walked away.

‘You talk like we are friends.’

Now Shaman also felt a bit of fire in his side, watching Raxion receding.

Why can’t I consider us friends?

He began walking again.

Why can’t I belong?

He recollected the silhouette he had seen in the mist. ‘I don’t want to be alone.’ He heard a voice of a young boy from his heart. Bigger rage rose up. He restrained the voice. Demons are strong. Demons don’t feel loneliness. No, at least, in the kingdom Davary had built, demons were the strong ones. Demons didn’t need to be alone.

“Where is Raxion?”

Davary was breathing with struggles, leaning himself to a table. It was obviously visible that there was not much time left for him. Shaman tried his best not to provoke him, but he still had to know. As his unusual attitude was amusing, Davary turned his face and chuckled.

“You worry about your brah-thah-er, Shaman?”

“He is capable of many things.”

Shaman maintained his emotionless tone.

“It will be much better just let him stay alive. He has served you for hundreds of years.”

“Let me tell you one thing.”

Davary straightened himself. He was still smiling, but Shaman realized his face was contorted with anger.

“If you throw a vase to the floor, it gets broken. And that’s all. Loyalty for hundreds of years? One betrayal broke it. That is all. It’s a waste of a chance if I give him one.”



As Davary shouted, Shaman closed his lips.

“Bye-bye, Shaman.”

The king walked to his throne with a slight limp.

“I will do anything.”

Shaman bent his waist forward.

“Master, I will do anything. Please give Raxion one more chance.”

“Oh, Shamah-an.”

Davary slumped down in his throne.

“You are such an interesting demon.”

He sighed and shook his head.

“If you want your brother back, then you prove your loyalty instead of him.”

“What do you wa….”

“Nah, not now.”

Davary tapped his armrests with fingers.

“Now, as I am the king of demons, what can’t you do for me? So, not now. When there’s nothing I can offer you, when there’s no need for you to serve me, if you can still be loyal to me, then let us see. Then I can decide to give you your family back or what."

Davary chuckled.


Shaman felt ashamed to speak anything. Therefore, he said nothing but raised one hand. A minute later, with a little sound of a wind, he vanished.

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