Chaos..... Paradigm of unpredictability..... One forgotten island..... One man bent on recreating life..... Something sinister designed from his experiments.....

Scifi / Horror
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Prologue: Mutated DNA

The scientist's assistant, he was beginning to think of his peer as being a little mad. Unfortunately for the eighteen year old college student, the scientist was also his father.

Strands of dinosaur DNA were mutated further to bring together a viable genetic sequencing code. The eggs, they were now being closely rotated by robots within the hatchery laboratory.

"..... Father? The one? It is said by the feeders; that it is testing the cage for weaknesses as a velociraptor...."

".... Not to worry Ben..... The cage is reinforced titanium steel, and is guarded by eternal electrical fencing..... The beast, he'll stay in his pen......"

"..... One of the handlers, he was wounded as they tried to keep it away from the feeders....."

"..... Yes..... I made sure all the employees on hand signed the proper forms..... His medical bills will be paid by the Corporation...."

".....The Corporation?"

"..... Best not to ask at this point of the project son..... It will only complicate matters further....."

Scientist Richard Hasker put the last two specimens in their appropriate places on the tray and returned the specimens to the secured holding of the genetic materials cold storage. The man quickly removing his gloves and washing his hands.

"..... Well? That's it for today's work fulfillment..... Feels like lunch time to me....."

"..... Ten in the morning?"

"Yeah..... Remember, we start work for an early day; and breakfast, it is getting a little light on the budget....."

Benjamin Hasker was in no position to argue, he too felt as if he was getting a little hungry.

Alarm bells rang and a warning horn now sounded, putting a hold on their feasting activities of day's long passing.

"..... Storm approaching..... Hurricane force winds will touch down in six hours time....."

Benjamin Hasker fell silent.

"..... Not to worry Ben..... The weatherproof dome we installed will protect the security of the facility grounds and of the facility itself..... I am not like that old man Hammond..... I will not be marked by so reckless the mistake....."

This of course would soon be proven truth, for Professor Hasker; he was making all new ones.....

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