Chapter 1: Underground Terror

Primal roars fill the underground complex with a deafening sound. The roars originating from within a giant cave at the rear of the system of man-made caverns.

Four scientists, look on their success; each of them taking notes on the progress of their creation.

The sliding open of the electronically locked security door announced the arrival of one other. This one man wearing a business suit, entered the cavernous room warily; the self conscientious individual dusting off his coat and straightening his tie. One of the scientists left his post of observation to converse with the suit.

“..... The animal? It is doing well..... it has survived for one year without assistance, just as the animals from Site A.....”

The man in the suit cracked a greed-minded smile on the scientist’s report.

“..... You have done an excellent job..... Until now, scientists have believed the Giganotosaurus from the Cenomanian age of the Late Cretaceous period to be the largest dinosaur that walked the earth..... We will prove them all wrong....”

One of the other scientists moved in closer to the animal's cage. The man now armed with a video camera. The suit looked on the individual shaking his head as the scientist crept even closer to the cage.

"..... Your team should not be getting so close to the animal's cage..... What the hell does he think he is doing?"

Before the two scientists closest to the curious one could react, claws raked out through the bars from within the cage. The curious scientist slashed deeply from his head two his shoulders. The next horizontal crossbar of the animal's cage preventing further damage.

The panicked scientist turned about and ran in fear. Blood from his gaping wounds splattering on the suit's coat.

Grumbling beneath his breath, the suit pulled a pistol from a holster attached around his right shoulder. The panicking scientist is quickly felled from a bullet wound to the head.

Returning his gun to its holster, the suit cursed over the blood spilled on his coat. The man in the suit removed the coat and dropped it to the floor on top of the dead scientist.

"..... Clean this mess up! Burn the coat and the body..... This incident will cost you one week's pay....."

The other three scientists looked on each other in silence, as their lead places a call for a cleaner.

The lead scientist once again converses with the suit.

"..... What about his family? Will they not be informed?"

The business man scowled on the scientist.

"..... That coat was worth more than the four of you combined..... He knew of the risks, and signed all of the proper forms..... And, you were all paid in advance..... I will tell his family, what they need to hear; nothing more..... Now, get back to work!"

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