Chapter 2: The Jurassic Trio

MAY 25th 1997

Alan Grant stretched his arms and yawned wide as he stepped on to the lowered landing ramp of the Marsani Corporation jumbo jet.

It has been a long flight for the , and the man was eager for some rest. Two familiar faces are there to greet him.

The first, an annoying reminder of Grant’s first incident at the failed Jurassic Park dinosaur theme attraction; Ian Malcolm. The second, Ian’s new found wife to be Sarah Harding.

Alan Grant’s mind now flooded with thoughts of chaos and vivid memories of an animal with four feet long teeth trying to take a nice big bite out of him, and instantly; the man wanted to turn right back around and hide on the plane.

Ian stepped up onto the landing ramp to greet the weary paleontologist.

“.... Alan? How was your flight?”

Grant shrugged his shoulders. “.... About the usual..... Do you two have any idea what this is all about?”

Ian shook his head. “No..... Like you, we were told very little it would seem.....” All I know of recent events is that John Hammond has received new funding..... I have heard rumors suggesting of a new park.....”

Alan Grant shook his head. “..... Do people never learn? Some day, we need to get together and discuss this chaos theory of yours.....Have arrangements been made for our lodging?”

Ian nodded in silence, the man pointing to a long black limousine.

“..... From what I was told, Hammond chose this ride and our motels personally..... Have you met Sarah?”

Alan Grant smiled on the fellow paleontologist. "We have seen each other from time to time in school, if I remember correctly....

I have been following up on your work Sarah..... But, I would have to admit that I have been rather busy running from the animal's teeth rather than spending time to study their habits in their natural habitat....."

Sarah Harding smiled back. "..... "We found that out, at somewhat of a dangerous situation ourselves....."

Ian Malcolm grunted aloud.

"..... Dangerous situation?! Mommy and daddy T-rex nearly pushed us over a cliff....." Both Alan Grant and Sarah Harding chuckled visibly, the two thinking the same thing; they spoke in unison.

"Well, at least you avoided their teeth....."

Sarah patted Ian on the back, as the theorist helped Alan Grant with his second and third bags.

"..... Let's forget about the Jurassic Park island incidents for now..... The government has made the islands restricted..... The animals are now being studied by remote cameras..... me, I am just glad to have gotten the chance to see them up close....."

With a deepened sigh, Ian Malcolm nodded in agreement. The three now silently made their way to the awaiting transport.

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