Chapter 3: John Hammond

The phone secured between the seats of the limousine rang. Alan Grant took the initiative in answering the expected call. the phone automatically played over an interior automobile com system for all three to hear.

“..... Doctor Grant? This is John Hammond..... I am eagerly looking forward to getting together with you three, health of body permitting.... Preparations have been made for you for dinner at one of San Francisco’s finest restaurants.....

Within the automobile’s cassette player is a video detailing a new project..... The rest of my people will be at a long and boring six hour meeting discussing the legalities and other such nonsense..... You know lawyers, safety, money and factors of control.....

A car will be by your motel by about eight o’ clock to pick you up for the night’s dinner gathering..... I hope I can be there to greet you..... This will give you three time to rest up from your flight..... Hope to see you three soon.....”

Before the three gathered could speak a word edge-wise, Hammond hung up the receiver on his end.

Ian shook his head, his arms crossed.

“..... It would appear John is again interested in hiring us for our talents..... Anybody care to watch the video?”

Giving in to a tired sigh, Grant massaged the lobes of his forehead.

“..... I have to admit it..... I do need the money..... Funding my digs have dwindled greatly since the incident at Site B..... I just hope that Mister Hammond is not making that one final mistake that will see end of us all....”

Sarah, now took the initiative. Turning on the power to the built in television video cassette player combo, the Animal Behaviorist/Paleontologist played the video cassette tape.

Wavy lines and static slowly cleared. In logo of familiar recognition, the silhouette of a T-rex above the words Hammond Industries, Ingen Corporation; Jurassic Park appeared to announce the beginning of the tape.

The three now looked to each other in silence. they had never thought to consider that Hammond would consider again trying to launch his own corporation. The man's many past failures of costly recollections.

The first logo faded to be replaced by a second. Presented large of size and bold of writing in a carved rock-like appearance, the sign detailed Jurassic Island Theme Park now flashed on the small video player screen.

Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant both shook their heads in shock of this revelation.

".....How many mistakes can one man make?" Ian questioned aloud.

John Hammond now faded in with the fast exit of the new logo.

"..... You all know me well on my past attempts at building the ultimate theme park attraction.... I have finally succeeded where my Jurassic Park theme attractions have failed..... First off, I must ask for your forgiveness and trust on my new idea not making the same mistakes.....

As you may or may not know..... Both islands, Site A and Site B; have been registered as being restricted by the government..... The animals of both islands have been left alone to mature on their own..... In adapting to our times, many of the animals have died; but several have managed to survive without human interference.....

Life, it is still finding a way; as new animals are born. But it also works in showing us the errors of our ways, as I, and others like me; will now be continually be labeled as playing god..... Cloning is still being practiced of both sites, but this is not so at my theme park..... Not ever again....."

John Hammond quickly stepped aside, and the picture of a tropical island appeared on the screen.

".... This is my new site for Jurassic Island..... This island, it is a dinosaur theme park exhibiting animatronic human controlled animals....

My people are currently studying the remaining animals from Site A and Site B by remote camera research. This information is being used to make the robot animals seem as realistic as possible.....

And now, down to business.... In thanks to you three for your help in the past; I wish to offer you all temporary assigned positions as expeditionary tour guides of sort.... To share your knowledge of the robot animals in my animatronic theme park.....

This is not the dream I was hoping to see rise as success; but it is a much safer idea than slowing man to exist in renewed continuity with prehistoric beast.....

I am willing to pay you each ten thousand dollars per month, plus a percentage of the gross profits.....

The animals have been designed so that the larger animals are controlled from within their control centers,their dinosaur-cockpits; if you will allow this one fascination of my interests..... The smaller animals are operated by remote control.....

The tourist paths lie outside of the animatronic dinosaur's areas, and there is fencing being installed as additional safety precautions.....

The park opens in six days..... I will have a five thousand dollar advancement waiting for you this evening to be honored of my promise after the night's feasting..... The remainder of the video will now show you the secrets to the construction of the robot animals of Jurassic Island.....

Once again, I offer my thanks to you all, and I hope you will accept this proposal; even if it is only for a little while....."

Alan Grant turned off the television and stopped the cassette player.

"..... It would appear that Mister Hammond is thinking of us..... I don't like the idea of being a tour guide, but the money sounds sensible..... What do you think Malcolm?"

The only sounds from that of Ian Malcolm's whit; were those of the man's snoring. Both Ian and Sarah were fast asleep.

Alan Grant gave in to a tired yawn and a sigh, as he drew himself comfortably into his left side passenger seat.

"..... Driver? Wake us when we reach the motel?"

The driver nodded in silence. Doctor Alan Grant tipped his hat forward and dozed off to sleep.

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