Chapter 4: The Hunter

The practiced shot goes astray, as a herd of deer is spooked by the arrival of an unwanted helicopter. The lone hunter grumbled low, cursing under his breath; and rose slowly from his hiding place among the tall grass.

Slinging his rifle instinctively over his shoulder, the hunter angrily shouted at the individual exiting the copter.

"Get the hell out of here! You're scaring away the game!"

The pilot of the helicopter turned down the engines. And the face from a familiar young man now looked upon the hunter from the flying machine.

"Bloody hell....."

The hunter shook his head and cursed again.

"..... What do you want? You are ruining my hunt....."

"..... It is good to see you again as well Roland.....

I have been made a special operative for the government, for my volunteer assistance at Site B.....

I have been asked to hire you for a special assignment...... Interested?"

Roland shook his head and laughed.

"..... I am on vacation..... Let the government get somebody else to hunt dinosaurs..... I wish to stay as far away from those blasted isles as possible....."

Nick shook his head, his arms now crossed.

"..... Roland, It is not either of the two islands...... John Hammond has built a manmade floating island of an attraction with what you may consider to be: robot dinosaurs; in manner of speaking.....

There are some rumors surfacing that his new corporation is secretly breeding new dinosaurs within the caverns beneath the island.....

Hammond is offering us each fifty thousand dollars to investigate..... We are to come under his employ as security crew members for his robotic theme park....."

Roland tipped his hat backward on mention of the money.

"..... What is this island called?"

"..... Hammond has named the island after the park..... Jurassic Island....."

"..... Well then, shall we be off? I am not the kind of man to turn down a good sum of money..... I just hope the rumors are not true..... I have seen enough death to last me a lifetime....."

Nick returned to the helicopter as Roland gathered his gear. The two men immediately boarded and strapped themselves in.

The pilot restarted the engines, and the helicopter lifts off carrying the three on a top secret mission, that could threaten John Hammond's last attempt at building the ultimate theme park attraction.

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