Chapter 5: The Intruders

May 27th 1997

7:00 pm

Jurassic Island

Small in size, yet tough in durability at the hull and the engines; one vessel’s captain slowed the incoming approach of his craft. The rear of the island waiting for arrivals in receiving of deliveries.

Ten men clad in black silently offload along with weapons and gear.

On the approach of the island’s security boat, the unmarked vessel takes leave of its unauthorized docking. The men taking concealment within the crevices of the rocky foundations of the island’s natural structuring.

Spotlights shine on the intruder vessel. Sirens blare, and another security boat quickly joins the first. The chase is temporarily on.

The captain and last remaining crew member of the vessel set quickly a timer for an incendiary device than took immediate flight for a waiting life boat.

The security boats rocked with the violent released energies from the vessel’s explosion. Fragments wounding personnel on board the decks of each.

Under the cover of darkness, the ten intruders slowly worked their way through the outer shell of the manmade island. Two of the black clothed intruders immediately cutting through the security gates securing the island’s docks. The docks to open up to underground caverns beneath the island, and the unknown experiments that take place within.

The sounds of the facility’s personnel announcement speakers delivering the daily weather reports are quickly interrupted by the blaring alarms of an incoming helicopter that was now entering the landing pad of the island.

Incoming transport..... Clear helicopter pad......


Incoming mainland transit.....

All maintenance personnel, clear the helicopter landing pad......

The pad quickly cleared.

Maintenance personnel scurried about to clear the landing pad as a lone helicopter signaled its intentions to land.

The blue and grey jump-suited workers treating this arrival as any other.

For these hard working people, on this artificial island; new arrivals by helicopter, this was daily routine.

Just recently, they were sent on an immediate tidying of the bay surroundings.

The last transport delivering the worst of the worst of people, when considering their judgements against Hammond’s past- incidents. Financial supporters, and a team of high dollar paid lawyers.

Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, looked on the island with an unnerving recognition. They did not want to say anything to Sarah, but the island looked an awful lot like Site A.

The enthusiasm of the girl, it knows no bounds.

Sarah Harding, she is the first off of the helicopter. Grant and Malcolm both secretly considering their decision to have been a mistake.

“Come on you guys! Get the lead out!”

Alan Grant looked to Ian Malcolm questioningly.

Malcolm, he merely smiled on the other and instinctively shrugged his shoulders, the scientist of theoretical chaos; feeling as if he knew what Grant was going to ask.

Grant took his time as Malcolm rose from his place to join his girl., his body, it ached.

He was beginning to feel deep those growing pains, and seeing the energetic young girl nearly leap out of the helicopter with such energy reserved; it made him feel tired. It made him feel his age.

Alan Grant thought wryly, ‘I am getting too old for this.’ The man finally rising from his seat.

The man, he never could get his legs back that fast after aerial travel. He was happy for one reality however. at least he was not going to be seasick.

The three were guided to the check in point and given three assigned kits labeled with their names.

“Welcome to Jurassic Island.” Spoke the woman, with a feint smile forced on her face; from behind her desk at the check in point. “John Hammond has issued you your own vehicles..... The man himself has been flown ahead to the visitor center to prepare his quarters....

He needs constant medical attention these days......

Within the kits you will find a map of the island, a logo hat, a name badge , and a ring of keys. These are yours for your work as you remain on the island.....

The tour busses arrive in the morning. John recommends that you three check out the island before meeting him at the center.”

The woman quickly pointed the door leading to the vehicle’s garage. Ian Malcolm rolled his eyes on sight of the clearly marked sign above the door.

“Thank you.” Ian spoke for the three. Sarah smirked silently on recognition of Ian’s attitude.

“Don’t mind him. We have all had a long trip. He needs rest, coffee, and food.”

Alan Grant took the lead as the three entered into the waiting garage.

The vehicles, they were of familiar design. The all terrain Jurassic Park trucks repainted for the new island, with new logos on the doors.

Looking quickly to their maps. The three are guided by John Hammond’s suggestion to three different sections of the island.

Ian Malcolm entered his licensed vehicle slowly and unwillingly. “Let’s get this over with. I’ll meet you both at the visitor center.”

Alan Grant and Sarah Harding smiled silently, as they entered their own. With a quick start up of their engines, the three are off. The garage doors opening automatically on start up of the vehicles’ engines.

Alan Grant shook his head once again in silence. The man not sure what to think about a future of automation.

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