Chapter 6: Late Cretaceous Zone

Alan Grant found his way to the north section of the island. One attraction catching his eye that was not a part of the first. One tall mountainous structure that was made to resemble a dormant volcano.

The aging paleontologist thought terribly on the movies he had watched of natural volcanic disasters. The man having to remind himself quickly that these are creations by men, not by the natural order of planetary design.

Thoughts of John Hammond’s famous words,

‘Spare no expense.’ Well, these did not help to comfort the paleontologist. Not one bit.

Grant, shook his head in silence as he found he was thinking that the volcano may have been constructed as real as possible to thrill people standing witness to the attraction.

Making a quick stop at one of the observation points of the island, Grant clicked on the touch screen vehicle provided tablet/directory to get a good look at the island’s map.

While the map loaded, Grant looked on the surrounding flora. The paleontologist wondered silently if these plants had been transplanted, or if like the mountains and the trees may be artificial.

The tablet began to twitch on the screen. Grant tapped his right hand index finger as a matter of automatic reaction to monitor computer operated technology that was not working properly.

Then, an all too familiar feeling came back to him.

Alan Grant froze, as the sounds of multiple widely spanned land impact tremors from something large and heavy walking within close proximity to his position; brought the aging man immediately back to that day at Jurassic Park.

That one day, when the electric fences were down and the tyrannosaurus rex had wandered free on a hunting spree.

The resounding roar being delivered from the unseen robot contraption of a manmade animatronic beast, it did not sound as mechanical as the mistrusting paleontologist would have liked.

Pulling binoculars from the glove box, Alan Grant laid eyes on the source of all the commotion. The ground shaking with each and every footfall of the beast. Trees falling fats aside as the mechanical dinosaur made its way to the zone fencing.

It was known as a genus of theropod; a Giganotosaurus from the Cenomanian age of the Late Cretaceous period. It existed approximately ninety eight to ninety seven million years ago.

Alan Grant marveled in silence on the mechanical thing’s movements.

The movements of the mechanical dinosaur, they seemed so natural and lifelike, that the man was getting a little unnerved by the thing as it drew slowly closer to his position.

Surprising to the paleontologist, the nostrils of the great beast seemed to react to his presence. The mechanical thing seeming to sniff the air surrounding it.

The eyes of the automaton dinosaur fell fast on the man.

Grant, he was not one for taking chances. he never really was. All though, he was forced to change this- value of experienced conditioning now on a couple of occasions.

Grant moved the vehicle onward as the beast raised its head to let loose another roar. Alan Grant's eyes widened as the fence buckled, and the mechanical dinosaur started giving chase.

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