One mysterious break-in after another..... Stolen drugs and newspapers, and oddities that leave many a question; and no answers...... Sherlock Holmes, will soon face the unexpected; as The Ripper by the newspapers known as Jack comes face to face with The Lady in White.....

Mystery / Horror
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Black Rose



Holmes, bared no serious inspection; of the broken window, as he turned to speak to the house matron.

“….. Was, anything stolen?”

Nothing, that I am aware of Mister Holmes…..”

“….. Come now, matron mother? Either- for a person’s virtue, or for- something of their valuables; there must have been something taken.....”

“….. It seems, rather insignificant; but a bottle of abortion pills has gone missing…..”

Watson, was shocked; with retort, on what he had just heard.

“….. Madame? The dangers, of committing to use of such drugs?”

“….. Now, now Watson..... It is not our place to judge; we are here to investigate.....”

“Sorry Holmes.....”

“Abortion pills eh?””

“Yes- Mister Holmes!”

“….. Who, might the illegitimate father be, that left you with no other choice?”


Sherlock Holmes fore-held his left hand; pointing- abreast high, in order to discourage Doctor Watson from a further- questioning of his methods.

….. Well Miss Deidra?”

“….. Younger brother to my husband.....”

“….. Name?”


“And, your reasons for thoughts of abortion? Mind- you, I am not here to judge you.....”

“….. My family, they are of strict religious conscious….. The child, it shall be treated as an outcast; an abomination even.....”

“…..... I beg your pardon Madame? But, even an orphanage would be preferable to abortion!”

“….. Quite right, Watson! But still, not of our concerns.....”

“Sorry Holmes.....”

“….. Most puzzling..... Madame? Mind if I smoke?”

“….. No..... Please- do Mister Holmes….. I shall crack the windows…..”

“…... Oh, don’t trouble yourself Madame Watson? I will be investigating this break in from the outside for a time.....”

“Right Holmes.....”

“May I fix you something to drink Doctor Watson?”

“……. Yes..... If you don’t mind Madame? On such a hot summer day; an iced tea, or a glass of ice water will be nice…..”

“….. Coming right up.....”

“..... Madame Deidra, might I ask you, this is of a doctor’s professional concerns- mind you; how far along are you?”

“….. Three months today.....”

“I do apologize for asking….. Your husband, does he know of this child?”

“No! Before you ask Doctor Watson, I do know; that the child is not his.....”

“….. From your pictures; I gather, that your husband; he is a soldier….. Has it been long; since last you heard of him?”

“….. Yes..... It has been six months.....”

“Terribly sorry to here that..... Have you attempted to find means of contacting him?”

Holmes interrupted, as he returned his emptied pipe; to his left coat pocket.

“….. I think not Watson..... The matron mother, she has many charges here- in this home for girls, and she appears to have- very little help in running the home……

Beautiful garden you have Miss Deidra..... Have you always had an interest in botany?”

“Yes..... It was my husband’s idea……. The garden, it keeps me- from fearing; over the- horrors of war….. It keeps me, a little closer to life; and to his interests.....”

“….. Anything Holmes?”

“….. No offense; in- any belittling of the crime Madame.... But, the break- in; it seemsto be not of any extra spectacular form circumstance….. One stone is now missing from the garden- path..... It must have been the one that had been used to break the window…..”

Sherlock Holmes now spotted one black rose set in a vase- upon a shelf inside the dining room; surrounded by a collection of fine china. The Private Detective eyed the flower curiously.

“….. That rose, Miss Deidra? Where did you get so- exquisite the specimen? I fancy myself as being a bit of a botanist, in a hobby interest…..”

Coach driver in town….. He is an old friend of the family…..”


Yes- Holmes?”

“Do you still have a copy of this day’s chronicle within your bag?”

“….. Why, yes! As matter of fact I do.....”

Watson quickly retrieved a black leather bag from beneath his coat; laid out upon a guest bench nestled into the ornate wooden foyer of the Deidra House. The folded newspaper, soon found its way to Holmes’ hands.

“……… Pardon me for asking Miss Deidra; but, have you been- anywhere near White Chapel in the past two days?”


“….. White Chapel? No! No business I partake of; will guide me there!”

“Have you seen this days’ paper?”

“….. No..... Come to think of it, delivery of the chronicle has had its issues..... I’ve not seen a new edition in about three days…..”

Holmes sighed noticeably- on his discontent; the Private detective rubbing- his forehead with his right index and ring fingers.

……. Madame? For me to do my job properly; I need to know every last detail of the problem..... Even if it may seem to be insignificant in concern; any issue of recent change, even the slightest; may have some bearing on the case.....”

“Sorry Mister Holmes.....”

“….. Stolen abortion pills, missing newspapers, and a black rose; one that bares similarity, to that which is associated with another crime….. I don’t like it! Something doesn’t add up.....”

“Holmes?! Surely, you are not suggesting that the thief may be this Ripper character?”

“….. Easy Watson..... Don’t frighten the lady..... Madame? How long has your family really known this coach driver? Please, try to be as explicit as possible.....”

Professor Moriarty watched from a nearby alley-way; as Holmes and Watson took leave of the Deidra House. It had been many days since his last encounter with the famed- Private Detective of 221B Baker Street. But that would now soon change.....

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