Their world is not like ours..... It is a world transformed, where not all is as what they appear to be..... Before the Transformers were awakened to the sentience of their being, they were known as Cybertrons..... Their new found world that they would call their own would soon come under attack of an alien enemy, that would cause these sentient beings to make a drastic choice in the defense of their world.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: Arkanon One

Visions of brave new worlds pacify the dreams of an aging man; wonders abound giving these planets a sense of tranquility and of an all too welcome peace. Being played within a state of deep rem sleep, the man's dreams seem more at being precognitive visions; the sleeper relishing this time of uninterrupted rest.

The dreams of Alpha Trion known for being the shortest spanned of illusionary adventures, the aging seer quickly awakens from his time of rest this eve by the blaring sounds of alarms. Turning off the cryogenic sleep pod that holds strong his aging humanoid body, Alpha Trion slowly rose to his feet. Scowling upon the blaring alarm counsel in air of aggression from afar, the irritated man now shouted aloud a series of three verbal commands.

"..... Lower volume- alarm system..... acknowledge receipt of alarm..... alarm to reset, blast you!"

Responding with an all too mechanical: (Affirmative..... Wakening alarm to reset.....); The aging seer could once again find a relaxing peace in the form of a welcome silence.

Now fully awake, Alpha Trion stretched his back and flexed his aching joints. Slowly relieving the pain and stiffness from his weary body, the aging man forced himself to a regrettable exit from his chamber; the seer's thoughts now clear to focus on the circumstances behind the alarm that had so abruptly awakened him.

Turning first to his nutritional drink processing unit, Alpha Trion; in a state of unbalanced nutrition, set the programming controls to mix a drinkable vitamin and protein supplement that will suit his day's needs.

Alpha Trion slammed hard on the processor's console, as the mixer stalled. The machine as old as he is, began again to slowly process his nutritional needs.

"Damn machines! What good are they?"

With his favored drink of sustenance now being poured into two silver metallic thermoses, Alpha Trion returned his attentions to the business at hand. His remote computer interface unit automatically activating as he sat down at his station, scanned retina confirmation bypassed the computer's security systems.

On familiar recognition of the user, data in the form of mechanized speech bellowed from the work station's speakers.

..... Proximity alert warning..... Unknown planet, surface conditions stable..... Bio-organic properties, and technology of past alien species present..... Compatibility factor read-out at one hundred percent..... No signatures current, suggesting presence of sentient life.....

Alpha Trion relaxed in his chair. The aging seer now thoughtful in pondering the possibilities that a new world may await his people. Looking back in reflection of past events, Alpha Trion is quick to recall a time of desperation..... The unexpected destruction of their home world.....

In a time of great sorrow, his people had been suffered by the forced planetary evacuation of their home world; the great system star to be known as time's harbinger of morning's light, had come to an unexpected end of its existence.

The top scientist of their world, they were prepared for this final stage of their star's cataclysmic destruction. Remainder of what time they had left, being well spent in the construction of a colossal space cruiser; that would deliver his people from extinction.

Forged and crafted of the strongest of terrestrial metals, and constructed to withstand the pressures of a long-term space journey; the new space cruiser would operate as a city in the stars. Identified by the name of their now dead world, the Arkanon One would be their salvation. Hope in their time of desperation.

Alpha Trion's silent reminiscing of past events, quick to be interrupted by the high pitched buzzing sound from outside his chamber door. The entry request signal alerting the aging seer to the arrival of an expected, and yet welcome visitor.

"Enter of your own will Orion Pax..... I have been expecting you....."

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