Hercules..... He is done with the hero's life..... Or so he thought..... His grandmother Rhea calling on him to procure the Cronus Stones, and rush to aid of his father's plight..... Ares, and the god Cronus of time's past to stand in his way..... The hero will now set out on a new voyage..... On of many that will draw him to the dangers represented by time itself...... As with his allies, Hercules, he will not be traveling alone.....

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Prologue: Transitions and Reflections

Ares walked casually among the mirrors of thought in silent contemplation of pending events. Prometheus’ sanctuary of concealment away from the gods that would bear ill-refute against him from events long passed.

The mirrors of pat’s insight, they had quite the story to tell.

The blind oracle of the labyrinth spoke in whispers.

“..... Zeus, in his early years..... With the exception of rogue titans, the boy was found to be vulnerable for many days.....”

“..... Yes Oracle of the Mirrors..... But I cannot forget one thing..... If it were not for my father Zeus, myself and the rest of the Olympians; would still be rotting in the pits of Tartarus.....”

“..... Yet still, Ares; god of war, you seek to usurp Zeus’ power.....”

“..... Yes, well? Like father, like son.....”

“..... I know of the artifact that you now seek..... Heed my warning, Ares; god of war..... The Scythe of Cronus removed from The Underworld will weaken his chains, and grant the father god of Zeus; a gateway to enter the plane of existence material.....”

Ares feigned surprise. His eyes wide, his hands upon the surface of his well trimmed beard.

“..... No! Not Cronus! the one reaper of man and devourer of gods..... Now that would be terrible, wouldn’t it?”

“..... You catch me at a disadvantage Ares..... Already, the wheels of time have skipped a gear of ordered existence.....”

“..... Love all this wisdom stuff, I really do..... I do have pressing matters however.....”

“You have been warned, god of war.....”

The oracle slowly phased into the mirror of Ares’ interests.

“..... Talks a bit too much for the ears to hear, doesn’t she?”

Ares smiled, and drew an image of the newcomer onto his thoughts before turning to greet her.

“..... You have found that which I seek, so where is it Discord?”

“..... There were- complications.....”

“No, don’t say it! Hercules?”

“..... Yes, and that little wind-walker mortal too.....”

Ares’ eyes flared with thunder.

“..... Hercules and his sidekick will not stop me this time.....”

Of rolling thunder the god of war’s voices now boomed. The mirrors of the labyrinth rattled from the force of his words.

“Cool down Ares..... These mirrors are all that conceal your plots from Zeus.....”

“..... wise as always Discord..... Take me to Cronus’ scythe..... I will have a surprise prepared for Hercules.....”

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