Chapter 1: Rhea's Plight


Traveling alone, one man going out of his way to protect his identity; now sits at a tavern table hunched over a bowl of steaming stew.

The falling rains a good cover for reason in wearing layers of additional clothing.

The hood from his weather drenched cloak concealing his face. Or so he thought, he was concealing his identity.....

"..... Hercules?"

The son of Zeus sighed aloud on the interruption.

"..... Just once, I would like to sit down to a meal uninterrupted....." The strong man son of the king of the gods boomed, his voice echoed throughout the tavern' space.

"..... You are Hercules, are you not?"

The man concealed beneath his hood raised his head and threw back the hood. The day's rain dripping behind him on the hard wood floor.

"..... Yes stranger..... I am Hercules..... Warm yourself with soup or the house stew....."

"No Hercules! I cannot..... I don't have much time....."

Thunder shook the tavern to its foundation. Hercules raised ahis left brow, as the hairs of his right arm standing on end.

The son of Zeus leaped back and away from his seat. grabbing the stranger around his chest from behind, Hercules rolled himself and the stranger to safety.

"..... Ares?"

The god of war roared in laughter.

".....Just keeping you on your toes brother..... This worm is going to get done, what I could never do....."

Hercules stood straight and tall.

"..... And that is?"

"..... That is for me to know and for you to find out Hercules....."

The storm quickly passed. Hercules helped the stranger to his feet.

"..... What does he mean Hercules?"

".... On that, I am not all that certain..... Until we find out the answer, I suppose it would be better if you travel with me....."

"..... Thank you Hercules..... My name is....."

The stranger stopped talking. Time slowed to a pause. Hercules threw off his cloak and robes. The son of Zeus now walked silently the streets of Calydon.

The citizens that were now out and about to make preparations for the day's routine, they were all frozen in time.

"..... The Cronus Stone....."

Hercules continued through the quiet streets of Calydon cautiously. His eyes alert for any signs of movement.

"..... Autolycus, I swear; if you have stolen the stone again....."

"Shield your eyes son of Zeus....."

Hercules placed his right arm high over his head, as a divine illumination of bright light descended from the heavens.

"..... Grandmother?"

Rhea smiled on the son of Zeus.

"Yes Hercules...."

".....How can this be Grandmother? Are gods now allowed to be mastery of time?"

"Only in situations of dire circumstance Hercules....."

"..... What ill fates have brought you here Grandmother?"

"..... Zeus, your father..... He is endangered..... There are those that will protect him as they must, but there are happenings going on Hercules; that were never meant to happen....."


"..... Chaos Hercules..... Chaos has returned..... All of time is now threatened with existences consumption by its forces cosmic....."

"..... Chaos..... The beginning of time, and now a catalyst of its destruction? very well Grandmother. I will travel with you....."

".... First Hercules, you shall need allies and the Cronus Stone....."

The Cronus Stone, I was forced to destroy it....."

"..... The artifacts of Cronus cannot be so easily destroyed..... The stone has risen again in a new form..... The Cronus sextant..... Within its mechanical workings, lies the stone recast.....

Travel to the city Knossus Hercules..... There you will find means of returning to the past....."

"..... Very well Grandmother..... I will do as you suggest....."

The apparition of divine illumination slowly faded. The stranger jumped up from a crouched position.

"..... Thank you Hercules. I am Iczera from Knossus..... there are terrible happenings going on in the city of Knossus....."

"..... Well friend, as it so happens; we are both traveling the same direction..... I will need to gather a few friends on the way....."

"Whatever you say Hercules....."

"For now, how about joining me in a bowl of hot stew? You must be hungry, and you will need strength to travel....."

"Thank you Hercules....."

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