Chapter 2: The Heroes of Lemnos




Erginus and Euphemus were loud of voice on the many tales of their heroic exploits. The Argo now docked for a little rest and recreation at the port of Lemnos. The tavern, it was a crowded place this day. Fisherman and even what people have labeled as being buccaneers were sailing the seas more frequently. Tales of lands far beyond the boundaries of Greece making for rise of many the bold sailor and adventurer.

One woman concealed beneath a cloak rose from her stool.

“..... Talk is cheap brothers’ Poseidon..... Why don’t you come over here and prove your worth......”

“..... No..... It cannot be.....” Euphemus stated aloud as he looked curiously upon the cloaked one.

“..... Atalanta?”

The muscled woman smiled as she rose from her seat.

“..... Why don’t you come over and share a drink on me?”

Erginus and Euphemus were quick to join the fellow Argonaut.

“..... I knew Jason had an alterior motive for bringing us here brother.....”

“..... You disapprove of me Euphemus?”

“..... No lady Atalanta..... This meeting now in our thoughts, it can only be meaning of one thing; am I not right brother.....”

“..... Yes Euphemus, I do believe you are right.....”

“.... Do tell? Jason finding me in Lemnos holds what meaning for the two of you?”

“..... It means we will be yet again sailing on another epic adventure..... One that will be wrought of many dangers, and will be needing of many allies.....” Erginus, now surprised the Olympian bred athlete of a woman. Atalanta shook her head.

“..... Well, it just so happens that Iolaus is in Lemnos; and he is expecting visit from Hercules.....”

The brothers Poseidon now looked on each other with considerable regret on their faces.

“..... What’s the matter boys? Don’t like Hercules?”

“..... No..... It is not like that Lady Atalanta..... Erginus attempted to muddle aloud his reasoning.

"..... What my brother is trying to say is, that the presence of Hercules brings about hazards of titanic sundering....."

"..... Well, not to worry boys..... I will be traveling with you and with Jason, and with Hercules and Iolaus..... With the six of us on deck, I don't see what can go wrong....."

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