Chapter 3: The Aegean Sea

On Deck The Argo

On Route to Anydros

Northern-most Island of the Cyclades

“..... What do we expect from Anydros Hercules?”

Atalanta stood tall with Iolaus and the son of Zeus. The Argonauts all resting below deck.

“.... Extraordinary jackals, from what I hear.....”

“..... Jackals? wild dogs..... Don’t sound that great of a challenge to me Hercules....” Iolaus scoffed.

Atalanta shook her head.

“..... Anydros bares its name for being one of the earthly locations of entry to Hephaestus' forge Iolaus.....”

Iolaus now looked to the two muscle-bound heroes waving his hand before him as if requesting cut of a dramatic reenactment of a prose-work scene.

“.... Jackals crafted by the gods?! You have got to be putting me on.....”

Hercules was a little taken back by Iolaus’ words.

“..... Putting you on? Putting you on- what?′

“..... It’s something I heard from a merchant in Athens.....”

“..... Ah.... Wheeling and dealing with Salmoneus again are you?”

Atalanta crossed her arms and looked on Iolaus questioningly.

“..... Well, he has come up with an interesting denarius making strategy.....”

Hercules now mimicked Atalanta’s pose, with his own strong standing crossing of the arms stance.

“..... Let me guess? He is attempting to sell water to sailors and to fishermen again?”

“..... How did you know that Hercules?” Iolaus now looked upon the son of Zeus with feigning innocence in his eyes.

Atalanta laughed aloud.

“..... The waters from the spring of Cyrene?”

Hercules shook his head as he drew his arms free. Jason now rose from below deck to check on their destination.

“..... What am I going to do with you two Iolaus?”

Jason smirked on recognition of raised problematic non-herculean situations.

“Salmoneus getting you in trouble again Iolaus?”

Hercules now joined Atalanta in laughter.

Iolaus shrugged the problem off.

“..... The only thing I have been telling his prospective water purchasing clients is that Salmoneus is dealing in natural spring water.... I’m not the one that is telling them the water has been blessed by Aphrodite.....”

Hercules rolled his eyes and walked away from Iolaus. It was his turn to rest.

The son of Zeus retreated below deck mumbling aloud. “.... More of a curse, if you ask me.....”

“..... Hephaestus?”

“.... Hera?” The blacksmith of the gods bent a knee. “How may I serve you, my queen?”

“..... Hercules and the Argonauts seek out the acquisition of The Cronus sextant..... You will unleash your jackals upon them and will do nothing to give them aid.....

“..... Shall I unleash Andros upon them, my queen?”

“.... Andros, is yet young and feeble of sentience..... No Lord Hephaestus..... There will be another time for need of Andros..... To aid you, I will raise the gates of Tartarus and release The round-eyed ones....."

"..... The Cyclopes?"

"..... Yes..... Alone, your monsters of gods forge; they cannot challenge Hercules to any great success, but he will not stand against three of the first..... For their power is primordial; of element's influence....."

"..... The people under my protection, my queen?"

"..... As long as the people of Anydros keep to their continual commitment of sacrifice, they will have nothing to fear from my Cyclopes unleashed....."

"..... Thank you great one...."

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