Chapter 5: Anydros Welcome

Port of Anydros

The Argo is greeted with silent suspicion. Hercules and Iolaus walked among the merchants with an assimilated silence.

“..... It would appear Iolaus, that we may have been unwanted and yet expected here in Anydros.....”

Iolaus, tried not to think of the many eyes that glowered on the two as they passed.

The sounds of marching boots, many in number; no great surprise to the two.

Hercules and Iolaus crossed their arms. Hercules’ companion in arms standing about a foot and a half shorter than the son of Zeus; but still represents an opposing force in the eyes of many guardsmen.

“Son of Zeus? You will come with us..... Lord Aethenius must have words with you.”

Hercules looked to Iolaus shrugging his shoulders. The son of Zeus tightening the leather braces on each wrist.

Iolaus followed suit the son of Zeus’ actions, the two cracking their knuckles simultaneously.

“I do not recall any ruler by the name Lord Aethenius in any of my past dealings..... You Iolaus?”

“..... No..... I guess then, we should graciously decline their hospitality..... After all, we do have business to attend to.”

Hercules pointed to Iolaus. The son of Zeus mocking the guardsmen’s demands.

“..... Iolauis is right..... we are really busy at present.....

We will have to pass on your most gracious invite to accepting of Lord Aethenius’ hospitality.”

“That was not a request.....”

Iolauis raised his arms.

“It never fails.”

Hercules did the same, the son of Zeus giving with a feigned sigh.

“Are you sure you guys want to do this? We are quite busy at present.”

“You will conduct your business after Lord Aethenius has completed his..... Take them!”

The guards quickly moved in on the two. Hercules and Iolauis standing ready to do what they do best.

Eyes forlorn, glared ruefully on the two from afar.


How callous you are in the defense of your own pride that continually stands as adversity over Olympus’ rule.....

The jackals of Hephaestus and the One Eyed ones may not be enough.....


"Yes mother?"

"Long have you challenged Hercules....."

"Yes mother..... Brothers will be brothers."

"Silence! I know of your insidious plot, and yet I cannot act because of the interference of others......"

"You hate Hercules as much as I mother."

My Feelings for Zeus' many bastard sons and daughters are not the obsessions they once were....."

Ares looked on Hera curiously.


The one known as Gilgamesh..... You will persuade Hades to release him..... Gilgamesh nearly destroyed Hercules."

"..... Yes, if not for interference of his many companions...... This is no easy task mother..... Hades has frequently allied with Hercules....."

"So have you, on occasion."

"..... Only when it seemed to be necessity."

"Yes..... One day soon; you and I both of us, we must discuss these necessities."

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