Can't keep a good mutant down..... Wolverine is recovering fast, and is hot on to the trail of Predator-X..... But first, an old nemesis of alien origins stands in his way..... The Brood..... Book three of three..... Can't keep a good mutant down..... Wolverine is recovering fast, and is hot on to the trail of Predator-X..... But first, an old nemesis of alien origins stands in his way..... The Brood..... Standing alone against the volatile alien species, Nick Fury's rangers and back up heroes and Avengers have their work cut out for them..... For, not only must they deal with the altered Predator stalker that is returning to lay claim once again to its vessel, The second Department K facility has been overrun by ALIENS, and is now being patrolled by the malfunctioning super sentinel Nimrod. The machine seeking to eliminate all that stand in its path.....

Adventure / Scifi
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: War Wounds



High atop the trees. The Predator trainer accessed its gauntlet for surgical implements of health’s necessity. One syringe removed. Followed by one vial of cauterizing and purifying solvent.

The experienced Yautja, it was used to pain; unlike the students of which only one now remains.

Breaking the seal on the solvent, the Predator trainer ignored the humans passing his position. The three seemed to be of very little importance to his concerns. Mandibles spread wide, as the pain of the searing wound reached his senses. The Predator trainer gritted its teeth to silence its raising thoughts of primal screams.

The syringe injected a healing solution into the Yautja’s blood stream. metallic claw-like grippers dug deep into the bullet entry holes. Moving through flesh and tissue. The Predator trainer slammed hard on a nearby branch. the branch broke free of the tree and pummeled to the ground below.

Stryker looked up to the trees to see nothing. The man favoring a wound in his right side leg and one in his left forearm. his two escorts, the woman known as Spiral; and the man known as Bastion.

“..... The other Predators..... They are still out there.....”

Rita Wayward ignored Stryker’s concerns. both herself and her partner Bastion injured while delivering the man from the falling facility.

Multiple Xenomorphs have been released on-board the Predator vessel.

Stryker’s men were no match for the ALIENS, and Nimrod, damaged by the Xenomorph’s acidic blood; it had nearly killed them. Their powers, they have now been depleted, and they were bruised and battered. Spiral barely managed to teleport the three to safety.

“..... I have a ship docked within a secret cove...... Leave these alien adversaries to S.H.I.E.L.D and to Logan..... We have files on their technologies, and this is what we wanted in the first place.....”

Bastion turned to look hard upon the man named Stryker.

“..... I now know what you have done to me..... More importantly, I am quickly remembering who I am.....”

“..... That a fact? Good, we will need your power if we are to escape these nemesis alive.....”

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