The Horizon

Sebastian and Skylar's Thrill Ride

Dusty, creaky, dirty, empty and creepy, these were the adjectives of how Sebastian and his companions would describe the water park. The main gate was padlocked and full of rust. Inside the park was a total mess: tubes, pipes, papers and other garbage littered everywhere. Fallen leaves, twigs and branches rest on the huge, dry water slides and empty pools.

"I just don't understand why Ares would bring Aphrodite here for a date!" Sebastian muttered as Cisco worked on unlocking the locks with his magical fingers and apparatus. "This place is nothing but creepy and screaming traps!"

"Who knows? Maybe Ares has a different kind of taste." Caitlin said as they walked into the dysfunction water park. She walked into an abandoned souvenir shop and collected all the things that might help in the future, like clothes, flashlights and towels.

"And who will cockblock them?" Sebastian asked.

"That's obvious. Aphrodite's husband, Hephaestus." Cisco answered. "He had caught them in a golden net, and invited everyone in Olympus to laugh at the two, remember? Somehow, he got addicted to this kind of… 'game' and started pursuing the two as much as possible."

"Cockblocking as a game?" Sebastian raised his eyebrow. "I'm not sure how I should feel about it…"

"It's not his fault for Aphrodite is being unfaithful." Caitlin put her hands on her hips.

"But Hephaestus doesn't seem to be a faithful god either, he has a crush on Athena at one point and he also has lots of demigod children in the camp. Actually, besides Hera, I don't really know any of the Gods are faithful, Athena, Artemis and Hestia are not included."

"Sebastian. Ares and Aphrodite were like 'Hey, Hephaestus, we're sleeping with each other and see if you can catch us, mwahaha!'. It was like a huge slap on the God's face. You can't really blame him for being so angry."

"I'm not blaming him. It's just… are they still married? I mean Hephaestus and Aphrodite. It's not like their marriage is based on love."

"No one knows." Cisco said. "But my guess is they are still married together, otherwise they are not going to see each other in place like this."

He pointed at their destination: Cupid's Tunnel. It must be the main tourist attraction spot when the park was open, judging from the size and how grand scale it looked, a 20 metres across pool in a heart-shape. Dozens of bronze Cupid statues stood around the rim, each of them had a different posture and facial expressions. A tunnel was situated in their opposite direction with a huge sign above reading:


Down below, three two-seater boats with a canopy, each had different combination of colours. And in the middle one, resting in the left seat was a polished circle of bronze shield. And next to it was a blue silk scarf, obviously it was Aphrodite's.

"So that's it? We'll just go down and get the two things and leave." Sebastian eyed his companions.

"This is too easy, so easy it gives me a bad feeling." Caitlin frowned.

"Okay then. Cisco and you will stay up here for backup, in case anything goes wrong like you predicted." Sebastian said and then he turned his eyes towards Skylar. The sea-green met sky-blue. They moved their gaze towards the boat, then to sign and back to each other. Suddenly, their cheeks heated up and Caitlin and Cisco started giggling again.

"No! No! No! I'm NOT going down there with you!" Skylar crossed his arms, his cheeks pink like rose blossoms.

"Aww, come on! You two need to work together, as a team!" Caitlin teased before whispering. "And you two are so cute!"

"It's NOT about team-building!" Skylar squeaked. "Me going down the… the love ride… with him?! That'll be so embarrassing! What if someone saw me?!"

"Excuse me?! I'm not that repulsive, you know?! And who's gonna see you?!" Sebastian screeched. "This place is fucking empty!"

"Well, we will see you." Cisco jumped in. "But no worry, no one will know about this. It's not like I'm going to film you guys, unless you want me to."

He said with a smirk and the cheeks of Sebastian and Skylar reddened even further.

"Fine! I'm going down there on my own!" Sebastian started moving down the pool side but then he noticed Skylar followed him reluctantly, muttering how embarrassing it would get. In the far back, Caitlin and Cisco were whispering to each other and giggling as mad.

"Bitches!" Sebastian mumbled as the two reached the boat. Something shiny captured his attention, he looked up and saw the reason why Ares and Aphrodite would think this was an ideal place for a date: mirrors all around the pool. He could see his reflection at every corner. This must be the reason: they could look at their favourite people when they smooched with each other: themselves.

"How narcissistic are they." Sebastian grumbled. "This is more like the place B-leech Anderson would come and appreciating the only person he likes most: himself."

Turning around, he saw Skylar picked up the scarf with a dreamy feel on his face. His pupils were dilated with a silly smile hanging on his face, and the weirdest thing of all? The son of Zeus was fucking staring right at him! When he noticed Sebastian was looking at him, his smile grew even bigger and a shiver ran down the son of Poseidon's spine. Immediately, he snatched the scarf away from the blonde and stuffed it into his pocket.

"What… what?" The son of Zeus looked like he was woken up from a sweet dream. Sebastian rubbed his forehead and sighed.

"Just get the shield. This is giving me a headache." He muttered and jumped in surprise when he felt a hand touched his forehead and a magnified face of Skylar Thawne entered his vision.

"Headache? Are you alright? Are you ill?" He asked in concern and Sebastian was really freaking out.

"Oh no you don't. No more love magic, please!" He squeaked, leaned over to get the shield and knew they were in trouble immediately. The moment he touched the metal, something snapped and they saw a thin thread broken.

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" He snapped just as everything around them jumped into life.

"Guys! Get out of there!" Caitlin shouted at the top and dodged just as the cupid statues fired, narrowly missed her head. Golden cables shot out and landed on the rim of the pool, finer threads grew out of the main thread and within 30 seconds, a net was formed, a golden net, to be exact.

"Golden net… golden net…" Sebastian said and for the first time, he understood the meaning of 'extreme anger results in absolute peacefulness'.

"For the entire time we were talking about Hephaestus trying to embarrass Ares and Aphrodite and we knew Hephaestus cockblocked them…" Skylar's voice rang next to him with equal peacefulness, the effect of the love-magic was nowhere to be seen. "But still we stepped into the trap without questioning it… How can we be so stupid?!"

"That's too late, no use crying over spilt milk. We need to get out, right now!" Sebastian shouted as he grabbed the shield and ran, but going up the slope was never as easy as going down. Caitlin and Cisco were trying to open a gap in the net, but to no avail. And without warning, spotlights rose up around the pool, bathing them with blinding white lights as video cameras popped out from the statues. A loudspeaker boomed.

"Live to Olympus in 30 seconds… 29… 28…"

"Shut the fuck up!" Sebastian shouted just as the wall of the pool started to move. The demigods froze in their actions as countless of tiny metallic objects poured out. Up there, a loud scream rang.


Skylar and Sebastian looked up to their remaining companions. Fortunately, they were safe but Caitlin was pointing at the metallic things with shaking fingers.

"SPIDERS! AHHHHHHH!" She pointed at the horde of bronze-gear things with spindly legs, tiny pincer mouths and eight eyes shining in red light. The daughter of Athena gave out another scream before running off to the corner. Noticing that the spiders had blocked their way up, Sebastian and Skylar moved back to the boat. The spider army started moving towards them. Skylar tried to zap them with electricity but obviously Hephaestus had thought about it and the metallic spiders remained unaffected.

Up there, Cisco was trying to do something but the golden net just wouldn't budge. Caitlin, on the other hand, was too busy screaming her head off.

"Poor Caitlin." Sebastian thought as he kicked away another spider robot.

"15… 14… 13…"

Sebastian was getting really pissed. Oh, how much he wanted to have a cup of water… hang on… water… That's it! The green-eyed demigod looked at the tunnel entrance which was blocked by a whole wall of metallic spiders. Fuck these little shits, they're going to get out from that way. He looked around and saw the pipes and the control room.

"Cisco!" He yelled. "Get to the control room to see if you can turn on the pipes!"

The son of Hephaestus dashed to the control room but one second later, he poked his head out.

"It's not working! Dude! All the circuits and chips were either rusted or broken!"

"6… 5… 4…"

Sebastian then closed his eyes, willing the water to bend to his will. At first, there was nothing but then, he heard it: the sound of water churning, the roar of water propelling through the huge pipes. Almost immediately, times up!

"2… 1… 0!"

The loudspeaker sudden started playing a very familiar melody.

"You were there by my side,
Always down for the ride

"Oh no, not THIS song!" Sebastian snapped as one of his favourite songs started blaring from the loudspeaker. At the same time, water exploded from the pipes, sweeping away all the spiders in its way.

"After all of the stealing and cheating
You probably think that I hold resentment for you
But, uh, uh, oh no, you're wrong
`Cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to do
I wouldn't know just how capable I am to pull through
So I wanna say thank you

Sebastian yanked a very surprised Skylar into the seat and fastened their seat beat just as the wall of water crashed into them. It swept away the spiders and left the two demigods dripping wet but the boat didn't turned over. Lifted by the flash flood, the boat floated and started spinning in circles around the pool which was now a churning whirlpool with fierce water splashing everywhere. Their boat slammed onto the wall from time to time. The water was also filled with short-circuiting spiders and fragments of metals, wires and many tiny pieces that made up part of the robots. Sebastian tried to control the boat and directed them to the tunnel entrance. It was easier said than done as it was his very first time to do so. Suddenly, a shot of electricity shot through his body and he yelped in pain. Turning around he looked at Skylar who was shooting folks of lightning at the cameras which were still broadcasting live to Olympus. But obviously, the cameras were also immune to lightning, and he forgot the fact that water also conducts electricity and Sebastian got zapped unintentionally.

"`Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
Makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter

Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter

"Stop it! You're going to fry me alive with your electricity!" Sebastian shrieked and the son of Zeus stopped what he was doing. Trying to concentrate again, the son of Poseidon willed the current to drift the boat towards the tunnel. Just before they rocketed through into the darkness, Sebastian spotted Skylar raising his two middle fingers at the cameras.

"How could this man I thought I knew
Turn out to be unjust so cruel
Could only see the good in you
Pretended not to see the truth

Even in the darkness with the sounds of raging water echoing in the tunnel, mixed with the screams of the two demigods as they held tight to each other when the boat shot curls, hugged corners and took forty-five-degree plunges at unbelievably high speed past loads of love stuff, they could hear the song blaring outside.

"You tried to hide your lies, disguise yourself
Through living in denial
But in the end you'll see

I am a fighter and I- (I'm a fighter!)
I ain't gonna stop! (I ain't gonna stop!)
There is no turning back
I've had enough!

They burst through the tunnel and met the fresh night air as they barrelled straight towards the exit. Then, they noticed another problem: the exit, which was called 'The Door of Thy Heart' was chained and the other two boats, being washed out earlier, were now a pile of woods.

"Oh, SHUT UP!" Sebastian shouted towards the speaker.

"Unfasten your seatbelt!" Skylar suddenly yelled.

"What?! Are you fucking crazy?!" Sebastian screamed again.

"Unless you want to get smashed to pieces! AND DON'T YOU FUCKING CALL ME CRAZY!" Skylar screamed back. The metal gates were approaching fast. Sebastian strapped Ares's shield to his arm. He thought they were using the boat as a springboard to jump over the gate as it struck into the gate. What he didn't expect was Skylar circling his waist with his arm.

"`Cause it makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
Makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" Sebastian screamed again just as the boat struck, they jumped and got the maximum lift. Again, Sebastian was expecting they would hurl across the air like a bullet and landed into the pool, only to find them floating in the air, descending slower than he expected but still quite fast. He screamed again and wrapped his arms and legs around Skylar, not even considering how compromising the two were looking now.

"SHUT UP AND CALM YOUR TITS!" Skylar screamed as they crash-landed onto the solid ground. They both groaned in pain but at least they were still alive. Cisco and Caitlin came rushing towards them as the cameras turned to face them.

"Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter!

Staring at the still filming Cupids, Sebastian lost control to his anger.

"FUCK YOU! ASSHOLES! GO FUCK YOURSELVES WITH A CACTUS! YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! FUCK YOU ALL!" He screamed, pointing his middle fingers at the cameras. The statues returned to their original positions and the lights shut off. Everything became quiet again, except the sound of flowing water. Sebastian hefted the shield on his arm and turned to his companions. His look must be very horrifying because everyone, even Skylar, took a step back.

"I believe we need to have a talk with the asshole… probably with his girlfriend…" He whispered and smirked. It only made his companions to shiver more.

The war god was waiting for them in the parking lot of the diner with an amused smile on his face.

"About time, punks." He said, clapping his hands. "And you make it back in one piece!"

"Shut it, asshole. And where's your girlfriend?" Sebastian snapped before Caitlin or Cisco or Skylar could stop him.

"She's back at Olympus, but she told me to forward her words to you: your brother is in good hands and that crippled blacksmith was shell-shocked when he saw that on TV."

Sebastian threw the shield at the god's feet and the war god just raised his eyebrow and picked it up. He spun it like a pizza and the shield morphed into a bullet-proof vest. Ares slung it across its back.

"Your car's refilled with fuel. And take this." The war god threw a backpack at Skylar who caught it just in time.

"There're fresh clothes in it so you won't look like a bunch of lost, homeless crying babies." The god said as he put his shade back on.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." Sebastian laughed humourlessly. "Say the guy who couldn't even handle a bunch of Cupid statues except crawling away with his tail between his legs. How brave you are, coward."

Ares's eyes glowed behind his shades as he stared straight into the green-eyed demigod who glared back with equal ferociousness.

"We'll meet again, Sebastian T. P. Smythe. The next time you fight, watch your back."

He jumped onto his motorcycle and roared off down the street. Sebastian raised his two middle fingers towards the god again.

"That's… not very wise, Sebastian." Caitlin whispered.

"I don't care. We are not as powerful as him but he can at least give us some respect. We're not his slaves." Sebastian crossed his arms and started walking towards their car.

Caitlin was not very happy about Sebastian's answer but decided to drop the topic.

The ride to the west was quiet. Caitlin drove in silent while Cisco was scrolling through his mobile phone. Skylar and Sebastian looked at anywhere except each other. They drove in silent all the way through Utah, Arizona and Nevada. The silence was only broken shortly after the skyline of Les Vegas disappeared into the far horizon.

"Hey… I know I should have done this earlier, but sorry for all the screaming fits back at the water park." She whispered.

"It's okay…" Sebastian whispered. "Everyone has their own weakness."

"It's just… spiders…" Caitlin said with disgust.

"Do all the children of Arachne… The woman who got turned into a spider after being too arrogant when challenging your mom to a weaving contest… Do they seek revenge on Athena's children?" Sebastian asked.

"Yeah, just like what Medusa wanted to do to me… If a spider was within two kilometres of me, things will definitely get ugly."

"Don't worry, you've got us. We're your team, we'll protect you." Sebastian assured her.

"Plus, Ronnie would never mind toasting those creepy things for you." Cisco said with a smirk.

"Shut up!" Caitlin hissed as she started to blush. Ronnie was Caitlin's boyfriend and Cisco's half-brother. What made him really special was the son of Hephaestus could summon fire, cover his body in fire and immune to fire damage. Such a blessing from Hephaestus was extremely rare recently.

"Speaking of being grateful…" Sebastian muttered as he turned to Skylar.

"Uh… Skylar?" He began and started blushing again. The son of Zeus looked at him in confusion.

"Back at the park…" Sebastian started sweating. "Thanks for saving my life… I owe you…"

The son of Zeus started to blush as well.

"We… well… It's nothing…" He stuttered. "You're welcome?"

Caitlin and Cisco started giggling again.

"Speaking of which, do you guys realise that the storm seemed to be following us?" Sebastian asked as he looked away from the handsome blonde. After the water park incident, a storm started developing and it seemed to follow wherever the group went.

"I suspect it's because of my dad…" Skylar deadpanned. "After all, you showed your power in front of the cameras to the Gods. You basically blew your cover in front of them. Now they know you're a son of Poseidon and dad must be further convinced that you're the thief and tried to smite you."

"Zeus will be an idiot if he tries to kill you. You're helping to retrieve his bolt, in case he has forgotten." Cisco piped up.

"Well great. Then, what's stopping him?" Sebastian asked, crossing his arms.

"I will say 'who's stopping him'." Skylar said. "Probably Poseidon, or Demeter, or Hestia, or Hera."

"And even if dad gets through all the gods and goddess, he still have to get pass me." He whispered, thinking no one would hear him. At least he thought that way until the moment he looked up due to the silence. Everyone in the car was staring at him, Sebastian was red like a tomato while Caitlin and Cisco's eyes were glittering with excitement.

"Oh fuck…" Skylar groaned. "Forget what I say!"

"Aww, come on." Cisco jumped in. "Don't be like that. We know you care."

"You're being delusional!" Skylar snapped.

"Yeah, and please explain why you hugged him so tight like you're unwilling to let him go back at the water park?" Caitlin snorted.

"And the way you looked at him back in Ohio." Cisco added.

"And all the stares directed to him when we're on the train."

"And the jealousy radiating from you whenever Seb was around with Hunter."


"Shut up!" Skylar snapped. His face was beat red, so red like blood would seep through from the lightest touch on those smooth skin decorated with those fine, smooth golden hair and stubble… Wait, what?! Sebastian shook his head, trying to expel those weird thoughts from his mind. Now, he was in no better condition than the son of Zeus. Right now, he just hoped the ground would open up and swallow him. Hiding his face in his hands, he cramped into his seat and started to drift off. Once again, he descended into a horrifying dream.

It was a sea shore on some island. The sky was pitch-black, only illuminated by folks of lightning coursing through the sky. The wind was wailing in the air; the rain poured down like there was no tomorrow; the clouds were churning and the sea was incredibly rough. Another folks of lightning landed on a cliff, somehow looking familiar, in the back of the island and Sebastian saw there was a fight going on. The next second, he was standing next to fighting scene, watching everything going on. He saw a young man fighting ferociously against an entire horde of monsters: harpies, manticores, many other monsters that could not be named, the Chimera and the Minotaur. The young man was getting wearied from all the attacks, his body was filled with countless wounds and scars, some deep, some shallow; some old, some new. But no matter how tired he seemed to be, the fire in his deep sea-blue eyes remained bright like Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.

A harpy flew at him but missed as the wind suddenly changed its direction. The blue eyed demigod slashed his black sword, with carvings glowing faint blue in the dark, and finished the monster. Even with blood smeared on his face, it didn't blur the handsome features. But then, Sebastian spot something fatal for the demigod: black veins on his neck, creeping onto those stunning cheeks. That man was poisoned!

The demigod steadies himself as he leant onto his sword, swiping the sweat and blood of his face. It was only then when Sebastian noticed another strange thing about this demigod: his left hand and forearm were amputated. What replaced the flesh and bone was a shining, cold, sharp silver hook. Just then, another wave of monster swarmed towards him and the demigod had to get into another round of fight before he could catch his breath. A group of monsters slain, another wave came up. After the cycle repeated for several more times, the demigod was ready to give away. His legs were shaking violently and was coughing blood black as ink. Looking all the monsters around him waiting to pounce, he raised his arms, high towards the sky. The storm seemed to be diminishing. But Sebastian spot what the demigod was trying to: he was letting the waves and the storm surges piling up for one final attack. Looking towards the sea, Sebastian saw them: the waves, an entire wall of water, more than 30 metres high, hidden from the view of the monsters. The monsters hissed and glared at the one-armed demigod. The blue-eyed man glared back at the yellow or red eyes. It was quiet and almost serene, the perfect illustration of the calm before the storm. Sebastian also spotted a man, with red eyes and an evil smirk, standing within the monsters. He raised his hand and the monsters pounced at the battered demigod. At the same time, the one-handed man released his control over the sea and the mountainous wave slammed onto the island with such fury the land shook. It swept away the monsters, crushing them to pieces. The red-eyed man screamed in fury and fear but soon, he was nothing more than a pile of pieces sinking into the depths of the sea. The blue-eyed man was drifting in the water facing towards the sky. His sword was still firmly held in his hand, the black veins were gone but the pale face and the diminishing light inside those blue orbs told Sebastian that it was too late. Despite the water had cleaned out the poison and mended most of the wounds, it was not fast enough to save the demigod's life. He could feel it in the water, the demigod's life was quickly fading and there was nothing he could do to save him, just like his brother Julian. The demigod was now slowly dying, alone in the still storming sea and probably in deep pain. But even in time like this, he had a smile on his face, like the one Julian had when he got stabbed by the Minotaur. The smile after you knew those you cared and loved were safe, so serene and full of relief that it made Sebastian wanted to cry. He closed his eyes one last time and his chest became motionless. Somewhere in the background, Sebastian heard someone yelled; pain so intense like the man's heart and soul were being torn apart.


"Killian?! So this was his paternal half-brother!" Sebastian stared at the demigod's body and remembered what Tethys and Echidna had told him… his tragic end, in pain and alone. Suddenly, time seemed to come to a halt. Unable to move, Sebastian could only stare at the lifeless body of his paternal half-brother sinking deeper into the sea and finally disappeared from his sight. Then, the same evil voice Sebastian heard in Tartarus rang.

"See? See how your half-brother suffered? That will be your future if you follow the Gods."

"Shut up…" Sebastian whispered, trying to force the voice and the image out of his head but it was more difficult to do so than last time because it was what happened. He couldn't deny the harsh fact that he might end up like his half-brother. But somehow, Sebastian was convinced that it was only part of the story. The whole truth was still being hidden and the master of that voice must have screened out those that were unfavourable to him.

"You will only be one of their pawns. If you want to avoid the fate like your half-brother, you need to make a wiser choice. I know you're very smart."

"Shut up!" Sebastian snapped as the scene before him changed and he was back at the entrance of Tartarus, only this time, he was standing much closer to the entrance. Just one more step and he would plummet into the endless darkness.

"No… No!" The son of Poseidon struggled.

"Only with me, you will be free from this… Come to me, young one. Come to me…"

"NO!" Sebastian yelled and flailed his arms, hitting something soft and warm as he did before he snapped open his eyes. He noticed everyone was staring at him, and Skylar. Sebastian turned his head and saw Skylar had his hand covering his nose and mouth, eyes closed, and breathing heavily.

Wait… he didn't… Sebastian turned to his other two companions robotically.

"I… I didn't…" He stuttered.

"Slap him hard in the mouth?" Cisco deadpanned. "Unfortunately, you did…"

"Oh gods…" Sebastian hid his face behind his hands.

"What's wrong with you?" Skylar put down his hand, the skin around his lips and the tip of his nose were now red from the impact. "I'm just trying to wake you up and this is what I got? A slapped in the mouth?"

"Sorry, Skylar. I was… having that dream again…" Sebastian whispered and everyone turned to look at him sharply.

"That dream?" The daughter of Athena asked in concern. "Is it the chasm and the thing down there again?"

"Not exactly…" Sebastian rubbed his forehead. "It was still caused by the thing in the pit but… he was showing something this time…"

"And what thing would it be…?"

"It's a piece of history, I suppose. I… I saw my brother…" Sebastian said and everyone stared at him.

"Your brother? Julian Smythe?" Cisco asked.

"No, not him… His name… is Killian…"

The moment the name left his mouth, everyone in the car stiffened.

"What's the matter? You guys have heard about him?"

"Everyone in the camp had heard about this story, Sebastian." Caitlin replied.

"What do you guys know about him? This Killian, I mean. The thing in the pit tried to lure me, telling me the only way to avoid a death like that is to join him, but I don't think what he showed me was the entire truth."

"What exactly did that thing show you?"

"A stormy night… on an island with a cliff at the back that looks familiar to me. He was standing on the top of the cliff, against an entire horde of monsters alone. His combat and sword skills were ferocious, even though he only had one hand. His left arm was a hook instead, just for your information. But he was critically wounded, tired and poisoned. He… he made his final stand alone, on that cliff, in the wrath of a cyclone."

His three companions were silent after he finished.

"He was not alone…" Caitlin broke the quietness.


"He was not alone." Caitlin said firmly. "It was clearly written in The Hall of Heroes."

"The Tale of Six Brothers." Cisco jumped in. "That's the section's name. It told the tale of six demigods and the origin of the camp's magical protection. And your half-brother, Killian Kovak, is the main character. I forgot much of its beginning but basically Killian was a pirate with moral. He knew about his heritage and was one of the most powerful demigods at that time. On one of his journeys, he and his companion, Bucky Jefferson, son of Hecate, saved three princes, James David Nolan, Sean Thomas, Phillip Gareth Matthews and a knight that shot arrows, Robin Aiden, from a storm before they rammed onto an island."

"So that's how the story of Captain Hook started…"

"I'm not sure, probably not." Cisco continued. "The main point is, the princes and the knight, they were all demigods. Undoubtedly, their relationship was bumpy in the beginning because, you know, princes and knight didn't mix well with a criminal and an outlaw, but in the end they managed to get over their differences and became close brothers. Killian planned to return the princes to their hometowns safely but he got arrested and almost got executed, thanks to the stupid prince that had the closest relationship with him. After a lot of misunderstandings, heart-breaks, tears, fights and apologizing, they set course to the camp as there was no safe place for them to go. It was Killian's last journey."

"The rest of the story… you know about that already." Caitlin said. "An entire horde of monster was waiting for them. At that time, Killian was already on the verge to collapse and his brothers were trying hard to get everyone to safety but Killian had other thoughts: he was fed up of being hunted everywhere. He was also unwilling to witness those he cared suffered more because of him but he knew his brothers will never leave him alone to fight the monsters."

"Then what did he do?"

"He tricked the rest of the group." Skylar answered. "He told them he would catch up with them and asked them to get help from the camp, they believed him. Once they got into the camp's border, Killian ran in the opposite direction, further away from the camp until he reached that cliff and completely got surrounded by monsters. His brothers screamed his name but there was nothing they could do. The monsters were way too many and the hurricane Killian summoned prevented them from leaving safe ground. The fight was horrifying at sight, one monster killed, two more came up. According to the witnesses, the entire cliff was tainted with blood; the scent was so thick it could be smelt in from the camp, several hundreds of metres away. It was complete madness."

"And the madness only ended when he utilized the powerful power of the hurricane and drowned all the enemies." Sebastian whispered.

"Yeah, the power was so immense it also knocked out the rest of the group. It left the island completely destroyed, only the cliff remained. And soon after the last of the monster died, he succumbed to the poison too…" Caitlin continued.

"When his brothers finally woke up, they were devastated by the news. Besides them, the Gods were hardly hit by the tragedy, especially Poseidon. He raged and wept for years, countless countries were completely annihilated and the entire section of history went blank. That's why the law was made."

Sebastian sat in silence, taking in the new information.

"What about Killian's brothers?" He asked.

"James Nolan ran himself with Killian's sword so they could be with each other and protect the camp together. Sean, Phillip, Bucky and Robin prayed to the Gods to let them stay with their brothers forever. Taking pity of them, the Gods turned James and Killian into a fountain. Two rivers were originated from it but were running in two directions: One plummeted off the cliff to the sea below while the other flowed around the border of the camp and became the upper course of the river that separated the learning and living area. In this way, Killian could be with his father and James while protecting the camp at the same time. The remaining brothers became the four stone pillars guarding the fountain." Skylar finished.

The story left Sebastian feeling awe, confused and guilty. He was awe of how brave and willing his half-brother was to protect those he loved. The confusion and guilty part came from remembering Julian. If he'd acted differently back then, could he have any chance, saved his brother?

Sebastian shook his head to get rid of those "ifs". His brother Julian was in the underworld, that had happened and it wouldn't help the situation by thinking of all the "what ifs".

Looking out of the window, the lights of Los Angeles could be seen far away. Sebastian solemnly vowed to himself: He would save his brother and put a stop to this madness, no matter what cost.

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