The Horizon

Epilogue: Down An Unknown Road

Sebastian was feeling really content and happy about the night. He finished the quest, brought back his brother and reconciled with his father. He even learnt that the Andersons, except Cooper, were going to pay for what they did by Aphrodite herself. Then he sang a song meant for everyone in the camp, but especially his friend Cisco. It couldn't be any better, at least it was how he felt before Sloane the bitch intercepted him. Not wanting the bitch to ruin his good mood, he turned a blind eye on her, he had some friends to meet and three fish to look after. Too bad the hater wouldn't leave him alone.

"Hey, you!" The blonde snapped, Sebastian merely rolled his eyes.

"Hey, Sloane. How may I help you?"

"So that bastard you brought here was the one who stole Cooper's heart away?" Sloane snarled and Sebastian turned his head abruptly to glare at her.

"You say one more bad-thing about my brother, I'll make sure you regret the day you were born." Sebastian hissed and the bitch narrowed her eyes.

"Your brother?! So it's true then. You two are the banes, you and your slutty bro-" Her sentence was cut short when Sebastian slapped on her face hard.

"I'm not kidding when I said you'll regret for what you said about him." Sebastian sneered.

To his surprise, Sloane just started to laugh.

"And I told you that you'll be sorry for messing with me." The daughter of Aphrodite pulled up a sinister smile. "I have a powerful being as my patron you won't even know before you died in agony."

"You mean your mom? Sorry, but I don't think she approve your whiny, childish and lunatic behaviour."

Sloane snorted, and Sebastian should be more alert when she did that but he was too angry with the bitch insulting his brother.

"There're so much more for you to learn, Smythe." Sloane sneered. "Enjoy the days, because you won't have many left."

She left and disappeared in the darkness. Sebastian took a deep breath and returned to his new cabin. All his things had been transported and unpacked… wait where does that box come from? The son of Poseidon stared at a red box occupying a corner. He put down the fish bowl just as the box shook. Sebastian opened the lid and jumped away immediately as a creature shot out from the container, a black scorpion the size of his hand. The son of Poseidon recognized that, it was included in 'An Introduction to Greek Monsters', a pit scorpion from Tartarus which could jump 6 metres high with a sting that could impale an armour and venom ferocious enough to kill in 60 seconds. Who send this thing to him? How did that person get a hold on such dangerous creature? Sebastian had a dreadful feeling that he knew who that person was as he went to his pocket to get his swords. The poisonous creature lunged again but was cut in half by a swing of Turbulent. As the scorpion turned into dust, Sebastian noticed an excruciating pain in his arm. There's a huge welt on his forearm, red, swollen with black veins spreading fast. His legs wobbled and the sword dropped to the ground. He only had one minute, he crawled towards the fountain and squeezed himself into the water but little help was offered, the poison was too strong and Sebastian lost conscious.

He regained his grasp on the living world when he heard people talking near him and a fluid tasted like liquid chocolate with sweetened cream was gently pumped into his mouth. He groaned as the noise grew louder and clearer.

"That's enough nectar. You're going to burn him up." He recognized Chiron's voice.

"We should move on to water. Can someone go get the lake or river water?" Caitlin…

"I suggest seawater." Cisco… what're they doing here?

"Enough you two, you're disturbing him." Came Skylar's impatient voice. A soft hand gently combed his hair, and there's only one person who would do that, his brother.

"Sebby, are you awake?" Julian asked gently.

"W… water…" He croaked, his voice rasp and raw.

Skylar handed the demigod a cup of water. Sebastian gulped down the water greedily and felt the pain lessened immediately. By the time he finished draining the cup, he sat up, much to the dismay to his friends and brother.

"The second time…" He groaned. "How're my fish?"

Everyone in the room stared at him in shock.

"Are you serious?! You almost died! And all you can think of is the fish?!" Caitlin shrieked.

"I just want to make sure they're alright!" Sebastian defended. "They won't stand a chance against that monster!"

"Monster?! What monster?! Where is it?!" Julian and Chiron demanded.

"It's dead but-" Sebastian stated but was interrupted by a worried sick Caitlin.

"What happened? We're going to find you as soon as the show was over but when we reached your cabin, we found you unconscious in the fountain, looking green and turning grey. If Cisco hadn't brought his daily first-aid kit with him…"

"A pit scorpion stung me." Sebastian whispered and the entire group gasped in horror.

"Pit scorpion?! But… but we don't have such monster in the camp! Is that right, Chiron?" Cisco asked. The centaur shook his head.

"Pit scorpion was too dangerous it was forbidden to be brought in the camp."

"But why-"

"The person who last talked to me summoned it, in secret." Sebastian cut in. "That person must really hate me…"

"Who is that fucker?!" Caitlin demanded. "Is it Michael?!"

"No, not him." Sebastian shook his head.

"Sebby, who did you last talk to?" Julian asked, gripping tight on his baby brother.


Immediately, Skylar, Caitlin and Cisco sneered.

"I should have known this! That bitch was nothing but an ill-guest!" Caitlin hissed.

"Let's go on a bitch hunt!" Cisco snarled.

"You can't. The Aphrodite's cabin just reported to me that she had gone missing. A searching team is now looking for her." Chiron calmly cut in.

"Don't care." Cisco snapped. "We are going to hunt that bitch down. She'll be sorry for messing with my friend."

"There's more. She told me that I'll regret for messing with her, since she had a powerful patron backing her up. And that patron is not Aphrodite." Sebastian added quietly.

"Then who is-" Cisco asked but then the answer dawned on them.


"Yeah… fuck, indeed." Sebastian smiled wearily.

"This must be reported to the Olympic immediately. I should be going and the searching for Sloane will stop." Chiron said as he stood up. "Oh, by the way, Sebastian, I need you to decide if you're going to stay at the camp year-round or be a summer camper. Tell me you decision when you've fully thought of that. Julian, you may want to do the same too."

The centaur left, Cisco, Skylar and Caitlin took their leave as well, knowing the Smythe brothers would like to have some alone time themselves. Caitlin kissed Sebastian on the cheek while Cisco patted on his shoulder, telling him to get well soon as they all had a bitch to hunt down, Sebastian laughed at that. Skylar, on the other hand, looked uncertain of what he should do, but in the end, he squeezed his shoulder.

"Please be well, don't die." He whispered before left the room in a hurry. Sebastian started blushing at the son of Zeus's words. Julian's lip corner twitched upward, there was something fishy going on between his baby brother and the blonde.

"How long have I been out? And you still haven't told me how my fish are doing." Sebastian pouted and Julian sighed.

"You have been out for one and a half day, gave us a heart-attack when we found you." He said and frowned when his brother tried to sit up.

"Sebby, I don't think that's a good idea."

"But Jules, I want to sit by the window, I want to see the ocean." Sebastian whined. The older Smythe shook his head fondly.

"Just wait here." He then went to set up the sofa bed next to the window. Gently, he helped Sebastian get to his feet and walked to the sofa bed. The younger Smythe sighed as he slumped against the soft cushions on the furniture with his brother on his side.

"Sorry brother… for making you worried." Sebastian began but was silenced by Julian.

"Shh… Be more careful from now on, okay? You're all I have now. Don't hurt yourself again, promise me?"

"I promise… So what about my fish?"

"Your fish are fine." The older Smythe ruffled his baby brother's hair. "They turned back to humans when the 24 hour time limit was over and they were being retrieved by their cabins. The shortest guy-"


"Thad was retrieved by Emily. The African guy and Latina-"

"David and Santana."

"David and Santana are retrieved by Leonard and Lisa. The case is closed, I guess."

"Good. I guess that should teach them a lesson to keep their mouth shut. And I believe the Hermes' cabin are going to tease them for the rest of their lives… Poor Thad, poor David, poor Santana…"

"Well, they brought it all by themselves." Julian said as he gently combed his brother's hair and washed his face with a cloth.

"So what are you going to do? Stay here as a year-rounder or just stay for the summer?" Sebastian asked as he leant against his brother's chest who gently embraced him.

"I'll probably just stay for the summer. After all, I still have a work here, in New York." Julian gently rocked himself back and forth, just like all those years in the past, when Sebastian had a bad day, the two of them would just sit there by the window with a mug of warm chocolate and some marshmallows. Sebastian just sighed in content against the warmth of his brother and the cool sea breeze coming in through the opened window.

"What about you? What's on your mind?" Julian gently asked. "Do you plan to stay here and be a year-rounder or be a summer-camper? I respect your choice no matter what."

Sebastian smiled, feeling really grateful that he had such a caring brother.

"I'm going to stay here till the end of summer, that's for sure. The second term is almost over anyway, it'll be a waste of time if I go back to Dalton this moment. And I think I'm going to stay in Dalton for the rest of the high school time. It is our home, after all. We have lots of memories." Sebastian looked out of the window. "And to be honest, I'm happy with both options, as long as you're by my side."

"That's right, Sebby. Don't linger on the bitter and pain ones; cherish the sweet and joyful ones." Julian nodded his head in approval.

The two brothers smiled at each other before they both looked out from the window, to the seashore and into the darkening sky as the sun set behind them. What path lay before him? What would be his future? Sebastian didn't know. But as long as he was with his brother and his new-made friends, he would never feel lost or alone.

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