The Horizon

The Untold Past of Sebastian Smythe

Sebastian Smythe was in a whirlpool of negative emotions. Last week, he just got out from a quarrel with the Warblers just because he stated that they could do better without their former by lead vocal Blaine Anderson and suggested they should try different genres of music as they were not and should not be solely restricted to A Cappella music. Immediately, some of them, like the small brown-haired Caucasian called Thad Clearwater and an African-American called David Mitchell, blew up in his face, saying that he was trying to uproot the council after the head of the council Wes Montgomery, their Asian-American leader retired" from the place so he could focus on his study in senior year. The other Warblers were not giving him nice looks either. Sometimes, Sebastian really thought that Blaine Anderson was a hybrid between a man and a siren because most of the Warblers were literally "smitten" with Blaine Anderson like he was the light, everything he said was the truth, the law. Now he's gone and so their "light" went out. To these whining and sad faces, Sebastian just shook his head with disgust. This Blaine Anderson was really getting on his nerves, not to mention the family name that made his blood boil.

Yes, he had some grudges with the Anderson family.

You see, Sebastian was born fatherless and his mother spent most of her time drinking and roaming in the clubs, when she was back, she was often very drunk and not to mention all the random hook-ups she brought back home, no it was not a home, just a house. When she was sober, she would only look at him like he was a piece of garbage that could never be thrown away. She never asked how he was doing at school, no "Welcome back" or "Good to see you" or "How was school" or "Have fun today?" when he got back to the house. He got 100 marks in his test? No response. He became the captain of the school's swim team? No response. Got bullied at school? No response. He got in a fight? Finally, that got a response from her, except the response was "Why didn't you just fight until you're dead? Why were you still alive?".

The only upside in all these messed up craps? His elder brother Julian Smythe, the best elder brother one can imagine, even though he was Sebastian's half-brother with a 9 years age gap. He was literally the light shining through the darkness, bringing hope during despair. A smile from him and all the weight on your shoulder vanished; a hug from him and all the tears stopped flowing; a comforting word from his mouth could sooth the worst suffering. It was him who borne the responsibility to raise Sebastian; the one who kissed him goodnight; the one who gently woke him up from nightmares and read stories to him until he was asleep; the one who brought him to the doctor when he was sick and nursed him back to health. He was the one who gave him a hug, a pat on his back and murmured comforting words to his ears when he got bullied at school; the one who studied hard at school by day, taking care of him during the evening and working until the small hours; the one who accepted him unconditionally when Sebastian came out to him at 10. All the things that his mother failed to fulfil, Julian took up the responsibility.

Unfortunately, all these things just proved Sebastian's point that the kindest people suffered the most. According to their neighbours, Julian's birth father abused him and beat him very frequently, before he died from alcohol abuse. His mother… that was the part that made Sebastian hit the roof, sometimes when their mother brought their random hook-ups back to the house and these perverted shits of man set their eyes upon Julian, they did stuff that would be condemned to Tartarus, and their mother did nothing to stop them, only held up her hand, until the men handed her some money. Seeing these men dragging the initially terrorized to the later resigned Julian into the bedroom and hearing all the pained cries from him caused Sebastian to curl into a tight ball, silently sobbing, praying to anyone to help them. They couldn't find help, the foster care system was basically rubbish and no foster family would want to adopt a fatherless, 2e child suffering from ADHD.

Finally, Julian could take no more and he ran away from this hell. Taking Sebastian with him, and all the money he earned, including those that went to their mother's pocket under her threats, they rented a very small flat in a poorer region and started their new living. It was still not a pleasant place to live, a severe drug abuser was never an ideal choice of a neighbour. But compared to what they had to endure in the past, it was a great improvement.

One year after they ran away, someone knocked on their door in the darkness of the night. Fearing that it might be their mother, Julian told Sebastian to go hide in his room and made no noise, no matter what. Sebastian waited anxiously beneath the small bed they slept in, vowing to punch that bitch if she touched Julian again. When Julian came back, however, his face was filled with relief. He told Sebastian that his father had sent help.

For as long as Sebastian could remember, Julian had never said anything bad about Sebastian's birth father. He always told his little brother that his father loved him, more than anything. When being asked why his father was not there during all those abuses, Julian explained to him that he had his own problems that he could not neglect and he would always watch over him. And when Sebastian asked him where his father was, Julian would tell him, "He's lost at sea, not dead, just lost at sea." Julian also told him that it was his father who gave him a necklace with a blue pendant with a shape like a pearl that he had been wearing since he was five. At first, Sebastian thought it was his birthday present Julian gave him but the elder boy said it was from his birth father and according to him, the necklace had the power to "protect him from any harm".

To be honest, Sebastian didn't really believe that because if his father was really "rich, important and powerful" as Julian told him, why didn't he show up and help them when their mother forced Julian to have sex with a complete stranger? Why didn't he show up and help them when he got bullied? Why didn't he show up when he achieved all those honours at school? Sebastian really wanted to yell out all his frustrations, but for his brother's sake, he kept quiet. So moving back to the topic, after Julian told him that his father sent help, they were visited by a man called Bradley Carmichael who introduced himself to be the principal of an all-boys boarding school called Dalton Academy. He had enrolled Julian in the school and he would start the following week. Sebastian would come with him and Carmichael had hired a pre-high school teacher so he could study in the same place of his elder brother. Sebastian's father had covered the fees of their tuition and dormitory as well as all the daily necessities the two brothers would need, much to the brothers' shock. That night, the Smythe brothers moved to Westerville, Ohio and started their new life. Before the young Sebastian fell asleep on the comfortable seat of Carmichael's Mercedes-Benz, he overheard a tiny piece of conversation between his brother and Carmichael.

"Would he be safe there? I mean you know…"

"Don't worry about it. This school and its sister school, Crawford Girls Academy, were under the protection of Lady Hecate. Those things could not get in and your brother had that necklace, he would be fine."

Hecate? Why would someone name herself after the Titan goddess of magic? Sebastian said as he started a journey under Hypnos and Morpheus' call. When he woke up again, they were already in the school. To Sebastian's surprise, Dalton was indeed a paradise for him and his brother. The teachers, janitors and other staff were kind and attentive, the students were friendly and helpful and Principal Carmichael and Sebastian's private teacher Ms. Meg were really like a second father and mother to them.

Sebastian also noticed that Julian smiled more often, not those forced smiles he had seen for the last 8 years but a real genuine smile. He quickly made friends with his classmates, in particular a young handsome man from the rich Anderson family named Cooper, who happened to be Julian's roommate. Cooper's parents didn't really like their son communicate with Julian but they decided to be silent about it. And every Friday nights, Julian and Sebastian would go to the choir room to observe the Warblers practice. Sometimes, Sebastian would join in the song and to the group's delight, the little boy had a wonderful voice. After that, Sebastian would leave so his brother could spend some time with Cooper. He noticed how Julian looked at Cooper and vice versa, but these two idiots were just too oblivious to the affections directed to them. With some help from Sebastian, the two finally admitted that they harboured feelings towards each other and became a couple. They kept the relationship in secret as being gay was less accepted at that time. But anyway, they were all happy and that's the most important thing. And for once, Sebastian felt his prayers were being answered. He and his brother no longer needed to live in fear. They had people to look after them, care for them and they were happy. It was all going well and would have continued to be like that if the hall monitor hadn't caught them kissing in their room. That marked the beginning of bad blood between the two Smythe boys and the Andersons.

Soon after being caught kissing, the gossip mill hit overdrive and Principal Carmichael as well as the Andersons found out. While Carmichael and the staff thought it was not a big deal, the Andersons considered it was a huge scandal and they freaked out. They accused Julian of corrupting their son and dropped Cooper out of the school. They were even planning to sue Dalton for some kind of moral complaint but Principal Carmichael and his secretary Ms. King stood firm. They also listed all the reasons why the Andersons were going to lose the lawsuit. A lot of arguments were involved during that period of time but in the end, the Andersons never made a case and Sebastian could not care much. What really bothered and saddened him was his brother.

Julian was heartbroken after hearing that Cooper got shipped off to military school for his senior year. He tried to ask the Andersons about Cooper but got harassed by them with all those nasty insulting words and finally got beaten up by Mr. Anderson, causing him to spend a week in the hospital. Since then, Julian had changed, really changed. He started hanging out in the bars and hooking up people, and even though Sebastian never really saw Julian bringing people back to their room, the marks on his brother's neck and the smell of alcohol was enough prove. The Andersons really broke his brother and Sebastian thought that he had had enough, no one deserved to be treated like that and he vowed to protect his brother when he grew up and he would make the Andersons or anyone who messed with him or his brother pay. The tragic ending of Cooper and Julian's relationship also caused him to stop believing in relationship. He flirted and hooked up with people, but he never really let them into his heart.

Soon, Julian graduated and got accepted into a university in New York City. He could finally leave this hellish place but he told the others that he wanted to stay in this town because he wanted to take care of his little brother. By that time, Sebastian had already grown into a handsome 14-year-old young man and hearing that, he calmly told the others that he was studying overseas, in Paris.

Undoubtedly, everyone was shocked, especially Julian. He tried to persuade Sebastian to drop his plans but his little brother had turned them down. He didn't whine or beg or bribe with his watery deep sea-green eyes. He just said "No" in a tone that gave no rooms for any arguments. And in the end, everyone, including Julian, relented, but they all made Sebastian promise to skype them every week. Julian, on the other hand, insisted his brother to take a ship instead of an airplane. Sebastian was confused, he knew he loved the sea and had some unexplainable attraction to the sea for some unknown reasons, but that didn't mean he have to cross the Atlantic Ocean from the US to France via a ship, but for his brother's sake, he agreed. He even agreed to Julian's insistence of driving him from Westerville to Atlantic City, thinking Julian wanted to spend as much time as possible before they were an ocean apart.

Being alone in an alien country was not an easy experience, but Sebastian firmly believed that he could make it. He would prove to the others that he could be an independent man who no longer needed protection. In 2 years' time, he thrived on this European city, much to the gratitude of Julian, Carmichael and the others. Then, he learnt that the youngest son of the Andersons was studying in Dalton and was the lead singer of the Warblers. Sebastian then knew, it was time for him to come back… in this whole new form. He knew that many people would be disappointed in him, but he could never forgive what the Andersons did to his brother. And learning that this young Anderson was gay made everything easier and ironic. They broke his brother's heart, and he would break their youngest son.

Sebastian's return was sudden and caught everyone off guard. Most of the teachers and staff he knew had already retired or transferred or emigrated, Principal Carmichael and Ms. King were the only two that remained. The middle-aged man looked at the now grown-up boy with tears in his eyes and a pair of open arms. During their late night talk, Sebastian learnt about what happened to the school that he considered as home. He also learnt about how Anderson guy became the lead singer of the choir group. Carmichael also showed them some videos and Sebastian admitted that this Anderson had a good voice, but the way the hobbit was treated made him sick. Sebastian knew that a lot of the Warblers had the potential to sing as good as or even better than that Blaine Anderson, but no, they just let the hobbit get all the honours. The Warblers were more like "Blaine and The Pips" than the fair choir group he remembered, where everyone had equal chance to lead. He also learnt that this Blaine Anderson had transferred to a public school in Lima because he "wanted to spend time with his boyfriend, a junior who was determined to go to New York". Hearing this, Sebastian just snorted, wondering if that Blaine Anderson could not stand the one hour distance between Westerville and Lima, how would he be able to stand the much longer distance between Ohio and New York? Either way, Principal Carmichael was happy to have him back and was even more delighted when Sebastian told him that he would like to study in Dalton again as this was his home and he jokingly told the principal that he could not stand the scent of public schools.

A week later, Sebastian walked into the Warblers room with his own uniform, as a new Warbler in his sophomore year. The first thing he realised was how blinded the others were to their own talent. Almost everyone believed that their only winning chance was Blaine and now he was gone. The only one who didn't seem to be enchanted by that "Blaine Anderson" was a sophomore like him: Hunter Clarington.

Hunter was Sebastian's roommate and he didn't talk that much. He had a messy short straight brown hair and a pair of deep green eyes. The students in Dalton called him "Black Iceman" because he seldom talked, and when they were allowed to wear their own casual clothes, that was after class, he liked to dress in black like a Goth. One day, Sebastian saw a familiar necklace on Hunter's neck, except it was black in colour. He decided to show Hunter his. It might be crazy, but even since that moment, Hunter became more warmed up to Sebastian and started talking more to him, only him. To the others, he was still as cold and distant as usual.

To the rest of the world, the friendship of this pair was a bizarre one because they didn't really have anything in common. Sometimes, you could see them having lunch in a darker corner of the school canteen talking, though most of the time, Sebastian was the one who talked. He told Hunter some of his past, where he had been for the past years and the bad bloods he had with the Andersons.

Being in the Warblers meant that they would have to come across with one of their rivals, New Directions, which happened to be the one that Blaine and his boyfriend were, much to Sebastian's delight. From his limited communication with other Warblers who didn't act so hostile around him like Nick, Jeff and Trent, he learnt that Blaine used to hang out in a coffee shop called The Lima Bean and thus Sebastian planned their encounter and tried to lure him to a gay bar in West Lima. He just didn't expect Blaine's boyfriend, Kurt Hummel, to get involved, but he didn't really mind, as long as he could made the Andersons pay for what they did to his brother, he was content.

Words of their less-than-friendly encounter in the shop spread out and the cold shoulders Sebastian got increased, Nick, Jeff and Trent stopped talking to him; Wes, David and Thad always glared at him and the other Warblers looked at him in disappointment. Carmichael also heard about that, he tried to talk Sebastian out of his scheme but he knew it would be futile. When Sebastian really decided on doing something, nothing could change him his mind, just like no matter how the humans tried, the tides still came and went. As a last effort, the Principal told Sebastian not to do things that would make his brother disappoint in him.

Besides the strained relationship between Sebastian and the other Warblers, tension also existed between Sebastian and the rest of the New Directions other than Kurt, especially a Latina with cheer-leading uniform called Santana Lopez and their so called leaders of New Directions, a short woman called Rachel Berry and her freaking high boyfriend, Finn Hudson. Sebastian always managed to find some ways to mess with them. He would suddenly pope up during their coffee meetings or making fun of their performance on YouTube. A few days ago, he joked about how the New Directions couldn't do Michael Jackson's songs and the rivals rebutted him by issuing a challenge, to see which of the two choir groups could sing Michael Jackson's songs better. They agreed to meet in a deserted car-park and that was the moment when Emily, Teddy and William found them.

"So, now what do you think?" Santana said in a smug tone after they finished "Bad". "Who can sing Michael's song better?"

Sebastian really hated that smug look, he took a sip of his slushy, trying to calm his rising anger down, but with some people who were so keen on provoking him was not helping the situation.

"Yeah, just because you're doing Michael, doesn't mean you understand Michael. The same goes to other songs." A boy on wheelchair, Artie Abrams, lectured.

"And we're gonna show you, in Regionals." A large African-American girl, Mercedes Jones, said.

"And for your information, we're not doing Michael for Regionals." Kurt Hummel said. "But don't you think that we're surrendering. We're just tired of the fighting and backstabbing."

Kurt should really stop there, anyone who wasn't blind could see that Sebastian was quickly losing his temper but no, lady Hummel just kept on irritating him.

"So now, you can kindly retreat to your place with your hook-ups and fucked them or let them fuck you, you big slutty whore." Kurt finished with this nasty smug grin on his face and Sebastian finally snapped. He tried to stay cool, but his anger got the upper hand and his mind went blank. The sound of a storm surge raged in his ear. When his consciousness finally cleared out, he saw that Blaine was down on the ground wailing and rubbing his eyes, his face tainted red with the slushy he had. Looking down at his now empty cup, he tried to remember what happened in those seconds because he didn't remember doing anything, he didn't even swing his hand at anyone.

Almost instantly, the New Directions snapped out of their shock and started screaming and sneering.


"How dare you?!"

"Fuck you! You asshole bully, you will pay for this!"

"You will be sorry for hurting him!"

"Guys! Calm down!" Kurt shouted as he signalled Santana to get something.

"We should call the cops, or your headmaster. And get you expelled or even arrested for assaulting Blaine with that slushie." The Latina said as she retrieved a camera they installed in secret, probably for recording the competition. She then handed it to Kurt who checked the tape.

"Hmm... We could totally do that, but you know what? It just wouldn't be as much fun and jolly winning Regionals without you're there to suffer through the agony of being defeated." Kurt said. "So we would generously let you go free for once."

"Besides, the other Warblers now know exactly what kind of guy you are." Santana said smugly as the said choir group looked at Sebastian with disgust and disappointment. Sebastian, on the other hand, didn't look too afraid, he didn't even flinch.

"If you wish to continue threaten me with all these empty things, go ahead, do I look like I give a fuck, bitch?" Sebastian said in disdain as he turned away, but someone was not making things any easier.

"Alright, you fucker!" Finn snarled and tried to grab Sebastian's collar. "I will teach you a lesson so you're gonna run back to your whore of a mother."

The crowd gasped, even Rachel and Santana were shocked. As much as they didn't like the meerkat boy, it was, in any sense, NOT right to insult someone's family. Sebastian himself didn't make fun of Finn's dad or Kurt's mom even he considered the two as enemies. Hearing what Finn said, Sebastian spun his head towards the giant, eyes cold in fury and without hesitation, he punched Finn in the jaw hard. With an animalistic growl, Finn lunged and pinned Sebastian onto the ground and the two started fighting. The reaction of the two groups were different, many of the New Directions were shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight!", "Yeah! Get him!" and "Teach this fucker a lesson!", while the Warblers were trying to separate the two. The guys thought Finn would have gotten the upper hand as he had a larger size and was in the football team but they were wrong. Sebastian soon flipped them over and punched the giant in the nose. With a growl, Finn grabbed harshly on Sebastian's shirt, breaking the buttons and Sebastian's blue necklace swung out. Hunter, who was standing in the back stiffened as Finn grabbed onto it and yanked harshly. The chain broke and the pendant fell to the ground and was smashed as Finn stomped on it. Sebastian's face paled dramatically but quickly turned red with fury as the sky turned dark. He moved his gaze from the broken necklace to the smug-looking Finn. He was really going to tear the dumbass giant into pieces but a pair of strong arms stopped him. He turned around and saw Hunter was the one holding him.

"Get your boyfriend under control." Finn said as he rubbed his blood-smeared face. "You prep school bas-"

His sentence stopped abruptly as Hunter turned to glare at him and a shiver ran down his spine. The rest of the group also had similar frightening feeling, like all of a sudden Hunter was someone that came out from their worst nightmares. Turning his gaze to the shaken Sebastian, he quietly spoke.

"Wait here, I'll collect the shards." Hunter said in a serious tone and gathered the broken necklace and pendant on the ground with a piece of black cloth. When he finished this, he handed the cloth to Sebastian who held it dearly. Looking around, he saw the still shaken group of people, some of them like Santana, Nick, Jeff and the Warbler Council were particularly startled.

"Get him under control? Maybe you should learn when to keep your mouth shut, you guys all lack this basic self-control." Hunter said as he yanked the motionless Sebastian away.

"Wait! Where're you going?" One of the Warblers, Jon, cried.


"But where?"

"None of your business!" Hunter snapped as they disappeared around a corner.

From their hidden corner, Emily, Teddy and William stared with wide eyes as the simple fact dawned on them: This is the demigod they needed to find, but the plan would need some amendments because such a powerful aura would definitely attract monsters.

"Oh dear, this is not good." Teddy muttered as they hurriedly informed Cooper about what happened. A few minutes later, they got a reply, telling them to meet up in Dalton.

After Cooper dropped his friends off, he began his journey to Dalton, as the familiar building appeared in front of his eyes, his hidden memories started to resurface. Parking his car at the road side, he slowly approached the main door of the campus. He gently pushed away a small bush and saw a mini version of Hecate's torch.

"Thank you, Lady Hecate… for protecting us." He whispered and stepped into the school ground that he hadn't stepped on for a long time. It was after school hour and most of the students were relaxing in the canteen or in the school lawn so the corridors were relatively empty. Everything seemed unchanged, the designs on the walls, ceiling and floor were still the same as he last remembered; the scenery outside the windows looked more or less the same, except the trees grew taller and thicker, even the chairs and tables along the corridor were in the same place he remembered. Following his memory, Cooper finally reached a door that burnt into his memory. It was quiet and he gently opened the door. The room was still as big as he remembered, looking up and he saw a banner with a giant warbler hanging on the wall. In general, it looked similar to Cooper before he left, though there were more couches, chairs and tables. There was also a new bookcase near a whiteboard hanging on the wall with huge words writing:

Warblers Timetable
Tuesday: Additional practice (4:30pm-5:30pm)
Wednesday: Meeting/Additional practice (4pm-5pm)
Friday: Practice (4pm-6pm)

"So they had scheduled two more additional practice sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday." Cooper thought as he checked his watch. It was 4:30 pm, Friday.

"Strange. They should be here practicing. Where are they?" He thought as his phone buzzed, signalling a message. He opened it and it was from Teddy. It read:

Have been going around the town.
No monsters.
Found a few nymphs.
Just sensed some demigod's auras and located them.
Apparently there're at least 5 of them.

He replied with a "Got it" and put his phone back to his pocket. His eyes then set on the piano in the corner. Ah, he remembered how many times he had played on it. Closing the door behind him, Cooper sat down and prepared himself for the right mood by playing some scales. As soon as he was ready, he played the song that made him suited his current feel.

Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home

Oh I miss you, you know

And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
"I'm fine baby, how are you?"

Well, I would send them but I know that it's just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I'm lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mm, I've got to go home

Let me go home
I'm just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I'm living someone else's life
It's like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right

And I know just why you could not come along with me
That this is not your dream
But you always believed in me

Another winter day has come
And gone away
In even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I'm surrounded by
A million people I-
I still feel alone
Oh, let me go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I've had my run
Baby, I'm done
I gotta go home

Let me go home
It'll all be all right
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home

When the song ended, a gentle clapping from the door made him spin his head to see who it was and standing by the now opened door; still gently clapping; with the similar clothing style; with the same warm smile and eyes, was Principal Carmichael.

"Principal Carmichael?" Cooper asked in surprise and delight.

"Cooper, my dear boy." The middle-aged man smiled as the young man ran to hug him.

"Let me have a better look at you." The principal said after they broke the hug. "Oh gods, you have grown up so much… Left as a young lad and back as a man… Alas, that shocked me to think how old I am."

"Principal…" Cooper said with a teary smile. "I miss you… I miss everyone… How are they?"

"They all left, either retired or transferred or emigrated. I am the only one who still remained. But don't worry child, they would all be so happy and proud of you." Carmichael said in a comforting tone. "Come, let's take a sit."

The two sat down and they started talking, talking about how everyone's lives had changed all those years, complaining problems and gossiping.

"-Really? I have never realised that." Cooper said before remembering something. "Speaking of which, where're the Warblers? I thought they have a practice now."

"I'm not sure, but Sebastian told me that they have some challenges they have to fulfil." The principal said and Cooper stiffened.

"Sebastian… Is this Sebastian the brother of…" He couldn't say the name without all the guilt and pains welling up. For all these years, Julian Smythe was still a sore topic for him. Carmichael must have known this because he changed the subject.

"Well let's talk about something else. So what makes you come back?" Carmichael asked gently and Cooper sighed.

"We're on a mission." He explained. "Apparently there would be a very strong demigod arise in Lima and Chiron sent me and three of my friends here to take him to the camp. We also got the fact that he resides in a haven under Hecate's blessing which is obviously this school. I'm checking this place and refresh my memories at the same time while my friends were doing their searching in Lima."

Just then, Ms. King knocked on the door. She looked shocked and happy to see Cooper there because her lips just pulled into a warm smile but it quickly dissolved into a serious and worried look.

"Principal, there's something in your office and I think you need to come to see it." She informed.

"Well, I think we can meet up later. It's good to see you, Cooper." Carmichael said as he stood up.

"Yeah, I'm happy to see you too, Cooper." Ms. King said with a smile.

"You too, Ms. King."

"No need for the formalities, call me Liza." She said as she left with the principal. Cooper was now alone again, turning around and he saw a pile of yearbooks stacking on the old bookcase. He took the one that marked his sophomore year and turned the pages. He flipped and flipped until he found the page: a class photo that he was in during that time. He found himself without difficulty and the young man who was standing next to the young, smiley Cooper, with the same mischievous but sincere smile, was the one that lingered in his mind for all these years.

"Julian…" Cooper whispered, gently touching the face of the frozen people. "I hope that you're alright. I miss you…"

Suddenly, an intense demigod aura hit Cooper, making him drop the book. Looking around, he tried to locate the source when his mobile phone buzzed. A new message arrived and it read:

Found the demigod, aura extremely intense.
Bad news: We lost his track.

"So that strong demigod aura was from our target…" Cooper muttered and gave them a reply.

I suspect the target have returned to Dalton
We should meet there
Will send you the address

Shoving the phone back to his pocket, he made his way to the principal's office, which was the place the intense aura generated. When he opened the door, he saw Principal Carmichael standing by the window near his office table and was talking on the phone with someone; Liza was gently patting the back of a brown-haired young man who was sobbing at a piece of cloth; there was another brown-haired boy sitting at the corner talking on a phone as well, though he looked extremely exhausted.

Shoving the phone back to his pocket, he made his way to the principal's office, which was the place the intense aura generated. When he opened the door, he saw Principal Carmichael standing by the window near his office table and was talking on the phone with someone; Liza was gently patting the back of a brown-haired young man who was sobbing at a piece of cloth; there was another brown-haired boy sitting at the corner talking on a phone as well, though he looked extremely exhausted.

"Okay. Give me a call when you arrived, bye." The Principal ended the call and turned to sit next to the crying boy.

"It's gonna be okay, your brother is coming." Carmichael soothed. "He'll be here in 2 hours' time. You need anything?"

The brown-haired boy shook his head and looked up, but as soon as his deep sea-green eyes reached Cooper, he froze and started sneering but Liza and Carmichael grabbed onto him.

"What is he doing here?!" He snarled, pointing an accusing finger at Cooper, his green eyes flaring in anger.

"Sebastian, calm down. Cooper is on a mission. He-" Liza explained but was cut off by a sardonic laugh from the boy.

"Oh mission, what mission? Have you done not enough harm to my brother so you decide to stomp on him even more? Or you-"

"Sebastian!" Carmichael scolded. "Behave yourself!"

It was a rare scene as the Principal never raised his voice. He preferred to talk calmly instead of shouting and starting some pointless arguments. Cooper once joked that the soul living in Carmichael was actually an incarnation of Gandalf the Grey.

"Fine…" The Smythe boy grumbled, never taking his glaring gaze from Cooper.

"So can you tell me what happened?" Carmichael said in a stern tone. "You told me that you and the Warblers were going on for a challenge. What challenge were you guys having? Wrestling? Or is it street-fighting? Because I don't remember a singing challenge would result in this."

He opened the pile of cloth to reveal the remains of a blue necklace. Sebastian sighed and began his explanation.

"I stated that the New Directions, that is our rival, could not sing Michael Jackson's songs and they issued a challenge to me and the Warblers. It was today and we went to a deserted carpark to see which group could sing Michael Jackson's songs better. I also brought a cup of slushie with me. Because I knew I would need some cold drink to stay cool in case someone irritated me. But still I underestimated them. I tried to keep my anger at bay but when this Kurt Hummel called me a slut with this annoying smug look like he's better than anyone else, I just couldn't take anymore. And before you begin barking, I don't know how that slushie hit Blaine, I didn't even swing my hand. I just felt my mind go blank and the next second I know, he was down like boom! With the slushie on his face." Sebastian finished with a clap on his hand.

"What?!" Cooper exclaimed and Carmichael believed that he needed to have a serious talk with Sebastian after that.

"A slushie? But wouldn't it melt by the time you reached there?"

"I know. That's why I add some rock salt-"

"What?! Rock salt?!" Cooper exclaimed again.

"Yes, rock salt or sodium chloride, if you want me to put it that way." Sebastian snapped. "I add some rock salt to the drink to prevent it from melting so quickly."

"But that didn't explain why your necklace was broken." Liza said. "From what you've been telling us, you just lost your temper and splashed that cup of slushie on Blaine."

"That happened after little Blainey performed that stunt." Sebastian said with a clear disdain. Cooper didn't like this new Sebastian. The Sebastian he once knew was so sweet and so kind and this one sitting in front of him was the exact opposite. But still, he couldn't help himself to feel sorry for the younger male. He knew he was also partially responsible to the birth of this Sebastian.

"He was wailing on the ground and his little minions started snarling like some beasts and were throwing all kinds of threats to me, ranging from making me pay by fists to calling you to get me expelled. Well, if they hadn't pissed me off in the first hand none of that would happen and their precious hobbit would still be fine. Anyway, I was going to leave but this dumb giant grabbed onto me and spit out all the insults that his tiny brain could remember. Normally I would just laugh it off but then he said and I quote 'gonna run back to your whore of a mother.', that's the part when I could hold no longer."

"I thought you said you didn't like your mother." Hunter whispered.

"I did not!" Sebastian snapped. "But the fact is if he said my mother is a whore, then he is also insulting my brother because she gave birth to him, even she failed on an epic scale to be a parent. And mess with my brother, you're messing with me."

"Hunter, what did you know and see about this?" Carmichael asked.

"All Sebastian said just now was true, he didn't throw the slushie at little Anderson, the liquid welled up from the cup like it obtained its own consciousness. It was originally heading towards the torso of this Kurt Hummel, I assume that Sebastian didn't really want to splash those liquid onto his face, right?" Hunter asked and earned a nod from Sebastian. "But then little Anderson decided to jump in and got hit instead. And everything went downhill after that."

"Ok. I think we should deal with this later." Cooper said. "Speaking of which, do you smell any monsters nearby?"

"Excuse me?" Hunter asked in disbelief when he realised that Cooper was asking him. Meanwhile, Liza and Carmichael were looking torn between looking horrified or bursting out laughing.

"Do you smell any monster nearby after the necklace broke?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, mister. How exactly do you expect me to 'smell' monsters? I'm not a satyr, whether it is literally meaning or physically meaning." Hunter said sarcastically.

"So you're not a satyr, are you a clear-sighted mortal?" Cooper asked again and Hunter rolled his eyes.

"If I'm a clear-sighted mortal, how can we be back here so fast? The scenario we just told you happened less than 30 minutes ago." Hunter asked, raising his eyebrow and Cooper's eyes widened.

"You… You're a demigod too?" Cooper asked, but it sounded like a statement instead.

"Indeed, but no, I'm not telling you more than this." Hunter said quietly. "Some things are not meant to reveal at certain time. When everything is right, they would disclose themselves. An untimely reveal could lead to destruction of all."

"Wait! Wait!" A voice rang in the room, reminding the occupants that there was one more person. "What is this? Are you guys keeping something from me? How did the slushie well up all by itself?"

"You're the one who controlled it." Hunter informed. "When you finally lost your temper, you made the fluid to fly out of the container. Yeah, I know you're gonna think I'm crazy, but it's the truth. Remember all the times you told me about your father? When you thought that your birth father was really dead, I always said otherwise."

"Yeah, but what does it have to do with this?" Sebastian asked in confusion.

"Because Sebastian, your father is not any man, he is not dead and won't be dead because he is not a mortal."

"And just who is he? An angel?"

"Nope, nope, nope. He is much more powerful than that." Hunter paused.

"He is one of the Olympian Gods."

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