The Horizon

The Son of the Sky

Cabin one, the biggest, bulkiest and most vainglorious one. It was built in with marble slabs white as the clouds, blue as the sky at noon and dynamic as the wind. Its columns were twice the thickness than the other cabins; the walls were taller than Hera's cabin, with lightning folks, eagles, bulls and oak trees painted or sculpted on it. The roof and trim were decorated with clouds with all shapes. The brass number one was located in the centre of it with lightning folks striking out in all directions. A huge golden eagle statue, with his wings wide-spread, was erected on the roof top. The door was a double panel one made of the purest gold with silver lightning bolts carved on it.

"The cabin of the lord of the sky." Emily introduced. "With very luxurious designs."

"You know, when Zeus redesigned the cabin, he had this argument with Hera, Athena, Poseidon and Hades." Alice added. "He wanted to make the entire cabin made of gold, but Hera, Athena, Poseidon and Hades disagreed. Hades and Poseidon thought it was unnecessary; Athena said the reflective index, hardness and low specific heat capacity makes gold not to be an ideal building material; Hera told Zeus to think if his child will feel comfortable to live in a house with cold, hard golden house."

"And Zeus whined. Yes, you did not mishear that. Zeus whined for months but finally relented to the current design after Hera made him live in a golden house for two month. The result, he couldn't make it through two weeks."

"Zeus is such a drama queen. How come he is not the god of theatre?" Sebastian frowned.

"Who knows?"

"I wonder if his offspring is all like him." Sebastian muttered. What they didn't expect was hearing a reply on their back.

"No, and you do realize that someone lives here, right?"

Emily and Alice spun around while Sebastian jumped. Behind them, stood a young Caucasian man in his mid-twenties with eyes bluer than the finest sapphire. His hair was a beautiful light blond that seemed to shine in the sun. Blond stubbles were growing on his well-defined jaw. He had this king-like aura around him and the physique of a living Adonis like Teddy and William. However, there were some emotions swimming in those blue irises: loneliness, sadness and coldness clouding this handsome face. Sebastian gulped as he looked at the young man. His cheeks started to colour as he saw the well-defined pecs and abs hidden beneath the tight fabric. His heart rate went up and his mouth grew dry.

"Goodness, Skylar. You gave us quiet a scare." Emily said while the young man, Skylar just grumbled.

"Who are you?" He turned to Sebastian.


"He is the newest camper, Sebastian Smythe." Alice jumped in. "Sebastian, this is Skylar Thawne, son of Zeus."

"Whatever. Now please move, you're blocking my way." The blonde grumbled as he moved passed the trio. He slammed the cabin door close after he got in.

"What's wrong with him?" Sebastian whispered. Alice signalled them to move on.

"Skylar is… well, a bit different from us." Emily said quietly as they got out of hearing range. "He was already there when we first arrived and I thought he is the first year-rounder of the camp, meaning he spends most of the year in the camp. It will be too dangerous for him to step outside the border. Monsters really love to come and challenge him."


"He is the son of Zeus, the king of the Olympian Gods and his demigod aura is very strong, one of the strongest in the camp." Alice added. "And his arrival on camp was also very different from many of us. But that's not my place to tell. Plus, he is a bit antisocial, as you have just seen. Not many of us really talk to him, and that Sloane bitch dared to hit on him, when he turned her down, she called him a freak and bullied him. But after being zapped by his electricity, she didn't dare to do those things again and Skylar has become the only person that Sloane is scared of. Well, I guess she is a bit scared of you too."

She said with a smirk as they reached another cabin with no campers: cabin three.

Cabin three was the longest among all the cabins. Its foundation was made of black basaltic rock and a layer of white sand, coral debris and shells of clams and oysters. Its walls were all made of sea-water blue marble stone slabs, with different habitats of the sea and its residents painted on it: coral reefs, kelp forests, intertidal pools and all kinds of shorelines. The columns were made from trunks of palm trees and coconut trees embarked with jellyfish decorations. The roof was decorated with waves, and instead of a brass number three, a trident was embedded on the roof, with two hippocampi surrounding it. The light blue marble fences were sculpted with fine horses galloping on the waves in a violent storm. Several dolphins were sculpted on the opened door. Like being pulled by an unknown force, Sebastian stepped over the doorsill, ignoring Emily and Alice's gasps.

Immediately, Sebastian smelt the salty scent of the sea, like the gentle breeze when he was on the sea or standing on a beach. The inner walls were coated with a layer of nacre while the darker corners were lit up by the bluish light from bioluminescence marine organisms ranging from tiny crustaceans like krill to large ones like jellyfish, squids, sea cucumbers and fishes. A fountain was located in the centre of the common area. It was made of grey rock decorated with pearls as big as a human palm and colourful corals. A mini trident was erected on the top of the fountain where the water was pouring out.

There was also something in the ceiling catching Sebastian's attention. He looked up and gasped in awe. The ceiling was actually a starry night sky with auroras dancing in it. He also heard somewhere in the room, no, the walls themselves were playing the main theme of one of BBC's most famous and acclaimed documentaries "The Blue Planet", the orchestra and the choir softly hummed out the melody that portrayed the mighty ocean. He could also hear and feel the sound of the sea: the surges welling up from the deep and crashed on a shallow reef; the turbulent and mountainous waves of the endless blue during the most intense wrath of cyclones; the white foams and droplets of seawater dashing in his direction as giant waves pounded on a rugged rocky shore and released their awesome power; the soft touch of spilling waves on a sandy beach; the slow rise of the tide under the gentle light of the full moon; the elegant sway of kelps in the current; colourful creatures dancing in the colourful coral reefs; the gliding of stingrays in the sea; the fast swim of tuna in the open sea; the sound of orcas breathing and a slim sei whale soared up from the deep, opened its mouth wide and got a mouthful of sardines.

"Sebastian!" Alice hissed at the door, snapping the green-eyed boy out of his own world. "Get out of there now! What are you thinking?!"

Confused, Sebastian stepped out of the cabin, feeling a bit down as he did so.


"You just don't wander into other cabins! It is disrespectful and you may anger the god who patron the cabin!" Emily said. "It's really lucky you wandered Poseidon's cabin not Artemis's or Hera's. Poseidon is more lenient than the other Olympian gods so he is not gonna punish you."

Because of what happened in cabin three, Alice and Emily just quickly showed how the other cabins looked.

Cabin five was all red, not any shades of red, blood red, from the roof to the foundation, really matching Ares's style. The walls and the columns were worn out from bombs and other weapons which were all piling at the corner. Barbed wire coiled on the roof and a malignant boar head was hanging over the edge while a huge spear with some red liquid dripping off was erected above it. A huge brass number five, coated with blood, was embedded onto the spear. Yells and cries could be heard inside the cabin.

Cabin seven gave out this sunny aura with its yellow painted walls. It was also decorated with figures of lyre and many other musical instruments. Some poems were also sculpted onto the walls. The window frames were decorated with laurel branches. Like cabin eight, a huge bow and arrow were placed on the roof with the brass number seven interlocked in it, except the bow and the arrow were gold in colour instead of silver. The rest of the roof was decorated with golden ravens and Apollo's chariot. Beautiful music and singing rang inside the cabin.

Cabin nine was like a factory doing business covering all light and heavy industries. Long chimneys pointed towards the sky, emitting white smoke which, according to Emily, was free of pollutants and toxic chemicals. A huge forge and a giant hammer, real ones, were placed on the roof. Clangs of metals and roars of flames could be heard through the closed metal door and the metal-framed windows. Sebastian wondered how severe noise pollution and indoor air pollution were inside that cabin. The hygiene was highly unlikely to be good either, judging from the huge pile of junks dumped at the corner.

Finally, cabin eleven, the more "normal" looking cabin among the twelve houses. Its building style was similar to an inn. An antenna was placed on the roof, next to the brick chimney. Its walls were made of marble with a layer of wood cover stuck on it. A small "welcome" sign was hanging on the timber door and camping products were stacked at the corner. The roof was decorated with golden snakes, roosters and tortoises. A huge Caduceus was placed above the brass number eleven while a pair of winged shoes lay beneath the number. A huge board hanged on the wall, listing the date, the head counsellor, those who were on duty and the next major social event.

"Cabin eleven, Hermes's cabin. The place you'll stay for now until you're claimed." Emily said. "Besides Hermes's children, the children of the minor gods and those who had not been claimed by the gods will stay here."

"Minor gods? Why didn't they have a cabin too? And what about Hades? And Hestia?" Sebastian asked.

"The Gods did have some plans for that, but something happened and all the plans were stalled." Alice explained. "It would a long history story telling if you want to know what happened."

"I've got the time."

"Okay, to begin with, in the past, the gods would only send a satyr or a centaur to take the demigod to camp after a case of monster attack had been reported, in most cases the demigod got killed." The African-American began.

"That's horrible…"

"I know, but that changed after a nasty fight involving a child of Demeter." Alice continued. "She was fighting with a horde of monsters which almost caused the demigod's life, typical during that time, but then her sister showed up and also got injured, that's the turning point."

"What's so special with this sister?"

"That sister is not any sister, it is Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. The goddess had grown fond of her half-sister and visited her occasionally. When she heard that a horde of monsters were attacking her sister, she rushed to help and got slashed by the Manticore. Needless to say, Demeter and Hades were furious about that. And under the demand of several goddesses, the Gods all made a new law: All the gods have to send their children to Camp Epineio, under the lead of a satyr or a centaur or both when they reached the age of 12, because that will be the age when the transmutation begins."

"Trans… what?"

"Transmutation." Emily added. "Demigods have different powers because of their godly heritage. A special feature is the powers lie dormant within a demigod before age 13. On the demigod's twelfth birthday, the powers will begin to manifest and an aura distinctive to demigods will be emitted. Their powers will be fully developed by the age of 13. This one year of transiting from a typical human to a heroic demigod is called transmutation. And it is during this one-year time period when monsters sense us and came to challenge us."

"So the new law implemented and the number of demigods in the camp increased dramatically. Yet a new problem appears: there are only twelve cabins in the camp so all the unclaimed demigods were crowded in Cabin 11, Hermes's cabin, since he is the God of travellers. The Gods planned to then decide whether they should claim the unclaimed demigods too but then the First World War and Second World War happened and all the gods' attention was forced to divert. After 30 years of bitter fighting that caused countless loss of lives, the fathers of those who started the catastrophe, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades decided that they should not sire their new demigods anymore because they were just too powerful."

"They planned to swear the vow on River Styx, even though the rest of the gods know that they would not keep the promise forever. Before they could finish the vow, Apollo suddenly delivered a new prophecy, foretelling a series of threats that can unmake the gods, to unmake this calamity, it will require the cooperation between the Gods and the demigods and the most important thing: the union of three demigods from the Big Three. The three gods then change their vows to "Not sire any demigod children within 50 years" as they believe that the threat will not happen in this short period of time. They swore on River Styx and braced themselves to be lectured by their wives when they cheated on them again. The gods then spent their time on recovering the battle-scarred land and the Western civilization that was on the verge to collapse."

"And they really stick to their oath?"

"Nope. 20 years later after they made the vow, Zeus broke his oath and had a baby boy."

"That's Skylar!" Sebastian gasped.

"Indeed. Needless to say, Zeus got slapped and turned impotence by Hera. But before she could start lecture him, he ran and hid in who knows where." "Hera then learnt that Zeus's lover was killed in a car crash due to drunk driving and Skylar became an orphan. None of the baby's maternal relatives wanted to take him in as they all just wanted to get the legacy. As for the baby, they saw him as a burden and the bringer of misfortunate. Taking pity on him, Hera brought him to the camp and raised him up to the age of seven with the help from Hestia and Demeter. He spent his youth in the camp since then."

"Since he is the son of Zeus, the king of the Gods, everyone in the camp believed he would be the one who unite the children of the Big Three and lead the camp over the crisis. Chiron paid most of his attention on taking care and training him. Everyone has great expectation on him."

"That must feel awful for Skylar… Lost his family and suddenly had the world thrown at him…"

"Yeah, I know. Some of us knew it would not be easy for him so we tried to help him but you know the result. He's a hostile to almost everyone, except Cooper, Teddy, William, me, Alice and her friends." Emily said. "And he's incompatible as fire and water with Sloane. Okay, end of story. Let's get in the cabin."

The cabin door opened before anyone touched it. A young man with crew cut black hair, a pair of stunning blue eyes and a handsome face that also contained some fierceness that reminded Sebastian of those ferocious robbers on the TV shows came out.

"Oh hi, Emily, Alice. What brings you here…" The young man asked before he got his answer as he looked at Sebastian who started blushing.

"Hey, Sebastian! We meet each other again!" A delightful voice rang. The group turned and saw Lisa approaching them.

"Lisa? You know this guy?"

"Met for five minutes. Sebastian, this is Leonard. He's the head counsellor of cabin eleven, Hermes's son and my brother." She introduced.

"Oh, is this the guy who fought the Minotaur and splashed Sloane with the fountain water?" He gasped.

"Lenny! You promised not to shout out those things!" Lisa snapped and suddenly, people were running out of the cabin, trying to get a better look at him.

"Is that him?! Is that him?!"

"I need to kneel and worship him! I have never liked that Sloane slut."

"Quiet! Get. Inside. NOW!" Alice jumped in, saving Sebastian from being drowned in embarrassment. "We will tell you once we get inside."

The people cleared a path and the trio got into the comfy common area with sofas, book cases and a huge television connected to a Hi-Fi system, DVD player, Blue-Ray player and several video game players. Emily and Alice sat down on one of the sofas comfortably while Sebastian awkwardly sat down between them. Immediately, the residents of cabin eleven, together with some from other cabins sat down in front of them.

"So what do you guys want to know?" Alice asked casually.

"Does he really fight the Minotaur?"

"I don't want to talk about it…" Sebastian grumbled.

"Aww… Come on… We want to know!"

"Andy, he is not ready to talk about it. Leave it." William scolded. When did he get in?

"William? I thought you are wrestling with your siblings in your cabin."

"I am, but then I saw them." He nodded at Sebastian, Emily and Alice. "I think I may want to say hi to him since I haven't seen him since we brought him in. Teddy wants to come too but his hangover caught on him and he's sleeping on the coach."

"Coach? Not your bed?" Emily teased and everyone in the room snickered while William growled.

"Emily… Don't. I don't feel that way to him."

"Sure, whatever you say." Emily and Alice raised their eyebrows.

"And what about Sloane and the fountain water?" Another girl asked in excitement.

"Yes, that really happened." Alice smirked. "You should have seen her. Her make-up and clothes were ruined. Her skin was burnt like someone had splashed weak acid on her."

"Gods, I would have paid to see her face."

"I hope someone have recorded that down. That will be the most hilarious scene I have ever seen."

"That bitch totally had it coming."

"You rock, young man."

Sebastian was all red, he didn't get praised often. Usually what he got from the Warblers and the New Directions were things like "That's stupid, it won't work.", "Use your brain instead of your dick!", "Go fuck yourself, you disgusting sex machine!" and "You are nothing but a bad, corrupted influence."

"I think some Aphrodite's children must have recorded it down. Go ask them for the tape. Right now, I need to show our new comer his room. Oh, by the way, is he determined or not?"


People groaned.

"Aw, come on! I would love to have him as my brother." Someone groaned, earning nods from a few people. Leonard just rolled his eyes as he grabbed Sebastian's hand and led him away.

"Sorry about them, they all had some black histories with Sloane. She had the worst reputation in the camp and no one loved her, except her gang in her high school." Leonard said as he closed the door, shutting out the noises of the common area. It was until then when Sebastian realised what Alice and Emily meant about the expandable interior size. The corridor lay in front of them was at least 300 metres long, with doors on both sides, but the number of doors was obviously higher in the right than in the left.

"No one has ever complained it to Chiron or Mr. D?"

"They didn't dare to. Sloane was brought to the camp by Aphrodite herself, and because of this, she thought she was far more superior than all of the others in the camp, except Chiron and Mr. D. So seeing someone to make Sloane's ridiculously large ego shrink back to its original size was like hearing they are going to go to Elysium. Well, enough of that bitch. This is the boys' area. The rooms on your left are for Hermes' sons while the ones on the right are for the minor gods and the unclaimed like you." Leonard explained as he took out a key. "This is the key of your room. Your room number is 1490*. All rooms are single rooms, all the things you found in a hotel's room, you can also find it. The Wi-Fi password is HermesTheGreat, no space in between."

"Hermes The Great… Really…" Sebastian muttered as they reached his room.

"The Gods are like that. By the way, always remember to lock your door, even when you're just going to shower. Hermes is also the God of thieves. So his children more or less have inherited this trait."

Sebastian's hand went to his pockets, checking if his personal belongings were still there, especially his phone. Luckily, none of his things were stolen.

"And this is your room. Make yourself comfortable." Leonard said as he opened the door. "My room is in the end of the corridor. If you need anything, don't hesitate to tell me."

"Okay…" Sebastian said as he checked his new room. Like what Leonard had said, the room was like the one in a hotel. A single bed with white pillow and white sheet was placed in the middle of the room, between the wardrobe and the night-stand. The TV was put on the wall. A small tea table and a sofa were put at the corner. On his left was the bathroom with all the necessary toiletries. He didn't have any luggage, only the Minotaur horn. He put it on the night stand.

"Come on. It's dinner time soon and you won't want to be late." Leonard led him out and locked the door.

When they got to the Mess hall, it was already filled with people. All the tables and benches were crowded except the table that Sebastian suspected to be Hera, Poseidon and Artemis'. Skylar was sitting alone in the most left handed table. He looked so lost and lonely.

"Can't we just sit around?"

"You can, but that must be after we made the sacrifice." Leonard explained. "And no one can sit on table 2, 3 and 8."

In the Mess Hall, they were joined by several satyrs, centaurs and nymphs. Mr. D and Chiron were sitting on the long bench. The centaurs were crowding around a table specialized for them as normal tables were way too small and short for them. The satyrs and nymphs were sitting around the long table. Sebastian sat between Leonard and Lisa, with his new made friend, Andy sitting opposite of him. Looking around, they saw Emily sitting together with Caitlin and Felicity on Athena's table. Teddy was sitting with his siblings on Dionysus's table, all of them had this drunk or hangover looks. William was the same, sitting with his siblings who all had large sizes. They either had scars or this nasty look that made people wanted to fight them. Finally, he saw Cooper sitting on Aphrodite's table, with Alice sitting next to him. Sloane was also there. Her neighbour looked like he would rather be anywhere else except sitting next to Sloane.

Chiron pounded his hoof against the marble floor. Everyone quieted and Mr. D got up.

"Good evening, you brats. Just so you know, there is going to be a campfire sing-along tonight after dinner. Don't miss it. And I should tell you that we have a new camper, Sean Smith."

Andy covered his mouth to stifle his laugh.

"Does he always get people's names wrong?" Sebastian frowned.

"Always indeed. He once miscalled Sloane 'slut' and my brother Desmond 'Sexmond'." Andy smirked and Sebastian felt a new found respect for the wine god, even though he might have miscalled Sloane by mistake.

"Sebastian Smythe." The wine god corrected himself after being notified by Chiron. The campers applauded while Sloane hissed.

"Can we start having dinner now? I'm hungry." Dionysus groaned as he sat back down.

All kinds of food appeared on the table. People spoke to their glasses and immediately the glass got filled with different kinds of drink. Sebastian conjured a cup of chocolate and cream, like the one his brother made in summer. Chiron raised his cup.

"To the Gods."

"To the Gods." Repeated everybody as they cut a small fraction of their food and tossed it into the hearth.

"What's that for?"

"An offering to the Gods. You can make a wish to them as well." Leonard explained. He cut off a corner of his steak and tossed it into the flames.

"Lord Hermes." He whispered as he bowed.

It was Sebastian's turn, he picked one of his chicken wings and threw it into the flames. But he couldn't think of a name to say. As the chicken wing slowly reduced to charcoal, he whispered a prayer.

"Whoever you are, please help my brother. I have nothing to ask for myself, but my brother has suffered so much, please help him."

For the rest of the dinner, people started sitting randomly. Sebastian caught Leonard smooching with a handsome guy from Apollo cabin with short light brown hair and a pair of stunning blue eyes like him. Turning around, he saw Andy cuddling with another guy with brown hair and a pair of beautiful bluish grey eyes. He was wondering where he should sit when he heard the voice of the person he wanted to see least.

"Wondering where you can sit? Asshole."

Rolling his eyes, Sebastian ignored her.

"Hey, I'm talking to you, freak. Are you deaf?"

Sebastian closed his eyes, it's not worth wasting his energy to fight with this bitch. He had ignored the hurtful comments from Kurt, Santana, New Directions and some Warblers. He could make it without blowing up.

"Still ignoring me? I wonder-"

"Sloane. Shouldn't you be somewhere else?" Alice's annoyed sound appeared.

"And what does that have to do with you? You-"

The bitch's retort was cut short when Felicity, Caitlin, Linda, Lisa, Shawna and Emily appeared with an angered look.

"Finish that sentence if you dare, bitch." Shawna hissed.

"And who do you think you are? What makes you think that you can command me?"

"That's enough." A new voice appeared and Sloane paled.

"You will leave them alone, or I don't mind give you a new hairstyle with this." Skylar raised his hand, which was already cackling with electricity.

"Fine, you win!" The slut hissed and stormed away. Sebastian muttered a "thank you" quietly but then someone grabbed onto his arm.

"Don't have a seat?" Skylar asked, the girls had left without them noticing.

"Uhm… Yeah?"

"You can sit on my table, if you like."

"Huh? Oh, thanks." Sebastian felt his face started to heat up as he sat down on table one, ignoring the stares he got and the smirks from Alice, Felicity, Caitlin, Linda, Shawna, Lisa, Emily and the girls from Aphrodite's cabin. But when Sebastian wanted to talk to Skylar, the older demigod would just ignore him. The blonde was confused too, he was not sure why he could voluntarily invite a boy that he had known less than 30 minutes to sit by his table. Utterly confused and frustrated of his inner turmoil, he ignored the green-eyed boy's attempts to talk with him and looked away. Sighing in defeat and confusion, Sebastian turned around and saw many campers were looking at him, apparently Skylar had never invited somebody to sit with him. Ignoring them, Sebastian noticed that Cooper was barely eating, only staring at his mobile with a sad look. Feeling his gaze, the older Anderson looked up and immediately put his phone away and looked at the other direction.

Later, during the sing-along session led by Apollo's cabin since they were natural musicians, they sang and danced around the camp fire, singing songs about the Gods and those that praised the nature. Aiming to keep a low profile, Sebastian mostly stayed in the distance, not wanting anyone to find out how good a singer he was.

When they finally got back to their respective rooms, it was almost midnight and Sebastian didn't even know how tired he was until he lay down onto the soft mattress.

"Well, I make it through the first day without causing any trouble." Sebastian thought as he lay on his bed, with silk sheet and soft mattress. "I wonder what my future will be, but at least I don't need to act like a jerk."

But before he fell asleep, Sebastian suddenly remembered something, something very important.

He forgot to call Hunter.

Oh man, he must be worried sick. And when he called him, he's gonna be pissed…

Taking out his phone, he was scrolling through his contact list when he saw his brother's name.

"Jules… I will find you, I swear." He muttered as he opened the message box. Reading all the messages his brother sent him, he felt his tears rose again.

"Brother… I miss you… Brother…"

He stayed up much later than the rest of the campers, and when he finally fell asleep, he cried to sleep.

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