The Horizon

NDs stands for New Double-standards

"How long have you known?" Caitlin asked straight away soon they left Medusa's creepy shop.

"Known what?" Sebastian asked.

"Don't play dumb with me. I know you're smarter than that." Caitlin snapped, her hands on her hip.

"On that bus drive."

"Really?" Cisco said sceptically.

"And why should I lie to you? I won't get any benefits." Sebastian retorted.

"How did you know about your heritage?"

"Someone told me."

"Sebastian…" Caitlin warned. "No more hide-and-seek games."

"Fine! Oceanus and Tethys visited me in my dream and told me about that." Sebastian snapped. "They told me about my heritage and the reason Poseidon hadn't claimed me yet."

"Oceanus and Tethys? As in the Titan and Titanade of the sea? You must be kidding."

"And let me repeat myself again. Why should I lie to you?" Sebastian snapped, getting a bit annoyed, frustrated and hurt for his friends not believing him. "Besides, I don't think I'll still be living if all I said was a lie. The last time I know, the Gods didn't like people using their names to lie."

"Guys." Skylar suddenly spoke and startled everyone since he had been unusually quiet. "We're on a mission, remember. If we kept on bickering like this then we won't be able to meet the deadline. Do you want to see that? See the world descend into chaos as both the Gods and demigods were warring with each other?"


"I know the risk, and we need to take that risk. The prophecy stated that very clearly. Whether Olympus will stand or collapse, depends on him." Skylar barked. "And please don't forget, I'm the one in charge here."

The son of Zeus then turned to look at Sebastian.

"I trust you, for the moment." He stated. "But if anyone of us caught you trying to do something funny, I will tear you down. I may not have the best relationship with my dad, but if he goes, so does the world. We're watching you, Sebastian Smythe."

Sebastian grumbled but nodded anyway.

"Before we move on…" He said. "No one can know about my heritage yet. Oceanus had warned me about that. I'm not supposed to reveal that to you either."

"And you did when we fought against Medusa. Why?"

"Because you're in danger, and I'll be damned if you guys get hurt when I can obviously help." Sebastian said simply.

The rest of the group stayed silent as they eyed on him up and down, checking for any signs of lying, which was none, obviously.

"Okay." Caitlin broke the silence first. "I'm sorry for not trusting you. It's just… things are very complicated and we all need to be extra cautious."

"Yeah, right." Cisco added.

"Apology accepted." Sebastian whispered.

"So we're cool?" Cisco asked.

"I think so." Sebastian shrugged.

"So where is your friend competing?" Caitlin asked as they resumed walking.

"The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion in…" Sebastian wrinkled his nose. "William McKinley High School…"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just I can't stand the stink of public school." Sebastian said in disgust.

"You looked more than that. It looks like you hate this place."

"Am I really that obvious?" Sebastian groaned.

"Maybe not. I'm really good at reading people." Caitlin laughed.

"Alright, but anyway, yes, I have some bad blood with certain group of people here." Sebastian admitted.

The four went in to the school corridor, searching for the avenue where Regionals was held.

"And let's hope they are wise enough to not start a fight." Sebastian muttered.

"What happened?" Cisco asked.

"Let's just say, I'm not a good person in the past. Something happened and I'm pretty much a jerk, even evil." He looked at his companions warily.

"I believe you must have a reason to do that. No one is born evil." Caitlin said after she studied him for a while.

"I'm not sure if I can ever talk about it… My past… is definitely not a pleasant memory…"

Caitlin and Cisco came forward and patted on his shoulder and back.

"We'll always listen if you feel right." The daughter of Athena gently whispered.

"Yeah, communication is an essential step to get to know a person." Cisco added.

"Thanks…" Sebastian pulled up a slightly teary smile. "I bet your mom will be very shocked if she found out you're working with her rival's son."

"Let her be." Caitlin chuckled. "She can't control who I socialize with."

"I would totally pay to see her reaction." Cisco added and the trio laughed.

"That would be amazing." Sebastian smiled as Skylar nodded at the trio with fondness. He was glad that Sebastian was bonding with the rest of the group. "And… we're here."

They were now standing in front of a door leading to an auditorium. And from the small windows on the double panels, they could see a group of people singing and dancing on the stage. Right now, it's a group of boys with uniform playing on the stage.

"I'll just wait here." Sebastian whispered as he stood by the door and sent Hunter a message.

Soon, the music stopped and the crowd applauded. The judges then decided who the winner was and unfortunately, the Warblers didn't make it. They came in second place with the New Directions in the first place. The door opened and Hunter came out, looking around, searching for his friend.

"Hunter." Sebastian called and Hunter spun around.

"Hey, Bastian." Hunter smiled as Sebastian stepped out of the shadow. He ran forward and pulled his best friend into a hug.

"How's it going?"

"Quite good. We're all intact. Oh, by the way, Hunter. This is Caitlin, Cisco and Skylar. They're my companions and we need your help." Sebastian introduced his companions. Cisco greeted Hunter warmly, Caitlin was a bit awkward but Skylar was eyeing Hunter up and down. There was something weird about this Clarington guy.

"What do you need?" Hunter agreed without hesitation. "I'm glad to help you if it is within my range."

"Thanks, mate." Sebastian smiled but then he remembered something. "Dude, do you know…"

He looked around to make sure nobody was there besides them and his companions. "Sue Sylvester is a Fury?"


Before Hunter could finish his sentence, the door banged opened as people started to leave the avenue. The door knocked into Sebastian, who tripped and was going to give the floor a kiss when suddenly a pair of strong arms wrapped around him waist and he landed on something soft. Looking up, Sebastian saw a pair of blue eyes staring back at him, the eyes that belong to Skylar Thawne. They continued to stare at each other, smelling the body scent of each other: Skylar's was clear like the air on Mount Everest while Sebastian's was slightly salty, but still a refreshing smell that reminded Skylar of the pristine water from the South Pacific Ocean.

A giggle could be heard nearby. The five turned and saw a random girl standing by the locker, wearing really fashionable clothes and looked at the holding form of Skylar and Sebastian. Realising what was happening, Sebastian and Skylar quickly detached themselves from each other. Their cheeks started turning pink. Caitlin and Cisco were looking at them with sparkling eyes while Hunter watched in amusement.

"Ok! We need some money!" Sebastian squeaked which caused the random girl and Caitlin to giggle even louder. "We're on our way to Los Angeles but we couldn't afford the train tickets!"

"That would cost about a thousand." Hunter calculated.

"I know, but we need it very desperately. I will pay you back-"

"That's not my concern, mate. Relax." Hunter patted Sebastian's shoulder. "I'm just thinking how much I should get out from my account."

"Well, that's… very considerate…" Sebastian managed, his cheek flushed.

"Why are friends for?" Hunter smiled just as the door opened and the Warblers and the New Directions, except Blaine, walked out. They stopped dead on their tracks as they saw Sebastian.

"Oh great…" The green-eyed boy groaned.

"Don't mind them, especially Blaine. He managed to persuade Kurt to give him a second chance but things were never the same. Hummel wouldn't let the hobbit touch him because he didn't trust him and the hobbit was going crazy from all the sexual frustration. He's now hitting on virtually everyone." Hunter whispered to Sebastian.

"Ew!" Sebastian wrinkled his face as a familiar Latina approached them.

"Well, well, well… Look who's here." Santana said with a smirk. "You finally showed up after spending weeks hiding in a dark alley, didn't you? You coward."

"When can you give us the cash?" Sebastian decided to ignore her, focusing on his friend without even looking at the Latina and the approaching New Directions and Warblers.

"As soon as I get to an ATM." Hunter replied as he took out his credit card. "You can catch the next train too."

"So what we're gonna do now is to check the time of the next train? Excellent!" Sebastian said in delight.

"Hey! Don't you dare ignore me!" Santana snapped. "We still have some bones to pick with you!"

"Yeah, you still haven't paid for what you did to Blaine!" Some New Directions boys shouted.

"You corrupted him to be a cheater!" Kurt yelled.

"You ruined two soulmates who are supposed to be together!" Rachel snapped.

"Okay! Cisco, please check the timetable of the next train." Sebastian continued to ignore Santana who finally lost her cool.

"Alright! Maybe it's time I show you some Lima Heights Hospitality!" She snapped. Sebastian pointed his index finger at her without looking, and then sent her a middle finger. The message he gave was crystal clear: Go fuck yourself.

Santana sneered and tried to grab him. But before she could touch Sebastian's arm, someone slapped her hand away, hard. The Latina turned and glared at Caitlin who glared back with equal fierceness.

"Not any closer, bitch!" The daughter of Athena hissed as Cisco came forward to help while Skylar pulled Sebastian in between.

"And who do you think you are?" The Latina snapped.

"That's actually none of your business." Cisco said seriously, which was a rare scene, as the son of Hephaestus was more a joyful and playful guy.

"Why you…" Santana snarled.

"Come at me, bitch. Come at me if you dare." Caitlin hissed. The Latina sneered and charged forward but was held back by Mike.

"They're from the camp." The Asian American whispered to the Latina's ear as Sebastian stopped Caitlin as well.

"Caitlin. They're not worth our time. Wait until Hunt's back and we'll be off." Sebastian said and now, some people from the Warblers and New Directions recognized the trio too.

"Caitlin?" Thad asked.

"Hi, Thad. How are you doing?" Caitlin asked indifferently.

"Uhm… What are you doing here?"

"You know her?" The rest of the Warblers asked.

"She's my half-sister." Thad whispered.

"We're on a mission. And these three are my companions."

"A mission? With him?!" Thad pointed at Sebastian. "Oh man, you're bound to fail."

"I have faith in him." Caitlin declared.

"He's evil, selfish and cruel!" Thad shouted.

"Yes, he did warn us that." Caitlin crossed her arm. "And we promised that we will listen to him and we mean it."

"He's gonna lie, I guarantee." Thad said, earning nods from other Warblers.

"He's going to deceive you." David added.

"And I am supposed to believe what you said? You just came to the camp every summer and even during the two months you spent most of your time in your little circle. You seldom talk to me or other people in the camp. How do you expect me to believe what you said is the truth when you're more like a stranger to me." Caitlin retorted. "I have heard your share, which is totally based on your point of view. Now, I would like to hear his version from his point of view before I make a conclusion. You need to think critically and objectively, boys. Being prejudicial will only make you look dumb."

While Caitlin was debating with Thad, David and other Warblers, Skylar and Cisco were dealing with the New Directions, and getting frustrated and annoyed as Hades.

"Let me through, I need to teach this fucker a lesson!" Santana sneered but Cisco and Skylar stood firm.

"No can do. Stand back, now!" Cisco said firmly.

"You won't be able to stop me!" The Latina snarled as she tried to push Skylar away but got grabbed in the shoulder painfully instead.

"And you dare to challenge my authority?!" Skylar asked coldly as he rose to his full height. His natural leader aura radiated. All demigods in New Directions and Warblers could do nothing but take a step back and keep quiet; even the mortals had this eager to bow before him.

"Who… who are you?" Kurt asked, suddenly feeling a bit nervous.

"I am the leader of this mission, I am in charge and Sebastian Smythe is under my command." Skylar declared. "Outsiders like you are not worth my attention, especially when you guys are all heavily biased."

"How do you know we're biased? You barely know us and you automatically believe that we're biased!"

"How often do you speak with him?" Cisco asked back. When no one uttered a voice, he smirked.

"See? You don't even bother to talk to him. How do you suppose to know a guy without communication?"

"He's not worth talking! He's evil! All he did is lie!" Kurt yelled while the rest of the New Directions nodded.

"Oh, and thus we shouldn't listen to you as well." Cisco snapped. "You're just a bunch of strangers to us, thus totally not trustworthy, according to your theory."

"You don't know and refuse to get to know him." Hunter said as he came back with all the money the group required. "Therefore, you have no room to talk about him."

"And I suppose you know a lot of him, right?" Kurt asked with a forced smile.

"Yes, we have been talking for a long, long time. Of course, none of you noticed that because you never care." Hunter shot back.

"We don't have much time to waste. If you guys don't have anything sensible to say, I would recommend you to keep your mouth shut and get out of our way." Skylar announced, towering in front of the New Directions and the Warblers.

Kurt wanted to retort but the opened again and they saw Blaine getting out of the room. And following behind, were Blaine's parents. Anger flared up inside Sebastian as the water in the pipes started rumbling. Noticing the commotion, Blaine turned to see what happened and when he saw Sebastian, his face lit up and he came towards them.

"Oh, fuck!" Hunter hissed.

"Hey! Sebastian! What a surprise!" The hobbit practically threw himself at Sebastian, much to the dismay of Kurt, New Directions and most of the Warblers. "What're you doing here?"

"None of your business." Sebastian replied coldly, much to the hobbit's shock. He thought Sebastian would flirt back! That's what he did in the past, right?

"Oh come on. Don't be so hostile." Blaine whined.

"I don't see why I should be warm or friendly to you." Sebastian said in an icy voice

"Blaine! Get out of there! He's corrupting you!" Kurt yelled at the back.

"Yeah! Blaine! Get away from him!" Many of the New Directions yelled.

"Listen to your goons, Anderson." Sebastian pulled up a freezing smirk. "Leave me alone or I'm going to break your face."

"Break my face? With your dick? I would be glad to." Blaine leaned in again, trying to grab onto Sebastian's arm.

"Fuck off, man! Go screw yourself with Eli!" Sebastian took a step back.

"How… how did you know that?" Blaine's face started to redden. He had no idea that his cheating had spread so far, even Sebastian knew that. The New Directions, on the other hand, flipped their shits after hearing that.

"You dare to mention that slut!" Tina shouted.

"You corrupted him! You corrupt Blaine into a cheater!" Kurt yelled.

"It must be one of your evil plans! You set Blaine with that whore up so Klaine would break up and you could screw our Blaine!" Rachel snapped.

"What kind of logic is that?" Cisco whispered to Caitlin.

"Who knows? I bet they don't even know what logic is." The daughter of Athena whispered back.

"Speaking of that Eli guy, I just regret that we didn't bully that slut enough so he would kill himself." Mercedes said, earning a lot of agree from her choir group.

"Guys, listen!" Sebastian turned to look at his companions and Hunter with a fake shocked face. "Do you hear what they say? They said 'They regret that they didn't bully that Eli guy enough so he would kill himself.' How ironic is that? Because thinking back, the New Directions came together because they were all victims of bullying and they wanted to prove to the world that people being bullied could also be successful. They also said they would never bully anybody."

"But now, they admitted they're bullying a guy without remorse or shame. In contrast, they seem to be proud of it." Hunter added. "But turning around, they're going to say they were victims of bullying; bullying is not okay; bullying sucks etc. etc.. Really, I have never seen such a high level of hypocrisy in all my life. It is ridiculous."

"Absolutely disgusting." Caitlin added, looking really disgusted and appalled.

"They should call themselves New Double-standards instead. That would be the most appropriate address of who they are, and it matches with the abbreviation too, it's still NDs." Cisco said in disdain.

The New Directions blushed and snarled, but they couldn't find a counter-argument because Sebastian and Hunter were right. The only thing they managed to get out from their mouths was:

"Shut up!"

Sebastian, Hunter, Skylar, Cisco and Caitlin couldn't help themselves but shook their heads. These people were hopelessly pathetic.

"Seb, don't mind them. Are you free tonight? I really want to catch up with you." Blaine leaned in and trailed his hands up Sebastian's arm. He smirked when he felt the firm muscle beneath the clothes.

"Wow, you're getting hunk. You must be working out." Blaine licked his lips, Sebastian, the trio and Hunter wanted to gag.

"You're disgusting!" Sebastian snapped as he yanked his arm away from Blaine's grip.

"Yeah, says the one who processes information with his dick." Santana retorted only to be slapped on the mouth by Caitlin.

"Enough from your stinky mouth!" Caitlin snapped.

"And get your filthy hands off my leg!" Sebastian snapped and everyone noticed that Blaine's hand had somehow wandered to Sebastian's thigh. This earned more glares and scowls from the New Directions and the Warblers.

"Blaine! Get out of there!"

"How dare you lure him to touch you?"

"Listen to yourselves, guys. Listen to yourselves! Look how twisted your words and forced your logics are!" Cisco snapped. "You sound like those assholes who blamed raped victims!"

"Seb! Don't be so-" The hobbit tried to touch Sebastian but as soon as his fingers touched his T-shirt, the green-eyed boy slapped him hard on the face.

"Blaine!" The Andersons cried as they glared at Sebastian.

"What's the matter with you?!" The New Directions and the Warblers were going really rabid.

"How dare you?!"

"Of course I dare! Come at me if you dare, fuckers!" Sebastian snarled.

"Why do you have to be like this?" Blaine whined. "I thought we have-"

"Don't be delusional. Your family and I are mortal enemies. I have never had a crush on you. I don't even consider you as a friend so like Hades I will be friendly to you. Your family has a bad blood with me for years." Sebastian replied coldly and Blaine looked at him agape. The two choir groups started whispering to each other.

"Mortal enemies?! I thought you like me!" Blaine cried.

"I have never liked you, Anderson. Never! Don't be such a narcissist, the world's not revolving around you." Sebastian snapped.

"But the texts…"

"The texts are just part of my revenge."

"Revenge? Just what I have done to piss you off?"

"Oh, it's not you. It's the two fuckers behind you!" Sebastian shouted and people turned to look who he was referring to, who were Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

"You're crazy!" The Warblers and the New Directions were losing their shits again.

"You ought to go to an asylum!"

"How come does that involve my parents?! You don't even know them!" Blaine shouted.

"Oh, I know them. They may have forgotten me but I remembered them." Sebastian snarled. "For more than 4 years, I think of them all the time; when I eat; when I sleep; when I'm at school; when I'm training. I think of them all the time so one day, I will watch them pay for what they had done! I will make sure that day comes true!"

Everybody, even Caitlin, Cisco and Skylar who had some psychological preparation with Sebastian's prior warning, and Hunter, who was Sebastian's best friend, took a step back from the intense loathe radiating from Sebastian's words.

"What… What made you hate them so much?" Blaine asked, looking afraid. "You… if what you said is true, that you knew them at least four years ago, then you should only be a child."

"A child can see and feel a lot of things." Sebastian "And they have a very good memory too. The bad blood between us started with your brother."

"Cooper? What's with him now? Are you trying to bring in all of my family members?" Blaine snapped.

"He is the main role in the fiasco, so of course he will be mentioned. Remember the boy Cooper dated? I won't be surprised if none of you know this." Sebastian pulled up a cold smirk. Needless to say, everyone was shell-shocked.

"What?! Cooper dated a boy?!" Kurt Hummel exclaimed in utter disbelief. "That's impossible!"

"Cooper's not gay. He's my brother and I know him better." Blaine said, feeling smug that he solved Sebastian's lie.

"And Cooper was the one who told me he was dating a boy. When was the last time you or your parents talked to him?" Sebastian snapped and the three Andersons failed to come up with an answer.

"Why would it be related to the topic of Cooper's sexuality? And I'm really shocked to hear that someone as good as Cooper will talk to someone like you." Kurt mocked, trying to undermine Sebastian's credit.

"Of course Cooper talked to me. I have known him during the time he studied at Dalton. I bet you guys didn't even know Cooper Anderson was once a student at Dalton. Don't believe me? Go on, ask the Andersons. They're here so why don't you go ask them? Did your parents tell you about this, Blainey? Did they tell you?" Sebastian pointed at Mr. and Mrs. Anderson who stood at the back of the crowd. Immediately, everyone turned to look at them while Blaine looked at his parents in disbelief.

"Is what he said true?"

"N… no! He's just lying! He's just a crazy guy who wants attention." Mr. Anderson stuttered.

"The old man's lying." The random girl nearby suddenly said, crossing her arms. Her eyes were burning with a cold fury. But why would a random girl feel angry about the Anderson? No one knew. "They didn't dare to meet your eyes. That's because they knew what he said was true and they're the guilty party."

Everyone seemed to believe that and looked at Blaine's parents in shock.

"Why… why didn't you tell me?" Blaine asked.

"Simple. They thought Dalton is a place for corruption." Sebastian cut in. "That's why they sent you to a public school and kept the information of Cooper once studied in Dalton a secret. Pretty sure once you told them you're gay, they figured Dalton couldn't ruin you any further than they already thought you were, so they sent you in."

"And why does Cooper dating a boy is your business? Like I've said before, you don't know him." Kurt asked arrogantly.

"Oh, I know him. I definitely know Cooper and the boy he dated, both of them. Because the boy Cooper dated…" Sebastian said through gritted teeth.

"Is my brother."

As expected, the New Directions, Warblers and the Andersons gasped.

"Your brother?"

"You have a brother?"

"Why didn't we know that?" One of the Warblers asked and Sebastian exploded.

"Why should I tell you? You guys have never shown the smallest sense of care! Why should I tell you guys about my family or my past when you guys are just gonna amuse yourselves by making fun of it?!"

The Warblers, except Hunter, all held their heads in shame. Someone in the New Directions, on the other hand, was so dumb he decided to cross the line.

"Oh, Sebastian Smythe has a brother." Finn mocked. "I wonder how big a slut he will be."

It took Skylar, Cisco and Hunter to stop Sebastian from ramming into stupid giant but someone else did. Caitlin launched herself forward and punched the giant square in the jaw hard.

"Yeow!" The dumb giant fell to the ground as Caitlin stepped her left foot onto his chest forcefully.

"Keep your stinky mouth shut, asshole!" Caitlin sneered. "How would you feel when people called your mom a whore or your father a coward? Don't like it? Then shut the fuck up!"

Finn glared at Caitlin and looked for his friends to help, but to his confusion, no one helped. Instead, they were all looking at him in disgust, even Rachel.

"My brother is the only remaining blood relative I have and he means everything to me." Sebastian continued, neglecting all the fiascos. "When he first dated your brother, he could finally be happy. I saw the real smiles he had on his face, how his entire form seemed to glow whenever Cooper's name was mentioned and he looked like he finally lived when Cooper smiled at him, held his hands, hugged him and kissed him. But then your so called accepting parents found out and they thought it was a huge scandal and they accused my brother for corrupting their 'precious, normal' Cooper."

"They would never do that! My parents are very open-minded!" Blaine tried to defend his parents but when they turned to look at them, they didn't dare to look up to their eyes.

"Open-minded my ass!" Sebastian roared. "I was there when they spew all the shit. Principal Carmichael, his secretary Ms. Liza King and all the staff were there too. They humiliated the school, the staff and the students; planned to sue Dalton for allowing immoral behaviour known as be a homosexual; called my brother with all kinds of homophobic words; and even went as far as beating him up in the public! My brother had to spend a week in the hospital because of this and soon after he fell into severe depression and alienated himself from everyone, even me!"

Sebastian stopped again as more suppressed memories floated back to the surface.

"Do you know how many times I caught him cutting his arms? At least twice a week! I tried to stop him but to no avail, his depression and self-harm kept getting worse. One time it went so bad and he almost bled himself to death! Do you know how horrified and worried we were? When we kicked the bathroom door open and saw him lying unconscious next to the bathtub, a deep gash on his wrist with numerous white scares dotted his arms; the water spilling out from the tub was bright red in colour because of all the blood he lost. I almost lost him, my final blood relative in this whole world, because of you! If we got there five minutes later, that would have happened and then your family will have to bear the name of a murderer for the rest of your life. I hope your parents are proud of it."

Sebastian paused, panting heavily as he continued unleashing his anguish and resentment towards the Andersons.

"And I vowed to revenge." He said darkly and harshly, his eyes were so fierce that it seemed a fire was glowing in them, causing everyone, even Hunter, to take another step back and shivered like they were in the centre of the Antarctia. "Those who dared to hurt my brother and those I care will pay! Your parents broke my brother's heart and almost got him killed, and I will break their son, whether physically or emotionally or both…"

"Why would you be at Dalton? The school was only for high school students." Kurt tried to find loopholes in Sebastian's statement.

"I have been living in Dalton since I was 10. My mother was nothing but a drunken ass who failed on an epic scale of being a parent. Before I came to Dalton with my brother, he was the one who raised me up, despite of all the difficulties and grief and pain. Principal Carmichael, Liza and the rest of the staff of Dalton are the one who show me what a home and a family should be. They are the one I considered as family and Dalton is practically my home. If you don't believe me, feel free to ask Principal Carmichael or Liza. I trust their professionalism and their moral. They won't lie."

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson suddenly gasped. Mrs. Anderson raised her finger at him.

"You… You're…"

"Yeah, I'm his brother." Sebastian pulled up a ruthless smirk. "Julian Smythe, ring a bell? The one that you yelled in his face, accusing him for corrupting your Cooper Anderson; calling him all kinds of homophobic words, slut-shaming him while your husband beat him up in the public with people watching. Yes, he is my brother."

"How… How is he doing?"

"None of your business! You can't fool me with your crocodile tears!" Sebastian bellowed. The water in the pipes was fiercely churning. "I may have forgiven Cooper, and I will leave Blaine alone, because I promise my brother to leave him out. But I will never forgive you. Hear me, NEVER!"

"Oh, but then your revenging scheme fails." Santana said smugly. "In the end, you lose."

She and the rest of the New Directions started laughing but it soon died down as Sebastian pulled up a smirk.

"Oh, but we're not the only one who heard this confrontation." Sebastian smirked and everyone spun around to see several people recording the fiasco. "I'm sure some of the clips have already reached the Internet. Didn't you claim to be open-minded and accepting? Well, the world knows what liars and hypocrites you all are."

The green-eyed boy turned to look at Blaine.

"And you, Blaine Anderson. The world should now know what a horrible person you are, don't you agree?" Sebastian looked at Blaine with a fake warm smile. "The Chandler fiasco showed how hypocritical you are: Accusing Hummel was cheating on you because he was texting with Chandler when you replied my texts with something far worse. And the sexual assault at the back of Hummel's car."

"I-" Blaine was bright red in colour but someone jumped to his defence.

"He was drunk! You sick fuck!" Tina shouted.

"Alcohol is NOT an excuse! He's a grown up, he has be responsible to his actions. Being drunk will not exempt consequences. You should have known this clearly, if you read the news. Did those drunken guys get exempt from their legal responsibilities by simply stating they were drunk?"

"It's above the waist and no genitals were touched! You delusional idiot!" Rachel snapped.

"Really? Then what about Karofsky's forceful kiss you guys told me? That's above the waist too."

"Karofsky is a bully! He tried to rape him!" Many of the New Directions shouted.

"Then how come what Blaine did was not an attempt rape? And don't use the 'He's Hummel's boyfriend' excuse. No means no. It's simple as that. Walk yourself in Hummel's shoes, how about your love interest did that to you after you have made it clear that you don't want to and are not comfortable to have sex with him. Then, he practically forced himself on you. You managed to get out of it but then he got angry and left you alone to deal with all your inner turmoil. And when you told your friends about it, they called you delusional and over-reactive because 'He didn't touch your genitals. It's all above the waist, so it isn't sexual assault'. How would you feel?"

"My boyfriend would never do that to me!" Many of the New Directions girls shouted.

"And Hummel thought the hobbit would never do something like that to him. Look how it turns out?!"

"Who the fuck do you think you are to say so much shits about Blaine and a pair of soulmates meant for each other?"

"I'm simply stating facts. I have known in the beginning that Klaine is bound to fail. Can't stand the distance? Please, it's just an hour between Lima and Westerville. If your precious Blainey couldn't even stand this short distance then how am I suppose them to be able to deal with the much longer distance between Ohio and New York? Having scheduled make-out sessions? Just think about it, would you have such arrangements with your girlfriend or boyfriend? I have never heard a normal couple, straight or gay or lesbian, has such kind of arrangement. Not to mention Blaine was very uncomfortable to have sex or be intimate, except holding hands, with his supposed 'boyfriend' when he was sober. But when he was drunk, all of a sudden, his discomfort vanished and he didn't seem to mind having public sex who wouldn't take no as an answer! What kind of boyfriend is that? And just a reminder, soulmates is an excuse for people trying to defend a relationship that is way too flawed to function."

The group tried to retort but Skylar decided it was more than enough.

"Quiet!" He shouted and everybody became quiet, but Sebastian could swear that he heard Santana, Thad and David mumbling something like: "Curse him for being a son of Zeus."

"We're wasting too much time on this stupid bickering. We're on a mission. Now please move."

Hunter gave the money to Sebastian before the group started to leave. It should be the end of this bullshit but people in the New Directions were too stupid, they didn't when to stop.

"You and your brother really should have stayed with your mother, slut! She would have straightened both of you!" Finn yelled smugly, followed by some laughs and claps from the rest of the New Directions.

Immediately, Sebastian's memory flashed back to the moment when Julian was in great pain whenever their mother beat him up for no reason or allowed strangers to have sex with him, more often was to allow the strangers to force themselves on Julian. The pain, sorrow and resignation pasted onto the older Smythe's face like a shadow. It was more than Sebastian could handle and he broke into a run. He heard Hunter spun around and started punching the stupid giant in the face while Caitlin and Cisco joined fighting with the rest of the New Directions. Caitlin was taking on Santana, Rachel, Tina and Mercedes with ease while Cisco took on Puck and Sam without breaking a sweat. Mike and surprisingly, Lauren, on the other hand, stood by his brothers, Wes and Chris with other Warblers who were standing as far as they could, not sure of what they should do. Blaine was still looking shocked with all the new information while Mr. Schue and the Andersons were looking embarrassed.

Barely controlled his anguish, pain and sorrow, Sebastian ran into an elevator with an obese woman inside, with her pet dog. The door closed, shutting off all the commotions, including Skylar's call to him, and to be honest, he's not in the mood to deal with the son of Zeus now. Sebastian leaned his head on the cold steel surface. He couldn't cry, he was too angry to cry. Right now, he really needed to splash some ice-cold water on his face, even better was to take a cool shower to calm himself down or he would start a destructive rampage right away.

"Bad day?" The fat lady in the elevator asked. Sebastian just grunted, he knew it was rude to do that but alas, he was really not in the mood and he didn't want to snap at anyone.

"Oh, just give me a monster to kill, to unleash my anger." He thought just as the elevator door opened. He walked towards the changing room, ignoring the signs "No entry" and the calculating, vicious eyes from the fat woman and her dog which growled. The room was full of standing water, the tapes and shower heads were all dripping water. Apparently his anger was more than the old pipes in this poor public school could handle. Turning on the tape, he sprayed a lot of cold water onto his face, and immediately, he felt his anger started receding but was still high. Sighing, he leant onto the sink and took a deep breath, suppressing his anger and agony further down. He jumped in surprise as he heard barking behind him. Spinning around, he saw the fat lady standing in front of him, her pet dog, probably a Chihuahua, was barking harshly at him.

"What are you doing here? This is a male changing room!"

"I don't care." The obese woman replied with a smile, a forked tongue flickering between her pointed teeth.

"Oh, for fuck's sake…" Sebastian groaned inwardly as he leant against the sink, his hands in his back pockets, where he newly placed his swords. The dog kept barking.

"Now, now sonny." The lady asked. "Does this look like a good time? There're still people nearby."

The Chihuahua kept barking and it was getting on Sebastian's nerves. He felt his anger stirring up again.

"Yeah, listen to your mom, mutt. I'm not in the mood to deal with your dog shit right now." Sebastian snapped. The fat woman's face darkened and the dog barked even louder, foam dripping down from its mouth.

"He's not gonna like that." She whispered darkly.

"Like what you said earlier: I don't fucking care. And have you taken your sunny to get a vaccination against rabies? Probably no, your doggie is obviously in its terminal stages." Sebastian snapped with his hands gripped onto his swords.

"It's sonny, with an O instead of a U." The fat woman said as the dog barked even louder. "And it's not a Chihuahua, dear. It should be Chimera. That's a very easy misconception."

Suddenly, green scales appeared on the fat woman's arms and her pupils morphed into the shape similar to a reptile. Meanwhile, the Chihuahua continued barking. With each bark, it grew bigger until it was so tall its back was pressing against the roof which creaked and moaned at the additional pressure. Its head was now a lion with blood soaked mane. Its body was similar to a goat and a diamond snake as its tail. It was breathing smoke while its fangs were dripping green venom. On its neck, there was a huge black metal collar as thick as Sebastian's arm with a huge nametag. Most of the words were blurred by all the blood clotting on it, the only words Sebastian could read were "Chimera", "Flame", "Poisonous" & "Tartarus".

"Be honoured, Sebastian Smythe. I don't test a weak demigod. Those who really caught my eyes and I think it's worth challenge are the most powerful one, for I am the Mother of Monsters, the terrible Echidna!" The woman said.

"Alright! Listen up, you fat slut!" Sebastian snapped. "Why don't you take your huge butt and your son of a mutt for a walk or go back home and screw with Typhon or have a lot of ants for dinner? Anyone of them, I don't fucking care! Just leave me the fuck alone!"

The fat monster howled in anger.

"I hate it when people say that! I hate Australia! Naming that ridiculous animal after me!"

"Oh, that's too bad!" Sebastian retorted sarcastically. "We're still calling you that aren't we? Miss Anteater. How is the weather in Queensland?"

"My son shall destroy you for this! Sebastian Smythe!" The monster shrieked and the Chimera howled, some of its poison got spitted out from its mouth, narrowly missing Sebastian and hit the sink instead. The stones and metals hissed and started to melt, tainting the air with a pungent smell.

"Okay, you want to fight?" Sebastian's anger let loose. "Game on! You bitch and son of the bitch! And one more thing! Your mom is coming out of your ass! Mutt!"

The monster shrieked even louder as the Chimera lunged. Sebastian dodged it just in time. Its gigantic jaw rammed into the still smoking washing basin row. The porcelain basins didn't stand a chance. They crashed under the immense force and pressure and water started spraying out from the broken main, dousing all the occupants in the changing room. The monster turned and let out a column of blood red flame from its maw. Sebastian dodged by lowering his body. A loud bang was heard and Sebastian looked out of the corner of his eye at the damages: A wall was missing. The benches, lockers, lights, fans were either turned over, broken, smashed, hanging dangerously unstable or burning. Shouts and screams of people could be heard outside and downstairs. Sebastian groaned as he slapped his forehead: "Great! Just great! He blew up part of a public school. He'll be in so much trouble."

A roar brought the demigod back to presence as the monster was going to lunge at him again.

"This will end here. It's either you or me, and it's not going to be me!" Sebastian shouted as he and Chimera lunged at each other at the same time. Sebastian raised Riptide and slashed the monster's neck precisely.

Except it was too precise; the blade glanced off the collar and the monster was left completely unharmed, but it caused Sebastian to lose his balance. He extended his legs on the slippery floor to regain balance. At the same time, the monster turned around and its wide opened bloody mouth darted forward, trying to get a bite out of his legs. Sebastian raised Riptide to deflect its fearsome jaw as he thrusted Turbulent forward, stabbing into the monster's body viciously and accurately. The monster roared in pain as it started to disintegrate, but with one final trick: Before it completely turned into dust, the snake's mouth darted forward and sank its ten-inch fangs into Sebastian's side. The green-eyed demigod let out a blood-freezing scream as the poison started circulating in his blood-stream. The snake head soon turned into dust. With big crystal tears flowing down his deep sea-green eyes, he stared at the huge wounds in his side: freely bleeding, hissing with green smoke and the flesh turned grey and black and the blood bubbling by the poison. Echidna screamed as she watched her son crumbled into dust.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" She screamed but then her face turned even darker. "And you are going to die, Sebastian Smythe. My son's poison is now coursing through your veins, just like what happened to your half-brother a long, long time ago."

"It's a loss though, that spawn of Poseidon was very good looking and had a kind heart, too bad he had to die in extreme pain and alone." Echidna chuckled with a mocking hurt and disappointment look on her face.

Getting really sick of her bullshit, Sebastian threw Riptide at her, hitting the monster in the chest. Echidna cried in fury for one more time before she turned into a pile of dust. Sebastian grunted as he tried to get up from the ground. A coppery taste filled his mouth and nose as blood welled up from his throat. He coughed and the blood came out from his mouth was now black in colour…

He didn't have much time.

Sebastian tried to get to a pond of standing water with a pounding headache and a body suffering from extreme pain. He was also unaware of several voices screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" in the back of his head; one was particularly loud and pained.

After several minutes of painful crawling, Sebastian made it to the water pond and he virtually collapsed on it. As his consciousness started to fade, he heard people running towards the room. He was also aware that the water was now churning and swirling around him. That's strange. He didn't command the it to do anything. Before darkness consumed him, Sebastian felt the water now engulfed him like a bubble. A blinding flash and there's nothing more.

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