The Horizon

Random Girl Not So Random

A coppery taste filled his mouth and nose as blood welled up from his throat. He coughed and the blood came out from his mouth was now black in colour…

He didn't have much time.

Sebastian tried to get to a pond of standing water with a pounding headache and a body suffering from extreme pain. He was also unaware of several voices screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" in the back of his head; one was particularly loud and pained.

After several minutes of painful crawling, Sebastian made it to the water pond and he virtually collapsed on it. As his consciousness started to fade, he heard people running towards the room. He was also aware that the water was now churning and swirling around him. That's strange. He didn't command it to do anything. Before darkness consumed him, Sebastian felt the water now engulfed him like a bubble. A blinding flash and there's nothing more.

When he finally cracked his eyes open, everything was blurred, muffled and out-focused. He was utterly confused, where was he? Several dark shadows rushed past his face and he soon realised that it was a school of fish. Wait… fish? Sebastian blinked and finally found out that he was in a river, water was all around him with sand, mud, garbage and many other things drifting around him. The next thing he knew, he was in intense pain, coming from the deep wound on his side. The water was doing its magic: Poison was being drawn out and cleansed; the gaping wound was closing with a speed visible to the naked eye; the flesh was growing back and soon covered with new skin. The side-effect of this, however, was an indescribable pain raging through his frail body. It's like being whipped and stabbed by a white hot platinum knife with a coating of boiling sulphuric acid. Sebastian screamed and thrashed his body, his limbs flailing in a wild manner. Above him, the normally quiet river suddenly grew rough, waves churned and pounded onto the shore like a hurricane was striking the city. The huge waves crashed ashore and swept away the soil, causing trees to fell. Whirlpools formed in the middle of the channel, drilling deep into the riverbed and white foams splashing around.

Sebastian continued wailing and screaming when suddenly two pair of hands grabbed his limbs and immobilized them onto a hard surface.

"Hang on! It'll be over soon!" A female voice rang, probably the Naiad of the river. "It's almost done!"

Immediately after that, a sharp pain with unbelievable intensity pierced through Sebastian's battered body and he blacked out again.

When he was finally with contact with consciousness, the river was once quiet again. The churning water smoothened, waves became gentle and the whirlpools dispersed. The current brushed against his cheek tenderly. With a groan, he tried to get up and accidentally took a mouthful of river water. The bad taste, tainted with pollution, made him choke and he started coughing violently.

"Easy, easy, my dear. You've just recovered from those horrific wounds." The same female voice rang next to him. Turning around, he saw a beautiful young woman gently patting his back. There was also another woman, looked younger than the one patting him but still older than Sebastian himself, in the room. But she looked like she was going to pass out any moment as she leant against the wall. Speaking of which, when did he transport to a room under the river?

"You're in my place, son of Poseidon." The older woman spoke gently. She had a long blonde hair and a pair of warm deep blue eyes. "Please forgive the cleanness of the place. I swept the river on a daily basis but with the mortals so keen on dumping their garbage directly in here… you know what happened."

"You're this river's Naiad?" Sebastian croaked, his voice was still hoarse.

"Yes, this is Ottawa River and you can call me Otilah, that's my mortal name." The Naiad, Otilah said gently.

"And who is she?" Sebastian asked about the other girl in the room.

"She's Olivia." Otilah introduced and the girl waved weakly, with a weak smile.

"Why is she so sick?"

"It's because of the pollution of the river." Otilah sighed. "But the main reason is she's a Nereid. She's not supposed to get to freshwater ground. Nereids got sick when they did that, just like when we Naiads entered the sea. The heavily polluted water only worsened her situation."

"Otilah, my dear, I love you with all my heart but if you'll excuse me, I need to have a quick word with my half-brother." Olivia said weakly as she approached Sebastian.

Otilah left the room as Olivia sat down next to Sebastian's bed.

"So what do you need?" Sebastian asked.

"I need nothing from you, at least for now." The Nereid said, looking a bit offended. "I'm here to tell you two things. First, you're gonna need these."

She took out a bag of huge pearls. They were the finest pearls Sebastian had ever seen. Each was as big as his palm and a deep, elegant bluish black colour that reminded Sebastian the colour of the deep sea. They also seemed to be glowing with an inner light.

"These are the gifts from your father…" Olivia started coughing again. Clearly, the heavily polluted water was weakening her. "He can't… *cough* aid you directly… *cough* *cough* but… *cough* this is what he could do without…*cough* asking others *cough* to help! *cough* *cough*"

Sebastian tried to move towards the Nereid and patted her back, hoping to lessen her coughs. But then, the door opened and the water around them suddenly turned clearer, colder and saltier.

"I told you to let us do the job, dear. Why do you have to push your limits like this?" A disapproving but kind voice entered the room. Sebastian turned around and saw Oceanus and Tethys coming inside. Turning his attention back to the Nereid, Sebastian found that she was getting better, much to his relief.

"I can't wait to meet my youngest half-brother." Olivia said as she straightened herself. "

"You little girl, you have tonnes of chances to see him." Tethys shook her head fondly as she came forward to check on her while Oceanus came straight towards Sebastian. His face told the green-eyed boy that he was not happy about something or someone.

"Uhm… Hi?" Sebastian squirmed as the Titan stood in front of him, hands crossed on his well-defined chest.

"You remembered what I have told you?" Oceanus asked.

"Sorry… I can't help myself." Sebastian whispered, just like what he did back when he was child, caught doing something naughty by the Titan or the Titaness. The Titan of the sea just sighed.

"I should have known this. You're so much like your brother and Killian." Oceanus said as Otilah came back with a cup of water. She handed the cup to Olivia, who looked much better after drinking it.

"Killian? Who is this guy?" Sebastian thought before he remembered what Echidna said, about another son of Poseidon.

"Uncle Ozzy." Sebastian asked, using the name the Titan introduced himself a long, long time ago. "When I fought against the Chimera, Echidna said something… about another son of Poseidon…"

Oceanus, Tethys, Otilah and Olivia stiffened and Sebastian knew he might have crossed a line.

"Uhm… Just forget what I asked…" Sebastian said in a hurry but Tethys stopped him.

"No, it's okay, dear." Tethys soothed. "It's just… Killian is one of our favourite. He is those Poseidon's demigods that a lot of deities, including Triton and Amphitrite, and even monsters like Scylla and Charybdis, really love. He's very kind, compassionate, and very handsome too, just like you."

"We all thought he would be a great hero and brought honour to his family." Oceanus said, rubbing his eyebrows and Sebastian swore he saw some shiny things appearing in the Titan's eyes. "But we didn't expect him to… We can probably tell you more about him in the future, but just so you know, he's a wound buried deep within our hearts and souls, especially your father, Bastian, a wound that would probably never heal and with eternal lingering pain."

Sebastian wanted to ask more about his half-brother of his but he kept his mouth shut. Asking them about this man at this moment would only be like rubbing salt into their wounds.

"Is there anything I need to know?" Sebastian asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah, about the pearls we gave you, we can't tell you a lot about it but just remember this: What belongs to the sea will return to the sea." Oceanus said.

"Is it from my father?" Sebastian asked quietly.


"I guess I have to get used to this…" Sebastian whispered.

"I'm sorry?"

"Nothing." Sebastian said with a weary smile. "It's just you don't expect your father to appear in front of you and… do stuffs that a father does to his children because it will set everything off balance."

Seeing how lost and hurt those deep sea-green eyes were, Olivia, Otilah and Tethys felt their hearts broke. No one, especially a youngling like this, should experience this.

"I'm not blaming my father because deep within, even I have never met him, I know that he cared about me." Sebastian whispered. "It's just… It's hard to get used to this feeling."

Oceanus said nothing. He just pulled Sebastian into a hug and rubbed circles on his back. He waited for half a minute before he decided he had to continue.

"The second thing is your power continued to develop, but it was already really powerful. To avoid more conflicts which will lead postpone your quest's progress, we decide to give you this."

The Titan of the sea handed him another necklace. It looked exactly like the one Sebastian lost during the confrontation with the stupid giant, also known as Finn Hudson, except the colour was a much deeper blue, like the seawater in the centre of the North Pacific.

"This is a similar version of the necklace that you once had, except this one only dampened your demigod power, not inhibit it entirely." Oceanus explained as he watched Sebastian wore the necklace.

"You will also learn one important skill unique to Poseidon's children: vapour travel, when you get back." Oceanus said. "But you may really need to get used to the feel. Take my hand, I'm taking you back to your companions."

"Uhm… okay…" Sebastian gulped and turned to Olivia and Otilah. "Thank you, guys. I'm really grateful about that."

"You're welcome." The Nereid and Naiad replied with a smile. Sebastian took Oceanus hand and felt himself suddenly got squeezed into a tiny but very violent whirlpool. He felt he was going to be sick or worse, passed out again.

As soon as the demigod disappeared with the Titan, Tethys's face got serious and turned to look at the door.

"You can come out now." She said and a middle-aged man timidly stepped into the room. Despite his mature age, he was still very handsome, with short, slightly messy deep brown hair and stubble. His brilliant bluish green eyes resembled Sebastian's eyes to some extent. He looked at Tethys and the two nymphs nervously as the three women looked at him heatedly.

"Uhm…" The man began but the Titaness cut him off.

"You owe this child a lot of things." Tethys said with her hands on her hips. "I know what you did and currently doing is to protect him, but he's also hurting."

"I know…"

"You could at least watch over him when he was young instead of sending your nymphs and Cyclops to do the work. You're his father, for Chaos's sake." Tethys tried to control herself so she wouldn't raise her voice which was getting harder to do so.

"I know… and I swear on River Styx that I will claim him the moment he finished the quest and returned to the camp." The man, Poseidon, said and swore solemnly. Thunder crackled in the sky, activating the oath.

"You better do that. I really love this child and I will be damned to see if those morons dared to call my grandchild nasty names." Tethys said as Poseidon shrunk smaller under her gaze.

"I will remember this. I will make up my lost time with him the moment he was safe from my brother's wrath." Poseidon promised.

"Oh, will we ever be able to take a break from Zeus's childishness? He's such a drama queen." Otilah groaned.

"No shit, Sherlock. But thinking about it, dad can be a bit of diva as well." Olivia commented and Poseidon's eyes widened.


"Every monthly meeting, dad and Zeus have to argue about who is Rhea's favourite when literally everyone knows that Rhea loved her six children equally."


"In some other cases, they have to argue which disaster is more spectacular." Otilah joined in. "And Gaia's skirt, will they ever realise that after every single hurricane or storm or flood, it takes ages for the rivers, lakes, ponds, marshes etc. to become clean again? The last time it happened, Misanolia and Ponela took months to recover because of all the pollution caused by the flood!"


"Seriously, they're worse than the kindergarten children right by the shore." Olivia ignored her father's reddening face.

"Very childish." Otilda added.

"They're such a diva."

"And a big drama queen." The two nymphs said together.

"Now, now Otilah, darling, you need to meet your sisters in like five minutes, don't you? And Olivia, my dear, why don't we go stop by my place? I have baked some nectar-crusted brownies." Tethys kindly stopped the two nymphs' rant and saved the sea god from further embarrassment.

"Cool! I love brownies!" The Nereid said in delight and vapour travelled away with the Titaness. Otilah left to meet her sisters soon after that, leaving Poseidon alone in the polluted river. He gagged as someone tossed a bunch of garbage into the river.

"I really need to clean this river, maybe do a sweep of all rivers, lakes, ponds and marshes." The sea god mumbled before flashing away.

Sebastian felt his body was being stretched to infinity and then compressed to subatomic size, back and forth for who knows how long until all of a sudden, he was standing in the middle of a deserted street in a suburb area with Oceanus.

"Okay. Here we are." Oceanus said. "I need to get going. And Sebastian, be safe."

"Wha… What?" Sebastian was still feeling a bit dizzy and when his mind finally cleared, the Titan of the sea was already gone. He looked around, the sun was almost set but several blocks away, the familiar red and blue lights flashed. The police force was still there. A sudden pang of fear rippled through his mind, where were his companions? And Hunter… Would he be fine?

As Sebastian lost in his mind, he heard several shouts of his name.


He barely had enough time to process the information when two bodies rammed into him. Caitlin and Cisco practically threw themselves at him and hugged him so tight he thought all the air in his lungs was being squeezed out. It didn't help when the two demigods were bombarding him with countless questions.

"Guys… Guys! Please let go! I'm fine but you're going to squeeze me to death…" Sebastian gasped and they let him go.

"So what happened? We're all caught up with those stupid morons when there's suddenly an explosion. Your friend Hunter led us to safety and we saw how big that explosion was. An entire piece of wall, part of the ceiling and floor were gone! We wanted to find you but they had the place locked down and no one was found."

"There's a monster, no, two actually: Chimera and its fat mother of a bitch." Sebastian said and Caitlin gasped in horror. Immediately, she turned him around and started checking his body.

"Are you hurt?! Did that monster get you?! I've got some antidote if you-"

"Caitlin! Calm down!" Sebastian grabbed onto her shoulders. He also noticed Skylar was standing a bit further away from them but his brilliant blue eyes were shinning with worry, but Sebastian knew the son of Zeus would never admit it. "I managed to kill them off but the monster's tail got me. It bit me on the side."

He lifted his shirt to reveal the wound which was now a faint scar but still very long.

"Then I'm not sure who, probably all of them, but I somehow got teleported into the Ottawa River. The river's Naiad and a Nereid-"

"Nereid? Why would they be here?" Cisco cut in.

"I'm getting there! They looked after me as my wounds healed. The Nereid gave me these gifts, saying we would need that." He took out the bag with at least a dozen pearls.

"Then Oceanus and Tethys came. They gave me this necklace." He showed them the necklace with a deep blue pendant. "He said it could turn down my demigod aura so we wouldn't run into monsters frequently."

"Wow…" Cisco muttered.

"I really don't know what to say…" Caitlin finished for him.

"And speaking of which, have you seen Hunter?" Sebastian asked, worried about his best friend.

"He led us to the safety, away from those morons and the public eye." Caitlin said. "Then he was gone. No one had seen him. We thought he went back to his choir group but apparently he was not with them. No one really knows where he had gone."

"There's something fishy about this Hunter." Skylar stroke his chin and Sebastian immediately jumped to his best friend's defend.

"Don't! I'm his best friend and I know his personality. He might be a bit creepy and cold and indifferent, but he is definitely not evil, I swear." Sebastian said.

"Fine, but I'm really curious about this guy." The son of Zeus held up his hands in defence as they started walking back to the train station while avoid being seen.

"By the way, Sebastian, you might want to avoid the police for a while." Cisco piped up suddenly.

"What? Why?"

"You blew up part of a public school! They thought you're a crazed guy or a terrorist. And the New Double-standards are blaming everything on you! You should have seen what they said on the news! If you got caught, you'll go to jail!" Cisco said and Sebastian growled.

"Great… just what I fucking need…"

"We need to keep our profile low, really low." Skylar said.

"I think I need to change my name." Sebastian whispered as they disappeared into the deserted streets. "Maybe you guys should call me Barry."

"Barry? As in Barry Allen of The Flash? I have no idea that you're such a nerd." Caitlin teased.

Thanks the Fates, the group managed to get back to the Amtrak station without getting spotted. The news channels were blasting the audience with the campus explosion. The reporters were interviewing the NDs and some of their stances were really hilarious. The dumbass giant Finn Hudson said Sebastian carried ten gallons of gasoline. Ten gallons of gasoline… Seriously? What is he? A fucking robot that used gasoline as fuel? Cisco went to buy the tickets, but unfortunately, due to the fiasco with the Chimera, they had missed the train to Los Angeles. The train that had the second closest destination would depart in 2 minutes to Denver. Keeping themselves as quiet as possible, the group got on board the train. Sebastian looked back, the police lights were still pulsing against the skyline of Lima, Ohio as they trundled west.

By the time they reached Denver, the group looked like a gang of homeless teens. They hadn't eaten for three days as their budget was really tight, not to mention they hadn't taken a shower since leaving the camp. Skylar rented a car and they were now heading to the carwash.

"I'm driving." Caitlin said as she got into the driver seat. "I'm the only one who had the license here."

"Just why do we need to go to the carwash?" Sebastian asked. "The car is fairly clean."

"That's because we have decided to shut you up. You've been nagging me about your Hunter for the entire journey from Lima to Denver!" The son of Zeus snapped. He was getting restless and skittish as the son of Poseidon kept bragging about his best friend. What he didn't say was that there's another feeling in his stomach: He didn't like Sebastian hanging out with Hunter this much.

"Alright, alright! Geez, I'll keep quiet. And just so you know, Hunter and I are not together. Just because I'm gay and Hunter's bi, and the fact that we've been best friends for years, doesn't mean we have to be a couple. Besides, do you know how you sound like? You sound like you're jealous of him." Sebastian rolled his eyes and Skylar almost got choked. His cheeks started to warm up as he glared at the green-eye demigod who was staring outside the window. In the front seat, Cisco was looking at them in amusement while Caitlin was externally giggling and internally screaming.

"I'm NOT!" Skylar literally shrieked. Sebastian looked at him with a raised eyebrow while Cisco and Caitlin couldn't control themselves anymore. They just burst out laughing.

"Okay, guys. Don't be like an old married couple. We need to report our progress to Chiron and we'll need to call your friend." Caitlin said in amusement just as Skylar and Sebastian glared at the back of her head.

"We're not!" They shouted at the same time and then looked at each other, cheeks appearing bright red. Caitlin and Cisco only laughed harder as they drove into the carwash. Cisco made the payment and they immediately got surrounded by a heavy vile of mist.

"Okay, it's time for IM-ing." Cisco said.

"Here? I don't think messaging here could make me escape the close monitor of the cops." Sebastian asked sceptically and everyone in the car looked at him like he was an idiot.

"Who said we're messaging via the phone or any electronics?" Cisco asked. "We're using the more Greek method: a rainbow."

"A what?!" Sebastian was not sure if his ears received the correct word.

"You seriously don't know what IM is?" Cisco asked, looking really astonished. "It's not instant-message, if that's what you're thinking."

"Then what is it? And I hope you remember that I'm still fairly new to the Greek world."

"Oh right. IM stands for Iris-Message, the rainbow goddess." Cisco explained. "We summon her, give her an offering and she will carry the message for us, but the Gods have a higher priority."

"Okay, just where do we summon the goddess? In this small, damp and not so clean place?" Sebastian looked around the place.

"Who said we have to see her body form? Just a rainbow is enough." Cisco pointed to the rainbow formed in the mist as the sunlight passed through the water droplets in the air. "Now, we need a Drachma."

Cisco got one from his pocket and whispered.

"O Iris, beautiful goddess of rainbow, please accepts my offering."

He then tossed the huge gold coin into the rainbow which dissolved like salt added to water.

"Please show me Camp Epineio."

Quickly, the brilliant colours of the rainbow morphed into a window, showing the similar hill ranges and on the left-hand most hill, stood four stone pillars. How come did he fail to notice that? Sebastian thought to himself. They also saw a figure with crew cut hair leaning against a wood fence that the group suspected to be one from the Big House. His handsome face looked worried and torn as he stared into the far end. What made the situation worse was the faint sound of fierce fighting in the background.

"Leonard!" Sebastian called. The son of Hermes spun around, surprise pasted on his face.

"Oh, hey guys. How're you doing? Are you all okay?" He asked with concern and Sebastian felt his heart warmed up. Seeing Leonard made him feel good, the son of Hermes helped him and stayed with him almost all the time when he was in the camp. Surely, Emily, William, Teddy, Alice and her friends were there but Leonard acted like he was his younger brother. Of course no one could ever replace Julian and Hunter in Sebastian's heart as a brother and best friend, but having someone to care about you was like seeing the sun after going through a bitter blizzard or drinking from a fountain after a long journey in the desert.

"Yeah, we're all fine. We're in Denver, and where's Chiron?"

Cisco was going to cut in but Sebastian put up his hand, silencing him.

"He's settling some issues with the campers."

"The campers?" Caitlin asked, worried about her family and friends.

"Issues?" Cisco piped up.

"Does it have to do with the sound of fighting?" Skylar asked.

"Unfortunately, yes." Leonard answered sadly. "Soon after you left, there were rumours that Zeus and Poseidon were really going to have a fight and now the campers are taking sides, just like Trojan War and the two world wars."

"Ugh, when will the Gods and the mortals learn from history?" Sebastian groaned.

"For the moment, Aphrodite, Apollo and Hermes are backing Poseidon while Dionysus is backing Zeus. I suspect that he believes that Zeus will spare his duty if he did that."

"That's not going to work…" Sebastian muttered.

"Indeed. Oh, and Sebastian, you really need to stay low for the moment. For some reason, you have become a known fugitive to the states and they are looking for you everywhere, even the camp saw what happened." Leonard pointed out and Sebastian face-palmed.

"Thanks, I will." Sebastian answered weakly when he noticed a shadow hiding behind a column. "And who's there hiding in the back?"

Leonard spun around but the person hiding in the shadow was already gone.

"Damn it." Leonard hissed. "But anyway, there has been another rumour: they said Hades is the one who is responsible for the theft. When his brothers were caught in between the fight, he would take over Olympus."

"What? But…" Sebastian wanted to tell Leonard that Hades had also lost his Helm of Darkness and they needed to find it too, but for some reason, he held his tongue.

"I think I need to pay Lord Hades a visit then." Sebastian whispered. He had been looking for reasons to go to the Underworld because… you all knew the reason.

"You're not serious, are you?" Leonard asked just as Caitlin, Cisco and Skylar were staring at him like he had grown another head. "Please tell me you're not planning to go to the Underworld. This is no funny business, man."

"Well, I have to go now. See you later." Sebastian didn't answer Leonard's question. "I have another call to make."

He looked at his companions for help.

"Swipe the mist." Cisco said robotically.

Sebastian did and the window disappeared. It took several seconds for the rainbow to form again. Taking out a Drachma, Sebastian tossed it towards the rainbow and whispered.

"O rainbow goddess, please accept my offering. Show me Hunter Clarington."

The window formed was almost entirely black except a small lamp sitting on a desk and one person was sitting there, reading a book.

"Hunter!" Sebastian cried as his best friend snapped up his head.

"Hey, Seb. You know how to IM now? It's about time." Hunter put down his book and came closer to the window.

"Where've you been? Caitlin said you disappeared as soon as you led them to safety and away from public's eye. Has anyone seen you? I'm worried sick!" Sebastian asked, really worried about his best friend.

"Oh don't worry. I'm fine. I'm now at home."

"Home?! Wouldn't your neighbours see you and report you? Those New Double-standards said you are my partner in crime!" Sebastian cried in worry just as the machine started beeping and the water was shut down. The mist started to evaporate.

"Don't worry, my house have no neighbours nearby." Hunter waved his hand. "And my parents knew me better than those morons. The cops won't be able to find me. They can carry out a blanket search in the entire US, and they won't find me."

"Are you sure about that?" Sebastian was still worried as the rainbow grew fainter, so does the window and Hunter's voice.

"I am, now concentrate on your quest. Don't worry about me." Hunter said and returned to his book. The mist evaporated completely and the group looked at each other.

"Well… at least you know your friend is safe." Cisco started.

"I guess he's right on one thing…" Caitlin said as she started the car. "We need to concentrate on the quest. We have a long way to go."

They drove for hours before they decided to stop at a diner as Sebastian was going to pass out from hypoglycaemia. The waitress came towards them as families and friends were having their dinner. When she noticed how frayed they looked, she twisted her face in slight disgust. Well, that's not the ideal attitude for being a waitress.

"Well?" She said, raising her eyebrow sceptically. And her tone was not warm at all.

"Four Angus burgers with bacon and cheese please? Combo with fries, two Pepsi, one Sprite and one iced lemon tea." Cisco ordered and the waitress looked at them in disbelief.

"Can you pay for it?" She asked like she was more superior than them and Caitlin snapped. She slammed her hand on the table hard; her beautiful brown eyes were glowing like there's a fire burning inside.

"Of course we can! And I'd kindly suggest you mind your tone unless you want your manager to know how disrespectful you are to the customers!" She snapped and Sebastian suddenly had an urge to kneel before her and chanted, "Long live Caitlin Frost, the Badass Queen."

The waitress looked really embarrassed when a rumble echoed in the diner: a motorcycle had just pulled up to the parking area. The headlights glared red, blood red to be precise. Its gas tank had flames painted on it which, for some reason, looked like real fire; a shotgun holster riveted on both side, completed with shotguns, real guns loaded with bullets; the seat was decorated with a piece of leather delicately polished, except the leather itself looked like…

"Is that human skin?" Sebastian whispered to his companions as he turned his focus to the driver. He didn't look much different from any motorcycle driver, but there's something in his aura, his facial expression, a sense of ferociousness, so intense that he could make professional wrestler twice his size shook in fear. He had a blood red beater with a brown leather jacket that reminded Sebastian of dried blood on the blade of a knife and a pair of faded blue jeans with holes, gun holes to be exact. He was also wearing a bright orange shades, hiding his eyes from his view, even it was already 9 pm. Scars littered on his bulky face. He looked at the group and pulled up a smirk, one that made Sebastian really want to punch the man.

As soon as the biker stepped into the diner, the area was hit by a gust of hot, dry wind tainted with gunpowder and blood. Everyone in the diner rose to their feet, their faces reddened in anger. Children started wailing and hitting each other while their parents shouted at them and each other. Some men slammed their cups on the table so hard Sebastian swore he heard the glass and porcelain cracked.

Feeling his anger rising, Sebastian immediately grabbed a cup of water and drank it all. The cold water did cool down his temper slightly and he noticed his companions were all looking pissed. Caitlin looked like she was going to bitch slap the waitress while Cisco was going to throw a chair out of the window and Skylar was ready to flip the table and zapped everyone in the room with lightning. Wait… anger? Fights? Sebastian looked at the biker. He believed he knew who this fellow was. He was William's father: Ares, Greek God of War.

The war god waved and suddenly everything returned to normal. The waitress looked at them with the same level of disdain.

"You hobos have money to pay for it?"

"Excuse me?!" Caitlin snapped but the biker cut in.

"It's on me, and they're not hobos." He said as he sat down next to Sebastian, his huge frame pushed Sebastian to Skylar's side. He turned to look at Sebastian who just looked back at him coolly.

"What do you want?" The green-eyed boy took another sip of water.

"Seb!" Cisco whisper-shouted. "He's-"

"I know who this man is." Sebastian waved off his companion's concern.

"And I don't mind a little attitude, as long as you guys remembered who the real boss is." The biker said with a smirk as he brushed his messy brown hair.

"And with all due respect, sir, what do you want?" Sebastian emphasized on the word 'sir'. Ares just took off his red shade to reveal those terrible eyes of his: Deep brown orbs reflecting the cruelty and malice of war; lives lost like smoke got caught in a gale; blood flowing out from the injured and deceased, turning the water, tainting the soil. Sebastian could feel the heat and the blast when a bomb detonated, from the smallest grenades and plastic explosives, to the most terrifying atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs.

"I have got a little proposition for you." The war god said and Sebastian groaned.

"Please don't tell me that we need to fetch something for you too…" Sebastian hissed and Ares's smirk grew bigger. Just at this moment, the waitress came back with trays of food that Sebastian had ordered. After she gave the demigods the food, Ares took out a Drachma and tossed it to her. She stared at the coin sceptically.

"This is not an accepted currency, you idiot." She said with a superior tone and as expected, the war god didn't like it. He pulled out a huge knife from his jacket and started cleaning his fingernails, with lots of dried blood on them, with the tip of the knife. He turned his gaze towards the girl with his left arm resting on the table, eyeing her like how he could polished that stupid face with his knife.

"Problem, sweetheart?" He asked with a cruel smirk.

The waitress gulped and left with the gold. Sebastian just stared at the war god who turned to look at him.

"What are you looking at?" Ares asked, the smirk still hanging on his face and Sebastian decided to have some fun with the war god, a very, very dangerous decision.

"Problem, sweetheart?" Sebastian mimicked Ares's voice. The god's smile vanished and was replaced by a scowl. Caitlin gasped in silent while Cisco and Skylar wondered if the son of Poseidon had a death wish.

"Don't mock me, punk."

"Okay then. Problem, dickhead?" Sebastian asked with a smirk and Ares growled.

"I should have punished you for your attitude but I need you to do me a favour so I'm going to let it pass." He snarled and Sebastian raised his eyebrow.

"This will be fun… and a bit deadly." He thought to himself before he asked. "And what favour could I do for a god?"

"Something a god doesn't have time to do himself." Ares said like it was the most obvious answer.

"Doesn't have time or doesn't have the gut? Why don't you go do yourself that favour? After all, you're a god. If a god can't do something, how am I supposed that a mortal like me can do that?" Sebastian asked with faked innocence as Ares's eyes morphed into a glowing fire with mini-nuclear explosions.

"Why don't I turn you into a stray cat and run you over with my bike? Because I don't feel like it!" The war god sneered.

"I'm really surprised." Sebastian faked a shocked face. "You know, I have no idea that you are capable to imagine things. I think all your mind can contain is blood, blood, blood; war, war, war and fight, fight, fight."

"You're really pushing your luck, mortal. I should really turn you into a cockroach and stomped with my feet." Ares was really going to snap. The explosions in his eyes intensified and grew hotter.

"Whatever your tiny mind can process, bitch." Sebastian pushed and Ares snapped.

"Oh you-"

Before the war god could do something to Sebastian, an intoxicating perfume filled the air. Everyone looked up and saw the most beautiful young girl getting into the diner. It was the random girl in McKinley, Sebastian remembered, the one who revealed the Andersons were nothing but three lying hypocrites. Her long brown hair shimmering like the finest hardwood; her fashionable clothes made her perfect physique stood out. Her obsidian-like eyes looked directly at their place. She pulled up a smirk and approached them. Ares tried to grab her arm but she pushed his hands away and sat between Skylar and Caitlin.

"Well, never thought I can really make it." She began and Sebastian noticed that every man in the diner was staring at the girl.

"Of course you can make it, babe." Ares purred but shrunk when the girl glared at him.

"Mind your attitude." She warned before turning her gaze to Skylar and Sebastian, eyeing them up and down. That look was very familiar to Sebastian and he blurted out before he could control himself.

"You're Alice's mom, Aphrodite!"

"Indeed I am. You're really a smart guy." The girl, Aphrodite smirked. Her brown eyes, just like those he saw from Alice, were filled with the light of amusement.

"Babe, what are you doing here?" Ares tried to touch Aphrodite again but the goddess slapped his hands away.

"Don't touch me! I'm here for something more serious and you better not interrupt me if you really want to get your precious shield back." She snapped.

"The shield?" Caitlin asked.

"Yes! The shield!" Ares snapped. "Forged in the flames of Mount Etna; made with materials that could squash you to pieces! Ouch!"

He rubbed the back of his head as Aphrodite slapped him hard.

"I told you not to interrupt me!"

She glared at him and the war god shivered.

"So what Wally said-" Aphrodite started again and she got interrupted again. This time, it was Sebastian who cracked up.

"Wal… Wally?! Ares, the god of War called himself Wally?! Oh my gods! It's so…" Sebastian just burst out laughing. Ares looking he was going to burn the demigod alive while Aphrodite shook her head, a smirk hidden from the war god.

"Don't laugh please. It's important." She said quietly but it had a force that made Sebastian froze in his laugh.

"Sorry." He whispered while whipping away his tears.

"Anyway, Wally and I were having a sweet, sweet date at an abandoned water park but we were interrupted. We left in a hurry and Wally left his shield behind."

"And you want us to fetch it for him?" Sebastian eyed at the goddess.

"Okay, here's the deal." Aphrodite turned to look at him. "I know there're lots of things you want to know, particularly the story of your paternal half-brother long, long time ago and the maternal one who dated my son…"

Sebastian stiffened as soon as the goddess mentioned Julian and Cooper's relationship. He looked up at her and looked into her eyes. He saw nothing but for some reason he felt that the goddess was not happy about the Andersons too. And then there's this Killian guy… Oceanus and Tethys didn't say a lot about him but it seemed that this Killian had a very tragic ending. What could it be and what did it have to do with Aphrodite?

"I will tell you more about them if you agree and finish this favour for us." The goddess of love crossed her arms. "What say you?"

Sebastian looked at his companions who were staring back at him. He sighed internally. Guess he couldn't turn it down, right?


"Good!" Aphrodite clapped her hand. "Wally will tell you the address. And here's the tip: Look for the Cupid's Tunnel."

She patted on Sebastian's shoulder, eyed between Sebastian and Skylar and moved to the door.

"But sweetheart! You don't want to stay for dinner?" Ares cried after the leaving figure of Aphrodite.

"No, you moron. You agreed to treat me ice-cream tonight. You better fulfil that or I'm going to turn your face into a pig." She said without looking back and left the diner. Ares froze there momentarily before he spun his head and glared at Sebastian.

"You heard her, right? Go! This is the address! Do not disappoint us!" He chucked a piece of paper into Sebastian's hand.

"Just what happened? You look like you're being thoroughly scared." Sebastian asked in annoyance. Ares bared his teeth but his face told the group that he was actually nervous and slightly afraid. He banged the cup onto the table and hurried after his girlfriend.

The group looked at each other, then towards the paper in Sebastian's hand. It wrote:

"Rapt Avenue, 5201,
Denver, Colorado"

"Well? What do you guys think?" Sebastian asked uncertainly. "I'm just really curious why do they need us? After all, we're only mortals. And do you guys see that? He was scared when he said about that water park. What would make a war god run away from it like a rat discovered by a cat?"

Caitlin, Cisco and Skylar looked at each other.

"I guess we only have one option." Caitlin muttered. "We have to find it out ourselves."

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