Mad scientist, Doctor Hans Arkeville is the lead research and development technologist for U.N.I.T..... Arkeville's next attempt at Cybertrinian proto-form resurrection, Starscream..... The search for Dark Energon brings Optimus Prime and his earth-based team of Autobots in battles with U.N.I.T and with Megatron and his Decepticon, while Megaplex initiates his plans for the world of humans ordered by his specifications.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: Shards of the Fallen

Megatron crushed the titanium decapitated cranium of the fallen Decepticon warrior with his right foot.

“..... Megaplex?”

“..... Gone Megatron..... The reactor, it has been bled clean.....”

“These rogue Decepticons make fools of us for their own sport.....”

“..... I am picking up multiple Decepticon signals northeast of our present location.....”

“Vehicle mode! We will crush Megaplex and his renegades!”

“Megatron? There are Autobots zeroing in on Megaplex’s last signature location.....”


I will have privilege of ripping the circuits from Megaplex’s exoskeleton..... The Autobots will not rob me of this right..... Mobliize! Crush all that cross our path!”

Optimus Prime looked upon the remains of the Decepticon that was once known as Spinister in silence.

“..... Prime? I am reading multiple Decepticon signatures incoming.....”

“..... Perceptor?′

“..... The Decepticon, it suffered from high energy disruption attacks, and from multiple internal system core malfunctions Optimus..... The energy readings are like nothing I have ever before seen.....”

“..... This, I have seen before; unfortunately..... The one altered human..... The one they call Circuit Breaker..... I had hoped we formed a lasting peace of her grudges.....”

“..... Optimus?′

“..... Story best to be told at another time, in another place.....

Autobots? Transform, and roll out..... Jazz, his shell must be recovered..... U.N.I.T may have his proto-form, but they do- not have his spark.....”

The Autobots shifted forms in unison. Perceptor, one of the newest to join Prime’s team; taking on the vehicle form of an Osprey camouflaged military grade twin-wing helicopter. Not the preferred form of his multiple disguise modes of transport, but it works out as being one of the most useful; to himself and to his companions in many ways.

“..... Set your sensors, to wide scan Perceptor..... We cannot- have the Decepticons ambushing our position.....”

“Roger that Optimus..... Now plotting, the most productive- course to our new destination.....”

Optimus Prime led the way.

The Autobot commander’s silent thoughts, on all of his Autobot brothers in arms; that have been lost unto this day.

The silo base of operations for Megaplex, and for his renegade Decepticons; has been abandoned for ten years. It did not take much for the Decepticons to rig systems to get the base up and running once again for their needs.

“..... The rockets are nearly completed Megaplex.....”

“Excellent..... The Shards of The Fallen will bring rise of a nemesis the like this earth has never before seen.....”

“..... We need one more element that must be procured before we can launch the rockets on their intended targets.....”

“..... Yes..... The fragments of The Fallen’s spark, they will raise chaos; that will reign uncontrolled... Order, it of all costs must be attained; to be god of chaos.....”

“..... Dark Energon, Megaplex..... We now have the location of- a source of extraterrestrial origins.....”


“..... MARS.....”

“..... Intriguing..... The Autobot Ark..... It must have carried the Dark Energon to earth, and left deposits upon many a passing planet and orbital satellite....”

“..... Yes..... This appears to be the case.....”

“Keep searching..... I know there is a source of Dark Energon- upon this fleshling world..... I can almost taste it.....”

“Yes Megaplex.....”

The renegade Decepticon commander looked whimsically upon the twelve assembled rockets and maniacally chortled aloud in- a mechanically synthesized laughter.

“..... The tools of these fleshlings’ own decisive damnation, will be destruction of their world, and the rise of another.....”

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