A time of the Marauders. Set during their Hogwart's time, where love triumphed over the differences and walls that houses rise, when friendship laughed in the face of tribulations. A secret. A life that depends upon that secret. A secret and life that the Marauders have sworn to protect with their very last beat. A secret that evolves into much more than what they've initially known and prepared for. A secret that tests not just the strength of their relations, but also their loyalties. A secret that brings them closer than ever before. A story of 4 friends and their lives. Stories of their pranks, friendship, love and just about everything that they probably went through as teens – or rather, quite rebellious teens - where love triumphed over the differences and walls that houses rise, when friendship laughed in the face of tribulations.

Romance / Adventure
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When the extremely famous Slytherin misfit was hit upon [literally] by an equally [may be even more] famous, one of the star Maraduers of the Gryffindor, it was a rather intriguing Trouville. And when instead of hexing one another into the next millennium, Sirius Black began to become friends with Marion Abirwik and vice-versa, their equation began to hint and hit the obvious but kind of impossible turns.

Though the fact that James Potter fancied Lily Evans came as huge a blow as a news, the fact that the latter kept rejecting the former’s relentless pursuits came as an even bigger shocker. So, what exactly transpired in the few years that turned them from hexing one another into the next life, to a couple who could communicate with just one look?

When love comes knocking, there is only so much you can resist. Coz, believe it or not, love doesn’t knock. It rattles your very foundation. So, what happens when Remus finds himself being rattled and made alive in ways he didn’t know were possible for a boy like him? What happens when he finds that the most out-going, fun-loving and intelligent girl holds his hand [and heart] in a rather stubborn but warm grip?

The witches and wizards at Hogwarts didn’t particularly have to search for new topics to gossip. The Marauders and their friends provided more than abundant incidents, which were later woven around as far more exciting stories.

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