Not Pretending Anymore

Chapter 2

Ok here is the second chapter for Not Pretending Anymore. I know that it has taken me a while to update but I will try to upload more chapters. Hopefully I can have this story finished before the year is out, no promises on that though.

Draco made his way to Harry's office. Many witches and wizards stared at him. His shirt still had the coffee stain. In his hand he held a small rectangular paper. His now semi long hair was severely mused. No one had ever seen him so disheveled during these past years. What had happened to the cool and collected Malfoy heir? Ron and Blaise saw him practically run by them without acknowledging them. They shared a look and followed him.

Harry looked up from the report he was reading when his door was thrown open. "Malfoy, why do you never knock?" He glared at him.

"Save it." Draco paid no attention to his glare and gave him a business card. "Look at this."

"A business card?" Harry looked dubiously at him. He was sure that he had finally lost his mind. He turned the card over to read what it said. Shock was too mall a work to describe what he felt. "Where did you find this?" He asked eyes wide. Blaise and Ron went in at that moment.

"At a muggle coffee shop that I like to frequent." Draco knew exactly how he felt. The shock of finding her in such a manner had amazed him. They had all spent most of their free time looking for her during all these years. And now that they had almost given up, he had found her.

"Harry what is going on?" Ron looked at them both.

Harry handed him the card. Blaise looked over Ron's shoulder to read it. They were both startled to read the name on the card. They looked at Draco to see if this was some kind of joke on his part. They saw that he was completely serious. After all these years he had found her.

"Hermione?" Ron whispered.

"Where did you find her? When?" Blaise looked straight at Draco.

"Actually I bumped into her a few hours ago." Draco smiled as he remembered the encounter.

"A few hours ago? Why are you just telling us right now?" Ron demanded.

"Well, you could say that we had a very hot encounter." He lightly touched his shirt and grimaced.

Blaise looked at his shirt and began to laugh. Harry and Ron took a bit longer to comprehend what he was referring to. When they did get it they joined Blaise in the laughter.

"The coffee was really hot and she spilled it on my favorite shirt." Draco scowled.

"Draco, according to you all your shirts are your favorites." Blaise remarked.

"That is because they are." He smirked.

"Hermione did that to you? Does she remember who you are?" Harry asked curiously.

"No she doesn't remember. Her spell was really thorough. I was behind her at the coffee shop, she turned around with her coffee in her hand and crashed into me."

"Why have you not cleaned yourself with magic?" Ron wondered.

"Because she offered to have the shirt cleaned and if it didn't come out perfect then she would replace it. If I clean it I wont have an excuse to see her again." He explained.

"So you are going to take her your shirt?" Ron crossed his arms.

"When are you going? I want to see her." Harry stood from his desk.

"Yes, I am taking my shirt to her law firm later today. No you may not come with."

"Why not? She is our friend and we want to see her." Harry demanded.

"We can't all just barge into her life again. Not since I royally messed up." Draco sighed.

"Got that right." Blaise and Ron muttered.

Draco shot a glare at them for that. "Let me try to win her trust again and then I can introduce you again. We have to be careful since she is a muggle now."

"Hate to say this but, you are right." Harry sat again.

"When am I ever wrong?" Draco smirked.

All three men looked at each other and said at the same time, "When you let her go!"

Draco cringed when he heard them. He knew he had made a mistake all those years ago. Now he had a chance to make things right again. He was not going to let her go this time.

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