Not Pretending Anymore

Chapter 3

Here is the third chapter. Hope you enjoy this. I wont promise to update soon but I do have some other chapters in the works don't know how soon I can have them up. I'll try not to take too long to update.

Hermione hurried to her office, her encounter with the strange blond man had made her late. She paused in front of her secretary. "Good morning Jenny. Do I have anything on the agenda for today?"

"Good morning Miss Granger. The only thing on the agenda is the meeting at two with Mr. Summers." Jenny, a black haired, blue eyed girl a bit older than Hermione responded.

"Is he the one that wants help with some contracts made by others in his company?"

"Yes, he is the one." Jenny nodded.

"Good, then I have time to review the other cases we have." She was about to go into her office when she remembered. "Jenny there is a man coming a bit later. His name is Draco Malfoy; he is going to bring his shirt to me."

Jenny looked confused by what she said. "His shirt?"

"Yes, I accidently spilled my coffee all over his shirt and offered to have it cleaned or replaced. When he arrives take the shirt and send it to the cleaners. Have them take the stain out and if it does not come out have them replace it with a similar shirt no matter the expense."

"Of course, should I let you know when he gets here?" Jenny wrote down the instructions on a note pad.

"Yes, let me know. Other than that don't pass any calls or interviews until Mr. Summers gets here. I will be reviewing my case for case for court tomorrow. I don't want to be sidetracked." Hermione said as she entered her office.

"Yes, Miss Granger." Jenny resumed her typing of the documents on her desk.

It was around three when Draco made his way to Hermione's office. He was very impressed by her office. It was very modern with a hint of classical elegance. He walked up to the woman sitting on the desk just outside what he assumed to be Hermione's office.

"Excuse me, my name is Draco Malfoy. I am here to see Hermione Granger."

Jenny looked up at the extremely handsome man in front of her. This is the man Miss Granger had told her about, but she neglected to tell her how he looked. "Ah yes, Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger informed me you were coming. Unfortunately she is in a meeting with a new client. She left instructions for your shirt. So if you could please leave it here with me it will be taken cared of."

Draco frowned but handed her the shirt. "When can I expect to have my shirt back?"

"It should only take a couple of days." She said while she wrote some instructions to go with the shirt.

Draco looked longingly towards Hermione's door. It was a shame that he couldn t see her again today. Perhaps when he returned for his shirt he would be able to see her and befriend her.

"Mr. Malfoy, could you please write down your information so that we can contact you when your shirt is ready?" Jenny gave him a pen and paper.

"I believe my card will be better." He handed her back the pen and paper with his business card on top.

"Oh, yes this is much better. Just let me tell Ms. Granger that you are here." Just as Jenny was about to press the intercom it came on.

"Jenny call security now!" Hermione's voice came thru followed by some crashes and curses.

"Yes, Ms. Granger!" Jenny grabbed the phone. "We need security at Ms. Granger's office asap" She hung up. "They are on their way." She said into the intercom.

"You bitch! How dare you call security on me! I will kill you!" They heard a rough voice scream.

Draco heard that voice and thought it sounded familiar. He turned to Jenny. "Who is in there with her?"

"That is Mr. Summers a new client." Jenny jumped when another crash was heard.

"Mr. Summers calm down. You don t want to do something you will regret." Hermione tried to not sound reprimanding.

Jenny glanced at the door a puzzled expression in her face. "How curious that we can hear from the intercom but not through the door."

Draco widened his eyes in realization. A silencing charm? How can that be? He shook his head to clear his thoughts. I'll think about that later right now I have get her out of there. He ran to open the door but it was locked.

"Why is she in there with the door locked!"

"Impossible, that door has no lock!" Jenny looked at the door wide eyed.

"Now I caught you bitch! Now my fun begins!" The man snickered.

"Let me go you foul man! No!" A rip of fabric was heard. "Jenny! Where the bloody hell is security? NO! Please don't do this!" Hermione struggled.

"Hermione!" Draco pounded on the door. He glanced at Jenny and saw that she was busy calling security again. He quickly took out his wand and unlocked the door. As soon as the lock was undone he burst in.

"Hermione!" He stopped in his tracks at what he saw.

"Mr. Summers after reviewing the documents that you have brought me, I can say that we have no case to pursue." Hermione handed the documents back.

"What?" Mr. Summers, a gray haired bulk of a man in his late 50's snatched the papers from her.

"The documents are as clear as day. I can not build a case with them since your signature is indeed your own. Based on the samples you brought and doing the comparisons there is no doubt. You were the one to sign those contracts." She sat back an observed his reaction.

"I did not sign those documents! You will build a case against this forgery! I will be paying you handsomely to do this! My brother has to loose everything!" He raged and stood up.

"I am deeply sorry sir but I can not take your case. If I were to take it I would be helping you to do something illegal. I have too much too lose if I were to do that. I will not risk all that I have built just to help you on your revenge." She said icily.

"I was told you would not help me. But I will get your services one way or another!" He lunged at her across her desk throwing everything on the floor.

Hermione slid her chair back quickly. Moving faster than she ever remember being able to move she ran to her door. She tried pulling it open but it wouldn't budge.

"There is no escape from me Gryffindor bitch!" Mr. Summers snarled as he approached her.

"Gryffindor?" She turned to him with a puzzled expression on her face. "What are you talking about? Are you mad?"

"How dare you think I m crazy!" He grabbed her arms and threw her near her desk.

The force of the impact on the floor disoriented her a bit. Bloody hell that is going to leave a mark in the morning. She was about to get up when her eyes landed on her intercom. She looked at the approaching man and judged whether she would be able to call for help. Taking a chance she lunged forward to reach her intercom.

Mr. Summers saw what she was trying to do and made a grab to stop her. "No one can help you now!"

Hermione pushed the button on her intercom and yelled. "Jenny call security now!" She faintly heard her secretary answer back.

"You bitch! How dare you call security on me! I will kill you before they get here!" He threw her chair at her and she barely had time to duck.

"Mr. Summers calm down. You don t want to do something you will regret." She tried to not sound condescending. She was amazed at how good her reflexes where. Every time the big lummox threw something she would evade it. Needless to say that her whole office now looked like a war zone. She saw him grab one of her prized trophies and she caught it before it could shatter.

He saw her place her trophy down and saw his chance to finally catch her. "Now I caught you, bitch! Now my fun begins!" He put his hands around her throat and began to squeeze.

"Let go of me you foul man! No!" Hermione clawed at his arms ripping his coat sleeves in the process. "Jenny! Where the bloody hell is security? No! Please don't do this!" Hermione struggled to get free.

She started to gasp for breath. She started to loose focus and she was sure that she was about to pass out.

*Alright, I know that you all know how to defend your selves with magic, but I would also like to teach you some muggle self defense." A woman with pink hair said. "If you are ever cornered and are without your wand remember these moves." She then proceeded to teach them different ways to defend themselves.*

Hermione put her hands on his chin and pushed back with all her might. She positioned her leg between his legs and kicked with all the strength she had left. He let go of her and she sank to her knees coughing and gasping for air. Mr. Summers lay on the floor moaning in pain and covering his most prized anatomy. She fell on the floor gasping for breath and coughing. As soon as she was able to breathe a bit more she looked for something to tie him with. Hermione glared at him as she made her way to her window and pulled the curtain. Without taking her eyes from the man on the floor she ripped the fabric into thin strips and proceeded to tie him up. She was just finishing tying him up when her door burst open. She looked up and locked eyes with Draco.

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