Not Pretending Anymore

Chapter 4

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Hermione looked straight at Draco, she could almost remember him from another time. "Dragon?" She said unconsciously.

Draco heard her whisper the name she had given him when they had first struck their deal. Could it be that she remembered something from their past? But how since the spell she used was very thorough? This was something that he would have to research.

Hermione straightened from her crouch beside a tied up bulk of a man. "Mr. Malfoy so glad you came. Please forgive the state of my office but I had a little disagreement with a potential client. Please have a seat." All this she said while trying to re-close her ripped blouse and kicking her client.

"Miss Granger, sorry we took so long but for some reason all the doors were locked even the ones without a lock." A security guard explained.

"How very strange. Have this bloody piece of trash detained in the interrogation room until the police gets here. Remove all his belongings, including his clothes and shoes. Lock him in only wearing his undergarments." She glared at the tied up man on the floor. "Tell everyone in the building to go home. They will get a full days pay for today and up until the building is once again safe for them. Have my architect and the security company here inspecting the building in an hour. I want all the security features tested again. I want to know why the building locked." Hermione ordered while she paced around her desk.

Draco watched as all the security guard left with the man in tow. He turned back to Hermione and noticed how agitated she was. He was about to say something but her secretary beat him to it.

"Ms. Granger are you alright? Should I call the medical staff to check you?" Jenny asked her.

Hermione saw how shaken Jenny was and walked up to her. "Jenny, don't worry. Everything is fine. I am fine. Nothing happened. There is no reason for you to be scared anymore. Go take the rest of the day off and calm yourself. I will take care of the rest for today."

"I couldn't leave you right now. You have that big case coming up and..."

"And nothing. You need to be calm if you are to help me. I can manage without you for this afternoon. Don't worry and go home." Hermione smiled at her.

Jenny nodded and went to her desk to gather her things to leave. Draco saw the exchange with a smile on his face. Even though she had a great scare she can still have a level head on her. He was very impressed by the way she handled all that happened.

"Ms. Granger, we contacted the security company but they said that they would not be able to come check the system today. That the earliest they could be here was in a week." One of her guards said.

"A week? Are they serious? What kind of company is this? Fine, thank you. Has that man been picked up by the police already?" She pinched the bridge of her nose in annoyance.

"Yes, they already took him away and said that you would have to go down to the station to tell them what happened."

"Thank you. Please return to your post."

The guard left and Hermione and Draco were left alone. Hermione started to straighten her office as he watched her.

"Ms. Granger could I perhaps be of assistance."

She was startled by him. "Mr. Malfoy, I am sorry I had forgotten you where here." She turned back to straighten her office. "Did you give the shirt to my secretary?"

"Yes, she has all my information. That is not what I said. I believe I can be of assistance with your security problem." Draco handed her his card.

Hermione took it and looked at him again. "DHR Security?"

"Yes, Draco, Harry, and Ron Security. Harry and Ron are my partners in the business." He grinned.

"I have not heard of you before." She frowned.

"It's a fairly recent venture of ours. But I assure you that our security system is very effective. Other clients have been very pleased by it. They have said that the whole system seems to work almost like magic." He smirked.

"Alright, if you can do an estimate and a demonstration of your system that I would like then I will hire your company. You would need to secure this building along with three others including my home. The main controls for the whole thing will have to link to my home office computer and to my tablet. If you can do that then I will happily sign a contract with you."

"Alright, I will have to bring my partners to conduct an inspection of the properties so that we know what needs to be done. We would need the floor plans of all the buildings that are going to be monitored."

"I will have that for you when you get here for the inspection. I want this done as soon as possible." She stated.

"Right, how about we come tomorrow at 9am? Would that be acceptable?" Draco smiled.

"Yes, that is good. Thank you for coming Mr. Malfoy." She extended her hand to him.

"We shall see each other tomorrow then. Have a good day Ms. Granger." He shook her hand then left.

Hermione stood in the middle of her office looking at her hand. When they had touched it was as if something passed through them. It felt like a tendril of light passed from him to her. Not like electricity more like power. Yes, power. That is what she felt, power. How strange. She frowned and examined her hand.

Draco apparated as soon as he could. He needed to let the other two know what he had witnessed and done. Whoever that man is he knows Hermione's past. They needed to protect her. He hurried to the ministry. Soon they would be able to get back into her life. This time it was going to be different. This time he will not mess up. He is going to woo her and never again let her go. He would have to research the spell she used all those years ago to try to find a way to reverse it. Hermione Granger might be the brightest which of their school years but he was also very smart. And he has plenty of resources and many people that would help him to get her back. He grinned as he walked towards Harry and Ron's office.

Other witches and wizards looked at him as if he were crazy. This was the second time they had seen the Malfoy heir so different. What could have made him seem more relaxed and happier? No one had seen this side of him since his failed marriage attempt. Could the Malfoy heir be in love again? Who could this new woman be?

Draco paid no attention to anyone as he made his way to Harry's office. Once again Ron and Blaise went after him when they saw him walk by.

Harry was once again startled as Draco went into his office without knocking. "This has got to stop Malfoy! I am very close to hexing you!"

"Perhaps another time. I am a genius!" Draco smirked.

"Did you see her? How is she? Does she remember anything?" Ron rambled.

"I did go see her, but there is something you should know. Take a seat this will take a while." They all sat and Draco told them what had happened in her office.

"Did you recognize who that man was?" Ron asked.

"He seemed familiar but I couldn't place him. Perhaps he had a glamour charm on him. He was taken by police and his wand was taken away. He should still be at the station." Draco assured.

"I will send some aurors to retrieve our rogue wizard right now." Blaise left to make the report.

"So now we have to create a fake security company?" Harry asked.

"No, my father created one a few years back. He began it to safeguard the homes of witches and wizards against any intruder without using protection spells that would usually weaken them. He researched the way that muggles used their security systems and now he uses some of the more advanced equipment they have along with magic."

"How are we going to show her how all these things work if they are designed for our world not the muggle world?" Harry asked.

"Simple, we just need to show her how the system works, how it would keep her safe. She doesn't need to know exactly how everything works. She will never know that all the equipment is run by magic. I can ask my father for his input on all this." Draco looked at Ron and Harry.

"Alright, I'm in." Ron sighed.

"Ron we can't..." Harry tried to reason but Ron interrupted him.

"Look Harry, I know that we are seriously bending some laws here. But it seems to be the only way to have Hermione back. Besides, if what Draco witnessed today is an indication of what's to come then we need to be able to keep an eye on her." Ron reasoned.

"He is right Harry. Will you leave one of your best friends unprotected?" Draco smirked.

"Fine. We will go with her tomorrow and convince her to use that security system." Harry sighed in defeat. He couldn t believe that Ron and Draco had agreed on something. "I wish Hermione were here to witness how the weasel and the ferret play nice with each other." Harry looked at his so called friends and smirked.

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