Ultra Magnus and his crew are lost. Their vessel has crashed down on a machine world of unknown origins. Their numbers quickly fallen target of cybernetic enemies the like the have never yet seen.... The Autobots under Magnus' command must be formatted by the Oracle of Primus, to defend themselves and their new found triple former Beast Machine allies against the feral stalking cybernetic creatures of the Machine World..... The shocking truth of this Machine World, soon to be uncovered.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Chapter 1: Brainstorm

Explosions rock the peace of the once quiet planet's surface. To mechanoid entities do their best to dodge strafing attacks from above. easy targets while traveling on the surface for their enemies; the two cybernetic beings retreated quickly underground.

Three assault fighters streaked away at high speed velocities. Their prey yet again eluding them.

within a maintenance shaft that lies just beneath the planet's surface, the two cybernetic entities now waited out the attack in silence.

Chromedome's sensors rose to attention. The Cybertron quickly scanning a proceeding shaft that leads toward the planet's core. Brainstorm is quick to join his brother in arms.

Chromedome nodded forward to the central shaft. Brainstorm shook his cybernetic head.

"..... How high are your readings Chromedome?"

".... The energy I am detecting is now spiking at high levels..... the gauges are metering at 800p and rising....."

"..... Could it be from the planet's core?"

"..... Undetermined..... The energy source of the readings are from that of an unknown signature....."

Brainstorm peered once again down the shaft leading to the source of the energy readings.

"..... We had better return to operations..... we will report our findings....."

Returning his sensor systems to standby mode, Chromedome followed Brainstorm to the northeast hatchway. The curious Cybertron turned back to what he now believed was the core's access-way.

"..... Perhaps we should seal off this shaft Brainstorm..... If this signature proves to be some kind of enemy, it will be more powerful than anything we have ever before encountered....."

Brainstorm Shook again his head in disagreement.

"..... It would be best, if we leave this up to Scattershot.....Whatever it may be, we will be ready for it....."

Locking the electronic hatchway behind them, Brainstorm and Chromedome now focused on their tasks in hand.

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