Chapter 2: The Miranda Star

"..... Cybertron report, instance date 0112018.02..... Beta away expedition team report.....

I have been commissioned, by the counsel of elders to seek out team Alpha on Earth, and to return them to Cybertron......"

".....Magnus? I am reading a temporal anomaly....."

".... End command report, Magnus zero two sigma.... Location of disturbance?"

"..... Undetermined..... I cannot get a fix on it.....'

"What?! That's Impossible........ Unless....... Security alert! We- have a stowaway....."

"..... Scanning for Decepticon signatures..... Enemy presence is confirmed.....

I am detecting multiple signatures...... That is strange..... They are all emitting phases of anomalous temporal activity....."

"Decepticon stowaways, confirmed...... All Autobots, to active- duty status....."

"..... Magnus? I have tracked one of the signatures, to B-deck."

"Secure the bridge..... Perceptor? Send word to Cybertron post Command....."

Perceptor leaped fast to his right, the Autobot scientist, barely- evading a laser blast from behind.

Ultra Magnus, immediately turned targeted sights lock- on the unknown intruder of an enemy, both blasters drawn.

" Sentinel? Security protocols, code Gamma epsilon. Commit!"

.... Security protocols, command code Gamma Epsilon confirmed.....

Scanning for phase shift anomalies on bridge deck.....

Stasis fields activated.....

The all too familiar Decepticon destroyer Scourge once blurred from phase shifting active time displacement, now stood frozen in lock of stasis.

Ultra Magnus instinctively crossed his arms and glared silently upon the face, of the one intruding enemy. The serious minded military commander, now in silent thought of his next series of actions.

"......... I do not know, how you have procured this technology- Decepticon, but your siege will now come to an end....."

The stasis field adapted by expanding, to enable the proto-form within to speak.

"..... It is too late Magnus..... My mission, has already been completed....."

"..... Magnus?

I am detecting a rise, in anomalous displacement activity........ The anomalies, they are beginning to merge....."

"..... On screen?

Is that what I think it is Perceptor?"

Scourge laughed on the Autobots mockingly.

".... The wormhole will consume you and your crew.....

The event horizon of the time space temporal anomaly, will in itself continue in adaptation to grow, and the universe too will be consumed.....

Unicron, my lord and master will be reborn from the wake of- the Omega Catalyst....."

"..... Red Alert? get this Decepticon filth off of my bridge....."

"By your orders commander Magnus...... Stasis lock transport initiated..... The prisoner will be incarcerated, within cellblock A....."

Magnus and Perceptor, began to slowly shift- in and out, from- normal time space active cycling, as the wormhole continued to expand.

Caught fast within the field of tractor pulling from the temporal anomaly's- gravimetric field, the Cybertronian expedition class star ship:

The Miranda Star, is drawn quickly into the happening, of the- wormhole's active event horizon.

Active forward momentum slowed, as images of history unseen passed on-screen, in a scroll- playing, cinematic viewing before their optical sensors.

The Miranda Star flung quickly out of control, as the star ship- exited the singularity's shifting temporal wake, opposite- of the horizon's terminating path.

"..... I cannot regain manual control, of the ship's navigational systems. Stabilizers are down....."

"Prepare for impact!"

The Miranda Star, plummeted fast into the atmosphere, of an- unknown planet.

The Autobot crew, and their stalking Decepticon intruders, fell quickly, into an automated lock of proto-form stasis.

Sentinel, the star ship's main- assimilating, on board computer system, detecting the pending danger; and taking over- control of the ship's operations.

Individual proto-form, repair and regeneration, automatically- recycling, energy- fields; now protecting- the Cybertronians, as the star ship, crashed down- upon the planet, of its automated- sensor scanning collaborations.

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