Chapter 3: The Adversary

The Core Access. Gateway to the planet's main source of power.

Multiple leads from the tapped core draw processed energon in to a lone sarcophagus.

The pod, of proto-form entity cryogenic holding stasis, pulsates slowly with continual reverberations of syphoning power as the being within slowly wakens.

Singular, in form of unit recognition, the beings' optical sensor- sparked the lifeform to sentient awareness.

Internal gears and automatic electrical running power operated mechanisms, cranked and buzzed; with the raising, mechanical signs of renewed productivity.

Activation unit protocols systematically engaged, while internal repair and regeneration operating systems catalogued, scanned and replicated necessary component replacements to aid in the completion of the entity's past history of damages received.

Fractured casing titanium armor, that shields the entity's inner cybernetic skeletal and electrical structure; becomes as a liquid metal, that hardens slowly as fresh induction of coolant runs in natural timed integration through the proto-entity body, as the external repairs are now completed. Internal diagnosis reading the proto-form's system cybernetics and internal damages have now been repaired one hundred percent.

Now pulsing, in rhythmic resonance, with its growing levels; of increasing operational capacity power, the proto-entity's single optical sensor flashed in automatically regulated twenty second system check acknowledging intervals.

The logic circuits, of the dormant entity, are now brought back- on line.

One main purpose rises from stored memory bank protocols in prioritized listings of necessity. Malicious intent now disrupt in synch gauged, sensor scan monitored, spark pulse mechanical- readings of the entity's cybernetic health status.

The proto-entity raged. Two words escape, from the cybernetic being's vocal speech translation transmitters.

Ancient Cybertronian, is immediately translated to the English language as the being within breaks the locked down seal of the malfunctioning proto-form stasis sarcophagus.

..... Vector Sigma.....

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