Chapter 4: The Commander

The commander..... in truth an Autobot only of junior grade in ranking of military efficiency; he turned his attentions fast away from the two holographic images that played in real time observations on the split screen monitor that remained active before him. His cybernetic goggles positioned over his optical sensors quickly recorded and stored the information in multiple files of banked memory.

Scattershot returned to operations with updated information on the conditions of the surface. Brainstorm approached the ranking superior to make his report. The Autobot offering a Cybertronian version of a military salute. His right hand placed upward at an angle to the right side of his titanium cranium, the hand drawn instinctively down to his right side chest plate, before swipe the hand forward and out to his right side.

"Seeker Drones guard all access ways to the surface, and Omega Defense Drones have been deployed to all sectors.....

If we are to enter the ruins of Old Cybertron; we will have to take an indirect route."

Scattershot returned to his command post.

"Anything more to report?"

"Chromedome detected and recorded the signature of an unknown energy source..... These energy readings, they seemed to be emitting from the core."

Chromedome, to Brainstorm's left side remained silent.

Scattershot's optical sensors flashed rapidly behind his cybernetic goggles as he scanned multiple linked files for information.

"The Core? Are you certain?"

Chromedome shook his cranium in answer to the commander's question.

"..... The results are inconclusive. The actual source is as yet- undetermined."

"One small unit investigation team may be necessary to know for certain." Brainstorm added on to Chromedome's shared statement of opinion.

Scattershot now turned his attention directly to Chromedome.

"Upload and playback your findings."

Chromedome immediately moved to his science station. The communications uplink panel of his routine functions flashed in a green ready for activation on the panel's status readout display.

Drawing two wires from the panel's emitter unit, Chromedome jack-plugged the connecting wires into two ports concealed beneath his cranium to the rear.

The two leads were now firmly secured in the Autobot's cybernetic neck.

Scattershot watched the uploaded data intently. Minutes pass quickly, as the commander sees all that he needs to see.

Scattershot immediately turned away from the monitor as Chromedome disconnected from his terminal.

"Recall all our patrols and all our workers from the maintenance network tunnels.....

Reroute their positions trough the main access way and seal off all other tunnels.....

This signal, it is old Cybertronian; and it indeed is emitting from the core.....

The signature, it is that of a Nemesis bonded Cybertron."

Brainstorm and Chromedome looked to each other and spoke the same word aloud in astonishment.

"A Decepticon!"

"Yes...." Scattershot replied, the commander now facing a fear that he thought he would never have to face. "If the power within this Decepticon continues to rise, we are all in grave danger."

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