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The next morning the argument with Rita Skeeter was front page news. Draco was furious when he found out. The only thing that was holding him back from getting the reporter fired was the fact that the article was not made by Rita.

"Draco, is it true what the article says?" Narcissa asked him as soon as he stepped in the dinning room for breakfast.

"Which part mother?" He sighed and sat down.

"Do you not consider it endearing that Miss Granger would defend us? After all she is not yet a part of this family."

"Mother, Mia was just doing what she thought was right. That Skeeter woman is a menace and was deliberately trying to bait her. I was surprised that she reacted the way she did. She obviously cares for you a lot mother."

"She is a sweet girl Draco. I have enjoyed talking to her. I do admit that we have not talked a lot but the times we have they have been enjoyable. Will you be seeing her today?"

"No she will be spending her day with Pansy and Ginny. I believe they are going dress shopping."

"Oh, that reminds me. Have you two set a date for the weeding? I would like to have time to plan it." She smiled at him.

"No we have not discussed it." He gulped. " I will ask her when I see her. I am sure that she will want to get married after her friends."

"I do not want you to think that I am rushing you."

"Do not worry about it mother. I will talk to Mia about it soon."

"Well it seems that you have started without me." Lucius walked in and sat at the head of the table.

"Had you not stayed up so late these past few nights you would have been awake earlier." Narcissa chided him.

Draco was surprised to hear that. "Are you alright Father?"

"Nothing to worry about Draco. It is just a small case of insomnia. I have cured it by spending time in the library."

"In the library?" Draco paled.

"Yes, for the past weeks I have gone to the library to read. That is where I have spent most of my nights. Is there something wrong Draco?" Lucius looked directly at him.

"No, everything is fine. I must go now. I will see you both this evening." Draco practically ran out of the manor.

"Is there something I should know Lucius?" Narcissa analyzed her husband.

"Worry not Cissa. Everything will turn out alright."

"What ever it is that you are hiding I will find out." She glared.

Lucius observed his wife and smiled. "Cissa let the boy be. He knows what he is doing. We should not interfere. The only thing that we could hope for is that he makes the right decisions."

Draco kept thinking about the revelation that his father made. Could it be that he was in the library when he was talking about the plan a few nights ago? If his father knew, why had he not said anything? Perhaps he had not been there that night. After all he hadn't heard anyone there. Surely his father would have commented on it the following morning. Yes that had to be it.

He continued with his day forgetting about the information he had gained that morning. He became so busy that he didn't hear his secretary calling him.

"Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Malfoy?"

He looked up from the documents he was reading. "What is it?"

"A Mr. Weasley and a Mr. Potter are here to see you. Should I send them in?"

Why would they be here? "Yes let them in."

She nodded and motioned for the two men to go in. "Please come in. would you like some coffee?"

"No thank you." Harry answered for both.

"No one is to interrupt me right now. All important calls send them to Zabini." Draco sat back on his chair.

"Yes sir." She closed the door behind her leaving them all alone.

"To what do I own this honor? Have you come to curse me again? Or at least try to curse me?" Draco glared at them.

"Look Malfoy we have come to make sure that you will not harm Hermione." Ron glared back.

"I would not harm my own fiancée." He snarled.

"We want to make a truce. Since we will be seeing each other more often thanks to your wives. We thought it would be best to try to get along." Harry calmly stated.

"Why would I agree to a truce with you?" He spat.

"Harry this is useless. I told you it would not work. We could never get along with the ferret."

"Ron, Malfoy do you two want Pansy to curse you for not getting along? I hear she can be very vicious in her hexes." Harry warned.

Draco smirked at the mention of his friend. "Pansy is harmless. She would not dare do something against me."

"Are you sure? Remember that she loves Ron and would do anything to protect those close to her. Don't you remember what she did during the war?"

Both Draco and Ron shuddered remembering all she did to those that dared threatened her loved ones. "Not to mention what Hermione would do to us again if we fought." All three winced at the memory.

"I do not want to experience that again. Hermione is a very powerful witch." Ron gulped.

"Fine let us have a truce of sorts. Mia should have been in Slytherine."

"Are you mad?!! Had she been in Slytherine the Dark Lord would have won and we would not be here." Ron spluttered.

"Can you imagine Hermione as the new Dark Lord? Now that is terrifying." Harry thought.

"She would be impossible to beat. The smartest witch of our time evil. I simply can not picture it." Draco mused. "Mia is too pure and good for that. She would never be able to hurt someone out of spite. She is too noble for that. All she does is based on what is best for all those around her. It is a wonder that no one has been able to hurt her. Of course that is because she has many people that love her looking out for her. Even if she does not realize it." He grinned to himself forgetting that he was not alone.

Ron and Harry looked at each other knowingly. It looked like Hermione had done the impossible and tamed the Slytherine Prince. By the look on Draco's face they could see that he truly did care for her.

"Yes, Hermione is very much loved by all those that know her. And because we love her we will try to be civil to you. Agreed?" Harry extended his hand to him.

Draco was startled to hear him. He had forgotten that they were in his office. "Uh…Yes. Agreed, I will try to be civil to you too." He shook Harry's hand then Ron's.

"Let us not mention this conversation again to any one. This is between us three." Ron stared at them.

"That is fine with me." Draco smirked.

They turned to leave. "One more thing. If you hurt her in any way, shape or form we will make sure that you live your remaining life in eternal pain." Ron warned.

"You would let me live? I thought you would threatened me with death not life." He raised his brow in surprise.

"Sometimes being alive is worse than being dead. One thing is for sure. If you do hurt her, you will wish that we had killed you." Harry responded coldly.

Draco shuddered after that statement. He sat back down after they letf. "It seems that this arrangement is going to be hazardous for my health and sanity. What have I gotten myself into?"

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