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Hermione sighed with relief once she was back in her apartment. She leaned on her doorway and closed her eyes. All day had been one rollercoaster ride. Ginny and Pansy had been very excited to choose their wedding dresses. The fact that Mrs. Weasley and Pansy's mother had joined them had not helped. They had disagreed on almost everything and there were arguments all around. She had to mediate between them. Thanks to her they had been able to get the right gowns for them. Now that she was home the only thing that she wanted to do was sleep. She never thought that all this wedding business was so exhausting.

She prepared herself a bubble bath and enchanted some candles to illuminate around the bath tub. It was a good thing that her flat had a roman style bath tub otherwise she would have to settle for a shower. She went back to her room to get her bathrobe and clipped her hair. Once in the tub she allowed herself to forget about everything. She just concentrated on the feel of the water on her body. She was enjoying her bath so much that she didn't hear when someone apparated into her home.

Draco had wanted to get away from everyone. The surprise visit of Potter and the Weasel just set off a very stressful day. After they left he received an owl from his mother wanting to meet with Hermione to start planning the wedding. There where still so many things that he needed to discuss with Hermione. They had talked about mundane things and not about the important stuff. They had not talked about the wedding at all. There was always something that would prevent them from completing their plans. It didn't help that their schedules where to different.

After that he had received another surprise visit from the Minister of Magik. He also wanted to express the importance of setting a date for their wedding. His argument had been that the sooner the date was set the ministry would let them be. If they did not set a date soon then the ministry would step in and force them to comply with the law. To say that all of that information had been a shock to him was an understatement. All the news that he had received had made him runaway. He didn't want to arrive at the manor until he had a talk with Hermione. If he went home before talking to her than his mother would corner him and he would panic. Her mind worked in more devious ways than even his father. He did not want to face her yet. He had been so caught up in his thoughts that he had just apparated with out actually paying attention to where he landed and started to pace.

Hermione grabbed her robe and tied it loosely. She walked to her kitchen to make herself some tea. She was unclipping her hair and didn't notice Draco pacing in her living room. So caught up in their activities that they crashed into each other. Draco was stunned at what had happened. The only thing he registered was the fact that whatever he had landed on was really soft.

Hermione blinked several time to try to get an idea of what had happened. Before she was able to discern what was preventing her from getting up she felt hands groping her breast. She panicked and let instinct take over. She screamed at the top of her lungs and thrust her knee upwards. She heard a grunt of pain and was relieved when whoever it was that wanted to take advantage of her rolled off her. She jumped up and pointed her wand to the intruder.

"Draco?" She questioned when she noticed who it was on the floor in pain. "What are you doing here?" She lowered her wand.

He glared at her. "Why the bloody hell did you hit me?!"

"I didn't know it was you. I truly am sorry." She blushed. "Does it really hurt that much?"

"Of course it does you bloody woman!" He sat on the couch. "If I am unable to have children my mother will never forgive us."

"You should have warned me that you were going to come. How was I to know you would be in my living room?!" She scolded him.

"I didn't realize I was in your apartment. I just apparated and this is where I ended up."

"How can you not know where you apparate?! You have to picture the place where you are going before you apparate!" She grabbed her head.

"Look I didn't come here to hear you yell at me." He sighed.

Hermione felt another headache coming on. "Why are you here then?"

Draco looked at her and finally noticed what she was wearing. Or better yet what she wasn't wearing. He noticed how her robe had come a bit loose from the fall. It made a large v-shape to her belly button. He could see the curves of her breasts and how her skin was a golden shade all over. He swallowed and the more he looked at her the more he began to desire her.

Hermione was waiting for his reply. Since she didn't hear anything for a while she looked at him. He was just sitting there staring at her. She looked confused for a bit then comprehension dawned on her. She remembered that she had just come out of her bath wrapped in her bath robe. When she looked at herself she realized that her robe had partially opened and that had captured his attention. She closed it quickly and turned around to go to her room and change to something more appropriate.

"Where are you going?" Draco watched as she blushed.

"To change into something more comfortable." She mumbled.

"What you have on looks very comfortable. You should definitely keep that on. I assure you that I do not mind." He smirked.

"Could you be anymore of a pig?" She slammed the door to her room.

Draco shook his head and grinned at her reaction. No one would notice that she had a great body underneath her robes. And tonight thanks to their encounter he had felt all her womanly curves. He had always had a thing for her since she was the only one that would ever dare challenge him. And now thanks to their arrangement he would be the only one to see her that way. That gave him great satisfaction, she would belong to him and only him.

"Have you finished daydreaming yet? I would like to go to bed soon."

He looked up startled to see Hermione smirking at him. "I was not daydreaming."

"Sure fooled me. Now why is it that you are in my home at this hour?"

"Fine." He sighed. "I received a visit from the minister today. He wanted to know when our wedding would take place. There seems to be a deadline on the marriage law. We have to set the date of our wedding soon. Also my mother wants to meet with you to discuss the wedding."

She sat next to him and sighed. "We had not discussed this before. That is very poor planning on our part." She looked at him. "Well no time like the present. What do you think about a winter wedding?"

"Winter? As in this winter? Is it not too soon?"

"The winter after Ron and Pansy get married. Which is next summer. That would give us enough time to get used to us being together. Also it would me time to find a counter spell for the binding spell that will be cast on the wedding day."

"There is a binding spell that is to be put on us?" He asked surprised.

" Did you not read the law? It is stated that in order to ensure that the marriage is consummated a binding spell shall be cast as part of the ceremony."

"I did not know that."

"Obviously. Now there are other things that we need to establish for this to work."

"Yes there are. Now that we are going to have a year to prepare, I hope you understand that Mother will want to organize the wedding of the year. She will have you going with her all over the place to get everything." He started to grin.

"See that is where you are wrong. If I have to be dragged around by your mother to get for the wedding you shall be joining us. I will not suffer by myself." She crossed her arms.

"I have more important things to do than to follow you around."

"You will do it or I will tell your mother the real reason behind our engagement. What do you think she will say?"

He glared at her. "Fine you win this time. We shall have lunch with mother tomorrow and I will let the minister know of our wedding date."

"Alright, tell the minister that we will marry on December 12. That should satisfy him. I will keep researching the counter spell for the binding."

Draco got up and stretched. Hermione observed him and was unable to take her eyes away from him. She was fascinated by the way his muscles strained against his shirt. The attraction that they had was becoming even more troublesome.

"Had you fill?" Draco smirked at her.

She blushed at being caught. "I think you should leave. I 'm very tired and want to rest."

"I will see you tomorrow then. Have a good night Mia." He leaned down and kissed her.

"Good night Dragon. See you tomorrow." She smiled at him as he apparated away.

Hermione went to bed and sighed. All this was getting more frustrating as time passed. She didn't know if she would be able to go through with it. Doubts filled her mind and this attraction was not helping matters. Why couldn't things be more simple? Everything was just too complicated.

Sorry for the long wait. I hit a writers block but I'm getting over it now. I already have other chapters on the works so I will try to have them finished and up soon.

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