Just Pretend

Dream Wedding

Sorry for the long wait. I had a case of writer's block. This is almost done I think only one more chapter will do. Hope you enjoy.

"Dragon I am so happy. I never thought I would ever feel this way." She smiled at him as they danced.

"Now we don't need to pretend to be in love. All this acting was getting tiresome." He kissed her.

Unfortunately for them someone over heard their conversation.

"Pretend! You were pretending all this time! How could you!" Everyone turned to them when they heard the indignant shriek.

Draco and Hermione jumped apart and looked at all their friends and family. They had the deer in headlights look to them. Caught at the last possible moment. Hermione looked at the person that had spoken. She did not know what to say. This is what she had feared would happen if anyone would ever find out what they had done.

"Ginny…please…" Hermione tried to explain.

"How could you do this? Why did you lie to us?" Ginny accused.

"We had no other choice. Please it was the only way that I would be able to stay here with you all." Hermione tried to make hem understand her motives.

"Do you realize that you have committed yourselves to each other? A wizard marriage can never be dissolved." Molly Weasley shook her head.

"I love him and he loves me. It may have started as something else but now it is real."

"I am very disappointed in you Hermione. You are the smartest witch that has come out of Hogwarts. This is not the way I expected you to act." Minerva turned away from her with scorn.

"Mione, this is not you. This must all be a cruel joke. You couldn't have fooled us like this." Ron shook his head in denial.

"It would have been better if you had left just like you planed to do when the law was passed. Knowing that you chose to abide by your beliefs would have been better than this." Harry glared at the couple.

"Draco, help me make them understand." She pleaded tears falling from her eyes.

"Yes son, explain why you did this." Narcissa sneered at them.

"It is simple really. I never intended to marry below my standards. The candidates that the ministry was suggesting were horrible. Granger was the perfect woman to be a Malfoy. She is the best and we all know it. Malfoy's have the best." Draco smirked.

"It's true then. This was not for love as you led us to believe."

"No father it was not. People like us do not fall in love."

"That is not true! No!" Hermione took a step back and grabbed her head.

"I could never love you." Draco spat.

"How could you." Her friends accused.

"What a shame."

"Please stop." She sank to her knees.

"We hate you."

"Why did you hurt us this way?"

"You should have left."

"Why did you do it?"

"There had to be a better way."

"Please understand. I had no choice." She cried.

"How can we understand this betrayal?"

"There are always other choices."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She began to chant repeatedly.

The voices of all those present swirled around her. Anger, pain, disappointment, disbelief, and hate. The people they had fooled expressed all these emotions. They crowded her and she was unable to block them. So many voices all shouting, accusing, she had to make them stop. She screamed and sat up on her bed.

"A dream, it was all a dream." She panted as she looked around her room. She lay back in her bed and tried to calm her heartbeat down.

That dream had been so real. Could it be a glimpse of what might happen if they went through with the plan? Would all her loved ones turn their back on her for what they were doing? This brought a whole lot of questions and no answers. She knew that she had fallen in love with him, and according to Mrs. Weasley, he also felt something for her. She said she saw love in his eyes for her but that could all be part of the plan. This was turning out to be so confusing.

"What am I to do? I do not know what is real anymore. How could this be so tangled up?" She pulled her hair in frustration.

"You know that pulling your hair and talking to yourself is a sign of dementia, right?"

"Ahh!" She jumped up startled and looked at her bedroom doorway. "Did you know, that sneaking into peoples' homes and scaring them half to death is a sign of a stalker?"

"I was calling your name you just were to busy to hear. Now do you mind telling me why you have been avoiding me since Pansy and Ron's wedding?" Draco sat on her bedside.

"I have not been avoiding you; I have been extremely busy with all the preparations for our wedding." She defended. *Great, now what do I do?*

"You are not a great liar, Mia. Why don't you just tell me what is really going on?" He arched an eyebrow at her.

"That is the truth, why would I lie? Besides it is not as if you actually care if I avoid you or not. We never said we had to be together 24/7, now did we?" She got up and went to her closet.

"I care because now everyone will question our relationship. Don't you think it a little strange that we are supposed to be in love and yet we are never seen together anymore?" He watched as she pulled out her clothes.

"I see no reason for anyone to question us. As long as we don't cancel the wedding, I believe we will be fine." She headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

"Fine, I'll concede to that. What about the disappearing act you pulled after we danced at the wedding? I was left stranded answering questions about your abrupt departure." He was becoming irritated with her smart answers and followed her into the bathroom.

Hermione had her back to him as she was taking off her bedclothes. The shower was running so she did not hear him go in. "What did you tell them? I'm sure that you were smart enough to make up a good excuse." She said sarcastically.

Draco was momentarily distracted by her actions. He shook his head to clear it. "I told whoever asked, that you had not been feeling well and that you had gone home. Of course, that meant that I also had to leave earlier than planned."

"Look," She turned around covering herself. "Do you mind? I want to take my shower in peace. We can continue this after I am done. Meanwhile, you can wait for me in the living room." she pushed him out and closed the door on his face.

"I can open this door if I want." He took out his wand.

"Not if you want an all expense paid trip to St. Mungos, you won't." She shouted through the door.

"How can you threaten me when you left your wand on the bedside drawer?" He smirked ready to open the door just to irritate her.

"I don't need my wand to cause you bodily harm Dragon. Remember I am a muggle born and was taught to be able to defend myself without magic, unlike you." She smiled just thinking about all the damage she could do to him.

Draco frowned and stepped away from the door. He could almost picture her smiling in victory over this. "Fine, hurry up. Mother is waiting for us at the manor to put the final touches on our wedding robes."

"Don't worry, I have not forgotten. How could I forget that our wedding is only four days away." She stepped into the shower.

Draco went into her kitchen and helped himself to her coffee. It was a good thing that she had charmed her kitchen to make breakfast. He was sitting on the table eating when she came out ready to go an hour later. She raised an eyebrow at him somewhat amused.

"About time. Why must all women take so long to get ready? It's not as if you change all that much." He sighed.

"Well I'm glad you liked my breakfast. We should go we are already late."

"You are not going to eat?" He stood and followed her to her fireplace.

"And miss the delicious meal that your mother most likely had prepared for us? I think not." She smiled when she saw that he widened his eyes.

"I forgot about that." *Mother is not going to appreciate it if I don't eat at the manor. Great this is all Hermione's fault.*

"I hope you didn't eat all that much." She smirked as she flooed to Malfoy Manor.

He groaned as he followed after her. This day was going to be hell for him.

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