Just Pretend

Caught or Not?

Ginny Weasly and Pansy Parkinson sat in front of two very uncomfortable looking Hermione and Draco. Both girls had their arms crossed and were glaring at each of their friends waiting for the explanation of what they saw. Neither one was talking and it was really annoying them. Let us recap shall we?

Ginny and Pansy went to Hermione's flat to invite her to dinner. As incredible as it may seem, the three girls had become really good friends. When they arrived Ginny went to the kitchen to see if she was there while Pansy went to the bedroom. Since Hermione was not in her bedroom Pansy decided to see if Ginny had found her. She was shaking her head at the mess of books in the living room when she heard Ginny scream. Without thinking she ran to the kitchen to see what was wrong. She was surprised to see a very flushed Draco and Hermione. After asking Ginny what she had seen both girls sat their friends down and waited for the explanation.

"Why don't I bring some tea?" Hermione was about to get up and run.

"Don't you dare move from your spot Hermione Granger." Ginny growled sounding very much like her mother which caused Hermione to freeze.

"Well look at the time. I really must get going I have..."

"An explanation to give us Draco Malfoy, and you are not leaving until you do." Pansy cut him off.

Hermione looked at him then at her two angry friends. She sighed defeated. "Alright, I will tell you the truth."

Draco looked at her and began to panic. NO! What is she doing? She cant tell them the truth! No one must know of our bargain! I have to stop her!

"Well what is it? Spill Hermione." Ginny tapped her foot impatiently.

"First of all you have to understand that this was the only way. We had no choice in the matter. Well, we did but that other choice was unacceptable. There was no way that we could have done that. It would have gone against everything that we wanted. And considering how stubborn we both are well it would not have ended well."

"Hermione stop blabbering and tell us what is going on!" Pansy ordered.

She jumped startled at Pansy's tone of voice. "Well you see. Draco and I.. we sorta..."

"We are engaged!" Draco exclaimed earning the attention of all three females.

"What?" Pansy and Ginny gaped.

"We are?" Hermione whispered to him.

"Darling I know we had agreed to reveal it during the ball but we weren't careful and got caught." He hugged her to him and whispered for he ears only. "Play along Granger. They can not know the truth."

"You can not be serious! You hate each other!" Pansy looked at them as if they were some creature never before seen.

"Hermione? Is what Malfoy said true? You are engaged?" Ginny looked at her wide eyed.

"Yes?" She squeaked since Draco squeezed her a little.

"When did this happen?" Pansy smiled.

"Why didn't you tell us? We thought you were going to leave and never comeback." Ginny asked sadly.

"On, Ginny, please forgive me. We thought it was for the best." Hermione hugged her.

"How long have you two been together?" Pansy looked at them closely.

"That is none of your business Pansy." Draco sneered.

"We have been seeing each other in secret since our last year in Hogwarts. We didn't want anyone to know because we knew that we would have encountered opposition. Harry and Ron would have made our relationship unbearable. You know how overprotective they are. They never would have accepted Draco as my boyfriend." She said quickly before Pansy suspected anything.

"Look, Pansy, I know it is hard to believe. But we really do have feelings for each other. We had many reasons to keep this from all of you. But now that the ministry passed that law I simply can not allow them to marry her to any other but me."

Pansy looked at Draco in the eye and was surprised to see that he was sincere. The possessiveness that showed trough his words was something that they never had. She still was not completely convinced that what they say is true. She knew Draco well enough to know that if he didn't feel anything for Hermione before, he was feeling it now. That does not mean that she believed them. There is something else going on that they did not want to share.

"Look, I have to admit that both of you being together is rather shocking. And I can understand why you kept it from us. I just can't help asking if this is a joke?" Ginny asked hopefully.

"Ginny Weasly, do you actually think that I would joke about something like this? Do you both honestly think that I would jeopardize my future on a joke? I thought you girls knew me better than that. You know I would never do something unless I truly felt it." Hermione managed to chastise Ginny and Pansy, which in turn convinced them that they were saying the truth. Even Draco believed her and he actually knew the real truth.

After discussing it more and making them promise not to tell anyone about their surprise the girls left. They agreed to go to dinner the next day as to give Draco and Hermione more alone time. Ginny also suggested that since the ball was going to be special that they would have to go shopping. Pansy agreed saying that Hermione needed to impress all those attending. Hermione for her part began to protest but even Draco agreed with the girls and she gave in.

"Draco you have to get her an engagement ring. Al though if you have been going out for as long as you say you should already have it, right?" Pansy smiled knowingly at him.

"Of course I have her engagement ring. I just want to give it to her at the ball so that every one knows we are serious and that we are not joking. As the Weaselette put it." He glared at Ginny.

Ginny was about to retort but Hermione beat her to it.

"Drakie please, do try to remember that her name is Ginerva not Weaselette. I know it will be hard to process this information but do try to at least call her Ginny. Please?" She put her arms around his neck and started to play with his hair as she said this.

Pansy and Ginny giggled at her antics. Specially since she had managed to somewhat question his intelligence and distract him so much that he didn't even notice it. For his part, Draco was still trying to get used to having her so close. Her actions were having some very funny effects on his body. He was feeling things that he had never felt before it was confusing and he hates to be confused.

Hermione was inwardly smirking and felt a little shocked at her own actions. She never thought she could be this bold with a man, especially if that man happen to be Malfoy, no wait not Malfoy, Draco. It was a good thing that her friends were here otherwise she didn't know what he could do. They had never discussed how exactly they would act. Sure one of their rules was to touch briefly in front of others, but I don't think he meant like this. She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice that the girls were gone.

"You can stop now Granger, they are gone." Draco said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, sorry Malfoy." She stepped away from him blushing. She noticed that he looked somewhat uncomfortable. "About the way I touched you..."

"Do not worry about it. It was necessary, if you had not done that they never would have believed us. You handled that very well. I gotta handed to you Granger, I had never seen you like that. The boldness of your actions was natural and very refreshing." He smirked as her blush intensified.

"Is..is that a compliment I hear from the Draco Malfoy?" She smiled mischievously.

"Look all I am saying is that if we keep this up they will not question our engagement." He glowered.

"Al right, don't get your wand in a twist." She grumbled and began to gather her scattered book and putting them back in their place. "You know, if we don't want them to suspect a thing, you have to stop calling me by my last name. You can call me Hermione or Mione otherwise they will know something is off. And I will call you Draco, deal?"

"Agreed." He watched her movements. He noticed how she carefully picked up a book and placed it in the bookshelf. Watching her, he suddenly remembered what she had said to him just before Pansy and Ginny left. He frowned when he realized that he had been so distracted by her that he had not even noticed. "One more thing, Granger." He stepped behind her.

"What?" She turned around to face him and found him too close for comfort.

"Don't ever call me Drakie again." He growled and kissed again just to make his point.

Hermione was shocked to feel his lips on hers for the second time today. Even if it did shock her she was not about to push him away. His lips felt so warm and inviting that she just could not resist and kissed him back. As soon as he felt her respond he deepened the kiss. She felt so much passion from him that she could only return that same passion. She had to admit the man knew how to kiss and he knew it too. Arrogant bastard she thought as they parted and she saw his smirk.

"I believe we are ready for the ball. I shall come for you at 8 o'clock on Saturday and we will arrive together." He caressed her face.

"I will be ready." She closed her eyes relaxed by his touch.

"I must go now, I have some things to take care of. I will have your ring then and present it to you in front of everyone." He whispered as he placed butterfly kisses on her lips.

"Right, just please pick something elegant and simple. That will also prove that you know my tastes." She played with his hair.

"I will do that, see you Saturday Mia." He gave her one last kiss and turned to go.

"Mia?" She asked confused. His kisses left her dazed and unable to think straight.

"That will be my name for you. Hermione seems too formal and I don't want to call you the same as Potty and Weasel." He crossed his arms waiting for her protests.

"Fine, and I will call you Dragon." She saw him scowl and sighed. "Al right, I'll call you Drakie."

"No!" He quickly interjected. "Dragon is fine, is it after all what my name means."

"Perfect, I will see you Saturday." She kissed him one last time.

Once she was alone she thought about all that had happened. She touched her lips and remembered the way he had kissed her. There was an attraction between the two she could not deny. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all. Maybe they could be happy together. Both were very intelligent and knew what they were doing. She only hoped that whatever she was beginning to feel for Draco was mutual. She knows that if she falls in love with him and he doesn't love her then wouldn't be able to handle it. Right know she felt lust and passion for him and knew he felt the same. She could deal with lust and passion, love was a whole different matter. One thing was for sure, she couldn't allow herself to fall in love with him. After all this was just pretend, right?

Hope you liked this chapter. I'll try to post the next one this weekend. Thank you for all the reviews.
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