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Shopping with Ginny and Pansy was a nightmare. They arrived at Hermione's house very early the next day and practically dragged her to wizarding London. They made her try on so many dress robes that her head was spinning. Pretty soon all the robes looked the same to Hermione. After about four hours they had three dresses to choose from.

"Mione try the blood red one again." Ginny handed her the dress.

"Must I?" She sighed.

"Yes!" Pansy and Ginny shoved her back in the dressing room.

The dress was a full skirt, corset top with a square neckline and sleeves that only went to her elbows. It looked good on her but Hermione didn't like it that much. The color reminded her of the war and of all the friends she had lost.

"You look fantastic." Pansy smiled.

"I don't feel comfortable in this dress. It reminds me of all the spilled blood during the war." Hermione said sadly.

"All right Hermione, why don't you try one of the other two?" Ginny smiled reassuringly.

"Yes, we don't want you sad that day." Pansy handed her the other dress.

The second one was all green with lots of ruffles. It was similar to the one she wore to the yule ball. Needless to say she didn't like it, she felt as is she were trying to re-live that night. As soon as she stepped out of the dressing room both girls frowned. They shook their heads as she looked in the full length mirror.

"You don't like either."

"I don not think this is the right dress for the occasion. You need something that will make Draco crazy." Pansy grinned.

"I agree, you have to make every man jealous of him. And make him proud that you chose him as your fiance." Ginny pushed her back in the dressing room.

Hermione simply loved the last dress, it fit her perfectly. The dress was a black with silver trimmings, and strapless evening gown. It went down all the way to her ankles and had a slit on her right thigh that opened when she walked. The fabric felt soft on her skin and it made her look incredible.

"Wow, Mione." Ginny gasped.

"That is the dress!" Pansy giggled excitedly. "Draco wont know what hit him once he sees you in that! He will be speechless!"

Hermione smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. "You think he'll like it?"

"He wont like it, he will love it. All we need now it to find the perfect shoes."

"We also need to do something with your hair and makeup. But we will help you that day don't worry. You'll look amazing once Ginny and I are done with you." Pansy and Ginny nodded.

"Are you sure I'll be safe in your hands?" Hermione joked.

"Very funny Mione. Now change so that we can look for your shoes." Pansy grinned.

Hermione groaned just thinking about visiting more stores. She appreciated what they were doing and loved them for it. It's just that those girls loved shopping and seemed to never get tired. She was determined to at least convince them to get something to eat before they hit anymore stores. She had not eaten breakfast and they had spent all morning shopping. Hermione was, needless to say, very hungry. After she paid for the dress she convinced them to get a bite to eat. After their lunch they headed to the shoe stores. If she thought that finding the right dress was difficult, finding the right shoes was worse.

It was already seven in the evening when she returned to her flat. She went straight to her bedroom to put away the packages. She didn't even notice that someone was waiting for her in her living room. Said person scowled when she didn't notice him. He didn't make a move until he saw her comeback out of her bedroom.

"Did you have fun shopping?"

Hermione jumped when she heard Draco's voice. "You scared me. I didn't notice you were there. Did you just get here?"

"A few minute before you arrived. You look exhausted." He stood from where he was sitting.

"Yes well, Ginny and Pansy are tireless when they are shopping. We must have gone to all the shops in wizarding London twice." She smiled and shook her head remembering.

"I know that Pansy loves to shop, I did not know the Weaselette also enjoyed it." He smirked.

"I thought we had agreed that you were not going to call her that again?" Hermione frowned as she went into her kitchen.

"I don not recall ever agreeing to that. I seem to remember that I was distracted while you talked."

"Yes, well, I said I was sorry." Hermione flushed at the memory. "Would you like something to eat?"

"Sure, why not." He sat on one of the chairs and watched as she cooked for him.

Both were quiet while she prepared the food, lost in their thoughts. Draco observed her movements. He was still confused as to his feelings for her. All he knew for sure was that every time he kissed her he couldn't stop. She tasted amazing to him and he could never get enough. He had never felt that way with any other woman before. He liked it and it also scared him. He was afraid to fall for her.

"I almost forgot. Why were you waiting for me?" Her voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"I wanted to discuss this attraction that we seem to have."

"Attraction?" She looked at him over her shoulder.

"I know you feel it too Mia." He narrowed his eyes. "Our mutual attraction is what convinced Pansy and Ginny that we were serious."

"All right, there is no point in denying it then." She placed a plate of pasta in front of him. "Now, what should we do about it?"

"We can not hide it, so we'll use it to convince everyone at the ball. I just want to make it very clear that this attraction is just that, an attraction. Our marriage will be in name only, there can never be anything more to it than that." He stated coldly.

"Things might change Draco." She looked him straight in the eyes.

"Not between us." He looked defiant. "We have an agreement, Granger. Nothing can change the fact that we hate each other. You and I both know that we are only doing this because of the stupid law! What we are feeling now is just lust! Nothing else can come of it! You know that!" He stood angrily.

"I am aware of the terms of our agreement! I also know why we are doing it! You need not remind me in such a manner!" She also stood. "But, you must also know that feelings might change as the years pass! We agreed to a marriage and that in the wizarding world is forever! There is no way out of it once the binding spell is cast! You know that!" She banged her fists on the table.

"My feelings towards you will never change! I could never care or love someone like you!" He spat venomously.

Hermione's reaction for his words was instant, she slapped him. "Get out! Get out now!" she shook with anger.

Draco rubbed his stinging cheek and glared at her. "I will pick you up at eight sharp on Saturday." He aparated away.

As soon as he left she broke down and cried. She couldn't believe how he had reacted. Why had she agreed to his plan in the first place? Why is she so affected by all this? Could it be that she cared more for him than she thought?

Here is the chapter as promised. Hope you enjoyed it. The next one will be the party.

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