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Temper, Temper

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Draco noticed when she took out her wand, and against his better judgment he persisted. He knew what she was capable of and add to the fact that she was already mad at him, let's just say that the odds were not in his favor. Her temper had been famous among the Gryffindors. Many a time she was seen scolding Potter and Weasly.

Ron was watching Hermione's movements from the corner of his eye. He knew that she was furious. It was never good when she would loose her temper. He wasn't sure what to do. If she was this mad then perhaps she had been telling the truth about her and Malfoy. But why would she agree to marry him? They were enemies, sure he had helped them during the war and so had his parents. But she had always hated him. This made no sense, it was only logical, in his mind anyway, that he had used a spell on her.

"Release her Malfoy! Once you do we will let you go!" Harry threatened.

"There is no spell Potter." Draco spat.

"There must be! She would never betray us like this!" Ron reasoned.

"Lower your wands, now!" Hermione shook with anger.

"Don't worry Mione, soon you will be back to your normal self." Harry didn't even look at her when he said this.

"Enough of this!" Draco growled frustrated by this whole situation.

"For the first time I agree. Enough! Stupefy!" Ron aimed the spell at Draco but nothing happened.

"Looks like you missed Weasel." Draco smirked.

"He might have missed, but I wont."

"Bring it Potter."

"With pleasure. Petri ficus Totalus!"


Both spells were said at the same time and as with Ron neither worked. Everyone was confused, they all tried to do a spell but none worked. Hermione watched and smirked. Everyone else not involved in the confrontation was amazed.

"Albus, did you teach her this spell?" The Minister of Magic asked wide eyed.

"No, Cornelius. This particular spell is not one we teach at Hogwarts. This spell can only be found in one of the many books in the library. Miss Granger has apparently discovered it there." Dumbledore smiled.

"She is a truly remarkable witch. Is she not the one that came up with the plan to weaken Voldemort?"

"Yes, that she did."

Narcissa and Lucius watched as she handled the situation with ease. Both were amazed by her quick thinking and her level of magic. They had known she was smart and that she was a very talented witch. But they had no idea she was this powerful. Lucius suspected that with time she would be even more powerful than Dumbledore himself.

"She is perfect for our family." He smiled proudly at her.

"Yes, I agree. Our son will have his hands full with her. It will serve him to have her knock him off that pedestal we have put him on. It will be amusing to see them together. The Manor will be full of life with those two around." Narcissa smiled.

"Draco will not be the only one to fight her. The Manor is full of past Malfoy's that will make her life impossible." He closed his eyes thinking of all the portraits of the past Malfoy males.

Narcissa smirked at her husband. "There is no need to worry dear. I am sure that what ever those grumpy men try to say to her to hurt her will not work. Besides are you forgetting that the Malfoy women are also there? They will make sure to help her just like they helped me."

He looked at her and paled. "Narcissa you can not get involved. If you do I wont get any rest any time soon. My father will be the first to demand that I restrain you. And you know how bothersome he can be."

"Lucius are you scared of what your father's painting could say? Besides we Malfoy women have to stick together to keep you Malfoy men in line." She huffed.

"Merlin help us." He sighed.

"What is going on?!" Harry and Draco kept trying to use their magic.

"Hermione?" Ron sounded scared and lost, he knew that she was responsible for this.

"I warned you to put your wands down! You are all acting as if this was still the war! What were you all thinking!? Why did you not listen to me?!" She walked between them all.

"Mione, this is for your own good. He has you under a spell! Why can't you see that?!" Harry argued.

"Bloody Hell!! If she were under my spell how can you explain that I can't use magic either?!" Draco glared at Harry.

"Mione, can you please let us go? I can't feel my magic and it is really freaking me out." Ron pleaded.

"And have hex each other as soon as the forcefield is down? I think not!" She glared at her two best friends. "And you!" She turned to Draco. "How dare you cause all this!? What in Merlin's name were you thinking, proposing to me in such a manner?! Did you not think of the consequences?! Why must you always make thing so difficult?!"

"How is it that you blame me, when you were the one that was hiding from me!" Draco accused. "You were the one that was not at her flat when we had agreed to meet there and arrive together! Instead you were with Pansy and Ginny hiding from me! You provoked me when you started to dance with Potter!"

"I did not provoke you! You pompous git! I had a very good reason to do what I did! You acted like a complete jerk and this was my payback!" She began to rub her head. All this arguing and her maintaining the forcefield was giving her a headache.

Pansy and Ginny saw her start to loose control of her magic. All this was really taking a toll on her and they were sure that soon she would faint if she didn't relax. They walked up to her.

"Hermione, you should let them go. All this is tiring you out." Ginny reached out to her.

"Not until they promise not to harm each other. And even then I don't think I can trust them."

"Hermione, this is not good for you. Let them go, I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't dare do anything in front of Dumbledore." Pansy glared at them all.

Everyone had backed down once they realized she had done this. And the glares that the other two girls had given them was enough to persuade them all to put away their wands. The only ones that were still not backing down were Harry, Ron and Draco. They kept glaring at one another.

"No! They have to learn that I can make my own decisions!" Her headache increased and she dropped her wand to grab her head with both hands.

Once her wand touched the floor the forcefield disappeared. Once the three males realized the field was gone they sent spells at each other. Pansy and Ginny widened their eyes at their foolishness. Hermione fell to her knees and muttered something that no one could hear. What ever it was that she said caused all three males to fall ruthlessly and miss the spells.

"Hermione are you alright?" Ginny was worried for her.

"Yes, I am alright. It's only a headache nothing to worry about." She looked at the men on the floor and smirked.

"Ahh!" Ron screamed. "I don't have any bones in my arms or legs! Harry what happened!?"

"Calm down Ron. I am the same as you. And apparently so is Malfoy."

"Calm down!? Calm down?! How can I be calm when I have no bones!?" Ron panicked.

"Bloody hell, Granger! What did you do?! Reverse this spell immediately!" Draco demanded.

Harry and Ron both turned to look at Hermione. They saw that she was smirking in a scary sort of way. They glared and began to join Draco in his rant.

"Mione, undo this now!!" Harry also demanded.

"How could you do this to us, Mione!? We are your best friends!" Ron screamed.

All their screams were making her headache worse. She tried to shut them out by closing her eyes. Pansy and Ginny tried to get them to be quiet but it didn't work. Hermione lost her patience once again and snapped at them.

"Silencio!" She waved her hand and cut off their voices. "I have had enough of you three! Cantus Aranea!" A spider web surrounded them and little spiders began to appear all around them.

Needless to say that they began to scream hysterically but no one could hear them due to the silencing spell she had put on them. After she cast that spell she left the ballroom. Pansy was with Ron trying to calm him down. Ginny was torn between following her and helping Harry. She saw Narcissa Malfoy follow Hermione and decided to help Harry.

"Why can't you ever listen to her?" Ginny whispered as she did the counter spell for the spiderweb and silencing spells.

"How can she be engaged to Malfoy? Why would she betray us in such a manner?" He asked her.

Ginny shook her head. "She is not betraying us Harry. She has made a decision and we as her friends should support her."

Harry sighed. "Alright, but if he hurts her he's dead. Now how about my bones?"

"You'll have to go to St. Mungos for that."

"Great." He groaned.

Pansy had gotten rid of the web and Ron had calmed down. "There, they are gone."

"What would I do without you?" Ron kissed her.

"Get into more trouble with Hermione. Now come on we have to take you to St. Mungos."

They were taken with the help of other friends. Lucius, Snape and Blaise surrounded Draco.

"Not a word." He muttered.

"Draco, mate good luck with her." Blaise grinned.

"I said not a bloody word!"

"Let us take him to St. Mungos. They should be able to fix this." Lucius tried to hide his grin.

"Perhaps next time you should listen to Miss Granger. This was a lenient punishment for you. I do not think she will be this merciful next time." Snape lectured him.

"Bloody Hell!!" Draco ranted.

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