The NCC1701-F is set to launch...... The unexplored galaxy Andromeda awaits...... The only problem, Catastrophic engine failure in space dock..... The best of the best of Star Fleet engineers will now have to be called on to repair the new star ship enterprise that she may make her scheduled voyage...... But that's alright..... There can be nothing more that can can possibly go wrong, can there?

Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Critical Systems Failure

William T Riker could not believe the call he had just received. The brand ne star ship, The USS Enterprise F, the engines were reading a critical failure on their test diagnostics.

William Riker alone to know of the importance of this mission, Riker was now looking into the procurement of another vessel.

"..... Star Fleet security to Admiral Riker?"

"..... Riker here, go ahead....."

"..... We have found signs of tampering....."

"..... Tampering?!"

"Yes sir......"

"..... I'll be right there...."


..... Admiral? Would you care to initiate holographic viewer mode?

"No, not right now..... Place in a call to Star Fleet engineering..... I need Geordi as soon as possible....."

..... Order confirmed.....

Summons call to active duty for off duty officer Star Fleet Engineering Commander Geordi La Forge has been relayed.....

Will there be anything else Admiral Riker?

"No..... Power down...."

..... On your orders, good bye.....

William T Riker was not looking forward to meeting with Geordi again face to face. The past few months had been draining on both for many a relative personal conflict of interest.

Riker had no choice. Geordi designed the new engines, and he is the best that Star Fleet has.

William T Riker hurried to make a positive presentation of himself, and exited his on-board quarters to meet with security in engineering.

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