The Survivors from H.A.R.V.E.S.T,They cannot seem to get a break..... Wild bands of bloodthirsty bikers ar out searching for someone by the name of The Architect, and that is just the beginning..... Their journey soon leading them to the east on mention of a community of survivors, Rob and his group must fight past the dead ones while evading The RECLAMATORS, an organization of construction workers working under the laws of The Architect in building a better tomorrow.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Three riders returning alone are refused entry. One of the riders bleeding profusely from wounds unseen by the observer of familiar recognition.

"..... What the fuck Brick? we have an injured rider!"

"..... Bites or bullets?"

"..... Bullets man..... The dead, they came nowhere near us....."

"Open the damn gates!"

"..... Nope..... The Man is coming...... You need to explain why of your pack there are only three....."

"Shit, Brick! It wasn't our fault! Its them damn workers from the construction yard again..... Them RECLAMATORS..... They were using tractors man..... They forced us into the horde....."

The five foot six inch broad-shouldered biker observer by the name of Brick, was now overshadowed by one other. The man, he stood six foot six and he was square of shoulders and fit of body.

The Man looked hard on the three.

"..... Caesar? It was The Architect's men again..... They are using heavy machinery, dozers to maintain enforcement of their positions....."

Brick answered for The Man.

"Their fuel resources will soon run out, and then these RECLAMATORS will lose all the courage they once mustered....."

The Man Called an armed watchmen from the salvage yard's forward towers, and then looked down to the three; his walkie in the clutches of his right hand.

".... You left our bikes and our gear behind....."

"..... Caesar?"

"..... Kill them...." The Man ordered his two sharp shooters stationed in the forward towers to enactments of execution.

Caught in a crossfire pattern from the two watchmen on high, the three rivers are mowed quickly down by automatic weapons fire.

"..... The next raiding pack, it'll be me and a gathering of the first..... The military installation, the one being known as H.A.R.V.E.S.T, word has it; the place has been over-run by the dead..... We need to lay claim to this installation, before anyone else can...."

Brick followed The Man back to the inner compound of the salvage yard.

For a time, the Ragnarok Reavers were reining in dominance over their claimed territories. The bikers used to taking what they find that by call of claim is theirs on a first procurement acceptance of their numbers.

The Architect and his RECLAMATORS, they were now showing a sign of opposing force against the marauding bikers.

"..... Oh, There is one more thing Brick..... I have heard of a community of survivors to the east..... Fortuna, it is being called by its keepers..... You know, like the old ghost town... Assign two riders to check this place out....."

"..... Red and Joe should do nicely..... They've been wanting to get in a few kills for themselves....."

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