Five children gone missing and there may be yet one more..... Supernatural evils on the rise, strange tidings to draw on the one that reigns in sorcery supreme..... Inferno to raise Hell upon earth... Kurt Russel, to become the first of Lilith's children..... Of The Children of the Night......

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Prologue: Inferno Rising

Daughters and sons of darkness…...... Children of the night…….. Satan, and his many chosen……. The Queen of Darkness, gathering demons; to stalk man, beneath moon’s light…… Strange, these tales don’t you agree; Doctor?”

Stephen Vincent Strange, shifted his hands before him; signs of his attuned focus to cause the one known as Voodoo, to grab tight his old of the EYE OF AGAMOTTO.

“….. Never, once; shall demons wander the night….. Rest your spirit, or face retribution of: supreme smite…..”

“… For now, Strange as Sorcerer Supreme; you do reign….. But, of control over the darkness; you shall not attain…..”

The Sorcerer Supreme quickly awoke from the perils of this most recent; of his many precognitive dreams. Visions of a rising Inferno, breaching forth; from Hades’ deep.

“…... The lost tome of beholden darkness….. It has been found once again….. In the clutches of a queen, its evils to fester….. Her father to rise yet again….. This Inferno, it must not be allowed, to come- pass…... There shall now be many a hero; supernatural and chaos- cast…..”

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