Medical misfits, doctors of boundless courage an of outrageous high stake antics; in adversity to military authority, unless it is absolutely necessary in the saving of one's life..... Gather here.... The team of the Mobile Army surgical Hospital encampment designation 4077, stationed somewhere in Korea; lightens the mood of each and every individual; each and every day with tales of hilarious pranking and mayhem, that is still remembered by fans today..... enjoy now, the first of many fan fiction shared novel adaptions of the hit television series; that was developed after the original 1968 novel written by Richard hooker and the 1970 film that was directed by Robert Altman, starring Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould, Tom Skerritt, and Sally Kellerman.

Robert Alan Ryder
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Chapter 1: M*A*S*H 4077



The P.A system played “My Blue heaven” aloud that all may enjoy the day’s selection of armed services shared music. Composed by Walter Donaldson and written by George A. Whiting, this was one of the most popular songs that became a blockbuster of movies to the day.

Two captains, that at times their superior officers would wish of them to be nameless, they were near to the minefield practicing their putting.

Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce watched on as Captain “Trapper” John McIntyre aimed his first shot out toward the field. Ho-Jon, their favored houseboy of many a reoccurring activities; stood by acting as caddy to the two doctors courageous.

“Fore!” Trapper John shouted aloud as he struck at his first golf ball, the ball exploding as it set off a concealed pressure mine.

Corporal and all around scrounger of the 4077, was a short (although, the young man would say different) and smart-looking soldier wearing prescription glasses that give you the sense that he can read into your eyes- the details of your personal thoughts; by the name of Walter Eugene “Radar” O’Reilly.

Radar too was enjoying some time off from the war, playing catch football with another soldier of similar rank and of privilege in honor of duty. The other soldier, he was playing possum and did his best to remain unseen by all those of superior ranking.

“Here they come!” Radar O’Reilly announced.

“I don’t hear nothin’“, the corporal and arms answered, the young man wondering what Radar was talking about. “Radar” O’Reilly tugged the football close. “Wait for it.” Radar said smartly, as the sounds of chopper rotor blades whirring now reached the others’ ears.

The other scrambled to action as the P.A system delivered its message of personnel assembly.

..... Attention, all personnel. Report immediately to admitting ward and operating room. Attention, all personnel. Report immediately to admitting ward and operating room.....

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