Chapter 2; Operating Room

The compliment of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital’s personnel hurried to the landing pad. Hawkeye Pierce immediately checked on the soldier in the chopper’s left side stretcher pod. The doctor consulted Lieutenant dish, the second nurse on the scene after Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan.

“This guy’s got a rapid pulse! He’s in shock! Get him down to O.R. and give him first aid! Let’s go!” Hawkeye Pierce shouted above the noise of the rotating chopper blades, the doctor and trusted nurse ducked low in prevention of unnecessary injury.

The transportation caravan to the hospital consisted of multiple trucks and jeeps. Patients carried on the rear beds of the 4077′s jeeps, were held in place by dedicated hospital personnel. The doctors, the nurses, and the noncommissioned officers working together to get all the wounded soldiers; Koreans, allies and Americans, the attention they need.

Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce, the dedicated surgeon he has become; dictated a letter to his father on the current events of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital 4077.

“Dear Dad. Hawkeye here..... You said I sounded a bit callous about my job in my last letter. Well, let me see if I can put it another way..... At this particular mobile army hospital, we’re not concerned with the ultimate reconstruction of the patient. We only care about getting the kid out of here alive enough for someone else to put on the fine touches. We work fast and we’re not dainty, because a lot of these kids who can stand two hours on the table just can’t stand one second more..... We try to play par surgery on this course. Par is a live patient....”

Hawkeye Pierce was being assisted in the day’s surgery by his favorite nurse Lieutenant Dish.

“Clamp..... Clamp?” Lieutenant Dish handed the gloved right hand of the operating doctor a sanitized clamp, to be used in his medical deliberations; of necessary carving on the doctors’ wounded patient.

“I’ll debride the wound, then we’ll go in after the spleen, okay? Dish, clean that up for us, will you? Put some suction on that......”

Lieutenant Dish offered up the medical extension tube for the suction pump. Excessive bodily fluids and fragments of bone blocking the doctor’s sight, as he focused on finishing the surgical operation.

"Give me a clamp.....” Hawkeye Pierce called again for a clamp, as the doctor leaned closer to Lieutenant Dish’s left ear. “Wanna play a little “doctor” after we’re finished?”

Major Frank Burns was being assisted by Lieutenant Ginger Bayless. the two worked together in a controlled professional silence.

“..... I need a clamp.....” Lieutenant Ginger Bayliss handed the surgeon his requested surgical instrument.

Lieutenant Dish handed the doctor another clamp followed by one more; and then the nurse rolled her eyes and shook her head in silence on the doctors’ inappropriate, yet friendly in joking of boyish propositions. Hawkeye Pierce knowing of the nurse’s interest’s to maintain faithful relations with her husband.

“Hurry..... I think we’re losing him.” Gas Passer Captain John “Ugly John” Black offered Captain “Trapper” John Macintyre a warning.

“Trapper” John Macintyre worked diligently against death’s raising grip yo save the life of the wounded soldier under his surgical care.

“Scissors.” Captain Oliver Harmon “Spearchucker” Jones asked of the assisting nurse; as he aided Trapper john on his difficult surgical operation.

“Hey, Red, give us a little cross action here..... Put in a fix, will ya?”

Francis John Patrick "Father Mulcahy" Mulcahy rushed to aid of the doctor's desperate ill-timed operation. the Reverend Mulcahy, all too eager to lending the wounded a helping blessing; if only to guide their thoughts to a feeling of lasting peace as they pass. Although secretly, the father; he does at times wish he could do more.

“Trapper” John Macintyre used all of his available skills to move forward with the surgery, as he called on religious and on surgical aid.

Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan wiped the brow of Hawkeye Pierce with a sterile sponge.

“Everything under control?” Margaret Houlihan asked of the operating surgeon professionally.

"Uh, yeah, fine. But if you don’t move, I’m gonna have to cut around your ” B” cups.....” Captain Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce answered smarted wisely .

“I don’t want a Kelly clamp, Lieutenant!” Major Frank Burns relented against the Lieutenant’s offered instrument as requested.

“But that’s what you asked for......” Liutenant Ginger Bayliss offered up honestly, in a calm and professional manner.

“Give me what I want, not what I asked for!” Frank Burns retorted adversely to his orders being countermanded.

“Hey, Ginger, put a clamp on his mouth..... You can show us all your diploma later, Frank.....”

“That’s enough, Captain.....” Major Frank Burns now retorted on the remark of his subordinate surgeon.

“Oh, clever......” Captain Hawkeye Pierce added on as he continued his surgical workings of the doctor’s educated trade.

“I can see well enough. Now give me a sponge......” Major Frank Burns returned to focus of his own patient. Lieutenant Bayliss aiding the grumbling surgeon by providing necessary suction without the doctor’s request.

“I can’t see a thing in here......” Hawkeye Pierce now called on more suction. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake assisting the doctor on the opposite side of the surgical table.

“Give me the retractor......” Henry Blake called on assistance of First Lieutenant Leslie Scorch.

“Let me have a clamp......” Pierce called on Dish for another instrument.

“Which retractor?” First Lieutenant Leslie Scorch asked of her superior officer, and wartime companion in arms.

“The biggest one you got......”

Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake answered.

"Get your seams straight scorch...... Give me a clamp....."

The dedicated doctors and nurses and aids worked throughout the day. Their oath to the protection of human life sustaining them.

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