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Trapped with the Enemy


What do you get when you lock a determined Slytherin and a bold Griffindor? A hilarious moment. Skylar Green and William Taylor have always been rivals since they first step foot in Hogwarts. See what unfolds when these two get stranded in a room together. Will they turn a new leaf or will their prejudices intensify for each others houses?

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

The tradition on February 28th still lived on.

Scanning down the corridor, Argus Filch was sitting by the window ceil petting his new lover, Mrs. Tabitha while my team waited for my signal. Getting ready to sprint for my life, I flagged them to begin phase one of our plan.

With a wide smile, Coren swooshed her wand making Filch float into the air in his chair. Laughter and his shrilling screams would have been an amusing sight to have witnessed, but I had only one goal in mind. I had to go retrieve the House Cup from the Head of House office.

If I succeeded, not only would I get bragging rights for my house, but my team would have a five-minute advantage in our upcoming game against the noble Gryffindors. My mind mentally rolled its eyes at the thought of our rivals.

Especially William Taylor. I couldn’t stand him, I thought annoyed.

As I peeled around the corner, I crashed hard into something and tumbled to the cold floor.

“Hey you.”

My eyes lifted up to find two brown eyes staring at me with that smug tone.

“Taylor,” I stated flat.

“Green,” he responded impassive, though I swear his eyes held slight concern as he noticed me wincing to get up on my feet.

Holding his hand out, I ignored it and somehow got back onto my legs. Not being phased by my actions, he leaned against the wall. “You should just give up and go back to your dorm.”

“Give up isn’t in my vocabulary,” I stated trying to calculate how I could get to the door at the end of the corridor.

Pointing his wand in my direction, William said, “Then it’s on.” A spell shot out and I deflected it quickly.

I thought smug, Being a seventh year had its advantages.

Whipping my wand up as I ran by him, I said, “Alarte Ascendare.”

At last second, William tumbled out of the way and began to chase me. I was already a few steps away from the trophy room when I heard William footsteps hot on my trail. He muttered suddenly in panic, “Crap. Filch is coming back.”

Maybe I could lock him outside to get caught?

But as I was about to take another step forward, I took noticed of the shimmering door frame. With every fiber of my body I halted only an inch from the trap until I was shoved in the back and again found myself on the floor. Only this time William was on top of me with that conceded dumb expression.

Shoving him off roughly, I witnessed the door closed shut. “You’re so stupid,” I said beyond annoyed.

“What?” He said wiping his pant leg from dirt, “I saved us from getting caught by Filch. Some thanks would be nice to hear every now and then.”

Turning away from the door with my arms crossed I hissed, “Yeah, thanks Taylor for trapping us in here.”

“What are you talking about?” He responded confused as he pulled the handle of the locked door. Without hesitation he pulled out his wand and said, “Alohomora.”

But nothing happened.

Again, he whispered with more authority, “Alohomora.”

My lips twitched in amusement when William started to pull the door knob in anger.

“Oh, what the great hero can’t get us out?” I mocked while I eyed the room for another plan.

Shifting his head into the lit room, his eyes shot daggers at me. “Someone must have put an anti-alohomora spell on the door.”

Walking around, I pulled at the window open and it didn’t budge.

Oh it was far much worse than that, I thought with my lips pursed.

“Try clauseruntque spell.” He looked at me blankly as I added on, “Once the lock is trigger, every opening in this room is frozen shut.” My words formed bitter, “It won’t reset until A. someone opens it from the outside. Or B. Six hours pass.”

“Six hours,” William stated in shock. “I can’t stay that long in here with….” His eyes shifted up to me.

“A Slytherin,” I raised an eyebrow, “Look I’m not that happy either. But I guess that’s what I get when a thick head Gryffindor is around.”

Sliding down the wall, William snorted and said, “All you Slytherins act so pure and mighty.”

“You don’t know anything about me,” I sniped at him, “especially with you being all condescending after your neanderthal of a friend tried humiliating Carly with the crescere caput spell.”

William face blanch at my mentioning of this morning’s events and I stood up inching closer to him. “He could have killed her by enlarging her head too much,” as I added in a loathing tone.

“Look I didn’t know he was going to do something that rash,” William rubbed his hand in thought.

I pointed at William and argued, “No you did something worse. You stood by and watched.”

His face began to enrage me and I turned away. I was on the verge of spilling tears, so I bit my lip hard to hold onto whatever pride I had left.

I wasn’t going to cry in front of a Gryffindor.

“Skylar,” William’s voice said softly and he grasped my hand. Instantly I observed his hand flinched.

“Your hand is bruised.” I said trying to hid my confusion.

William studied my expression and finally said, “You don’t know do you?”

Walking away this time, I pointed my wand at a corner of the room, “Like I have time or care to keep track of what happens in your bodacious life.”

Letting out a disgruntle sigh, William whispered under his breath, “Why do you drive me so crazy?” Speaking louder, he stated, “I know what Trent did was wrong. I confronted him after class and it blew up. He pushed me, I punched him.”

“Good I hope it hurt,” I hissed trying to concentrate.

“We aren’t friends anymore because I took a Slytherins side,” William finally stated.

I could feel my hands clench at his words.

“Well I’m sorry you wasted your bravery on someone like us,” I whispered.

Moving close to my side, he asked, “What are you trying to do?”

Clearing my throat, I stated, “I was trying to remember concealment charms.”

“Which ones? Invisibility charm or disillusionment charm?” He gave a small smirk and I internally sighed.

“Disillusionment charm,” I stated as I pointed to the corner, “Just in case we have to hide from a teacher entering the room.” Glancing up to his brown eyes, I added, “We can’t afford to be suspend from the game.”

As he began the incantations, my eyes landed on the pedestal holding a large, silver trophy cup. Circling around, I soaked in every detail from the four handles embodying the house animals. A ferocious lion. The quizzical raven. A humble badger and the determined snake. Letting my hand slide on the cool metal, I read to myself.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry House Cup.

“And this muggle is going places,” I whispered softly.

“I heard they’re scouting you again,” William voice stated right behind me and I jump in horror.

He must have snuck up in my ogling, I thought mortified.

Staring at each other I finally threatened, “If you say anything about what you just heard-”

“I already knew,” he cut my sentence off, “since first year after you placed boils on my face.”

He paced around like a lion trapped in a cage, “Your so stubborn. And moody. You make me so angry….

“And what about this is supposed to surprise me,” I stated sarcastic as he continued to rant, “And just when I think I can finally hate you, you do something remarkable.”

William grasped the trophy away, “I hated that you make me like you, a Slytherin.”

The door began to creak open and we both rushed in the tiny concealed space. Both smooshed together like sardines in a can, I rolled my eyes at William holding the trophy in his grasp.

We’re doomed.

Without a thought I placed my hand on the other handle, in case I had to rip it out of his hands and make a run for it.

That trophy was still mine whether or not William admitted he liked me.

The clicking of heels echoed on the cobble stone and my breath hitched. The Head Mistress of Hogwarts stood tall and stern as her square spectacle eyes scanned the room. Still not daring to take a breath, Professor McGonagall prim expression at the missing trophy released a smirk.

And with that, our Head Mistress departed with the door wide open.

“That was close,” William whispered with relief. “Here, take it.”

William handed the House Cup into my hands and added, “I’ll tell everyone you got me with an immobilized spell.”

Shocked by his kindness, my brain to think of ever scenario as to why he was giving me a chance to win.

Was this a trick?

Was it guilt from the earlier prank gone wrong?


Seeing my sudden confusion, he added, “I didn’t waste my bravery. It was worth it.”

Feeling the heat rise in my cheeks, I said unsure, “Well I’m sorry about you losing your friend.” Without holding back, I added, “Ever thought maybe he’s holding you back?”

William’s eyes dropped in contemplation, “I never really thought of it.”

“Friendly advice, maybe you should put yourself first. I think you could do great things,” I stated as we walked toward the door.

“Now you’re just lying to me,” William joked.

I stopped in front of him and startled his forward motion. Softly I said, “No, I see a lot of potential in you Will.”

His goofy smile widen and his placed his hand out, “Good luck at the game tomorrow. Don’t hold back.”

“I never do. If I want something I go for it,” I said before planting a kiss upon his cheek. “See you after I win.”

William laughed whole-heartedly until the door slammed in his face. His voice muffled through the door, “What the heck Skylar?!! I gave you the trophy??”

“It’s just insurance you hold up your end of the bargain,” I stated. “I’ll get you after I drop off my prize.”

A thunk, of what I presumed to be his head, hit the door. “Gosh do I hate you.”

“Remember that when I’m done snogging you after the game,” I stated giddy when discovering another desire in my life.

Who would have guessed after years of us tormenting each other, I had come to the conclusion I like William Taylor.

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