James Bond, he is getting up in years; but he is nowhere near done yet..... There is a killer on the loose. One that uses skills of the sniper's craft to assassinate those target's on a hit list provided by an agency of known terrorist relations. M, is now the target, and Bond must find the killer before he strikes; while threat of another source rises in the form of a virus that will spread upon the world's communication systems...... Ricochet is but the catalyst of a greater assault on the world as S.P.E.C.T.R.E once again threatens the world with hazards that may be very well outside of any one government's control.....

Action / Thriller
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Prologue: Desert Eclipse

Dasht è Kavir desert; IRAN

“..... Princess? How privileged I am to be sharing of so rare the beauty this honored night.....”

The Rose of the Desert, rolled closer beneath the blanket laid out upon the desert sands to accept the man’s offered embrace.

“The eclipse, James..... You have not shared of its natural beauty unless you lay eyes upon it from the desert of my people....”

“Yes, well.....” James Bond began slowly drawing the covering blankets over that of his and of his companion’s faces. “..... You have seen one eclipse, you have seen them all..... Rarer treasures do await.....”

The people of The Desert Rose stood vigilant, their backs turned from their princess and her nightly caller. None that do not belong there to be allowed passage.

The man named Bastion, The Torturer. One of S.P.E.C.T.R.E’s most lethal of killers, he received of the thorns; Bond, he of The Rose.....

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