Chapter 2: The Brigadier


James Bond looked silently, on the oversized charred patch of- earth. The stench of ash, still carried in the air.

Where once, his family residence stood, now memory is all that remains of Skyfall.

Many offers pertaining to the purchase and for the restoration of the land of his personal ownership, they were turned down.

This decision, it even surprised Bond himself. For he was never known to be the sentimental type. It did no good for the best of the best in service to queen and to country.

James Bond was now looking on the site, with a rising interest to rebuild.

"..... What more can you say of so grand the location?"

The contractor, he surveyed the damage in silence. The man quickly running through multiple numbers and figures on a portable tablet.

James Bond caught on to the sounds of someone approaching slowly from behind.

The sounds of the man's awkward stepping from his right side- heavy weighted, prosthetic foot; impacting the grounds with a- slight limp, allowing double o' seven the time necessary that he needed; to finish his day's business without concern.

The easily recognized man approaching, he was an old friend to the family. To the family, and to the service.

"Commander Bond?"

James Bond rolled his eyes. For he now knew, what was to be coming next on the newcomers patience in words.

"Well, there goes my last remaining time of paid vacation."

James Bond stated smartly as he turned to look on the casually dressed man the age of sixty two. His short cut brown hair, was rapidly greying, possibly to be the results of raised stress; more than that of any known day's aged.

His beard and mustache, that were reminded as being his best of attributes for his original style; they were shaved clean, This caught Bond off his guard momentarily.

"..... M, finally got you to shave eh Donovan?"

The MI6 chief reclamation officer, officially titled as being The Brigadier; handed double o' seven an order served.

"Sorry double o' seven..... M, needs you to report in as soon as possible."

The contractor immediately handed Bond his quotes of priced calculations.

"Mind me now Joseph..... I want the manor rebuilt, to all the original specifications."

"Yes sir, commander..... In no more than six or seven months; we will have Skyfall raised yet again."

James Bond took one final look on the land.

Memories of one special woman now long lost on his mind that compared to all other considerations, will never be replaced.

Agent Double o' seven quickly signed the work release order to- approve the repairing of the land and the immediate rebuilding of his family home.

"Well then, that should be the lot of it..... I shall return later in the months to come; to check on your progress."

"Until next time commander?"

The two men quickly parted ways.

The family caretaker of James Bond's estate, now joining the contractor on route to an awaiting SUV.

Bond looked concerned on the Brigadier general.

The man was sweating profusely, and he seemed even with the aid of his cane; he could not maintain his equilibrium.

"Chief? pardon my noticing; but you do not look all that well."

James Bond, was now looking on the man; for an answer. The double o' agent's concerns were rapidly rising to suspicion.

"..... Must be.... the heat....."

The Brigadier, he looked to be deathly ill, as if he were an old stricken man fighting against some infectious disease.

Worse than this, he seemed to be forming strange looks upon his face, as if he was battling some moral conscious decision.

His right hand slowly moved to his gun holstered visibly on his belt the right side of his waist.

James Bond tensed. The double o' agent watched the moves of the other man carefully.

"Brigadier? You are unwell....."

The Brigadier, drew fast a target on the double o' agent. Bond was already quick to action; the younger of the two moving in immediately to disarm the other.

Slamming hard on that fragile point between the neck and the spine; James Bond knocked the MI6 chief reclamation officer out cold.

The Brigadier general crumpled hard to the earth beside his feet unmoving.

James Bond shook his head in silence, as he checked the man's carotid artery to find a pulse.

The sounds from an automobile pulling fast away from the lot, drew Bond on a quick return to his own vehicle. The double o' agent's eyes locked on an escaping dark blue Mustang Cobra.

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