Shadow of the terrorist organization known as S.P.E.C.T.R.E, The rising United Nations sponsor coded as E.C.L.I.P.S.E now seeks to gain control over MI6 actions..... Claims of bridging a piece with S.P.E.C.T.R.E to be foundations of new beginnings..... Agent double o' nine is called to Greece to act as bodyguard to the lady of the hour. Her associates call her Eclipse. Her enemies know her by many other names, and this is something that Peter (Gunn) Smith will find out sooner than he cares to.....

Robert Alan Ryder
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Prologue: Goldrush



“..... The purchase price, it is a fair offer.....”

“..... Yes Lady Eclipse..... This, it is not what concerns me..... The time it will take you and your associates to gather the funding you need; this is my only concern.....”

The woman dressed in a collaboration of supporting clothing, a white button down top black pants and a black over-coat rose from the seat across from the operations manager of the PPC building.

With the motioning of her right hand, an associate is called quickly forward. Her tall and skinny scar-faced associate was silent as he laid a black briefcase out before the lady.

Eclipse her name. This selection, it was for many an unknown reason.

The woman opened the briefcase and pulled out from the inside one solid gold bar. The operations manager’s eyes now lit up with raised curiosity.

“The size of this one bar, it is one ounce- fairly common..... But this bar alone, would cost you about one thousand three hundred us dollars.....”

“..... Yes... That would be about one thousand one hundred seventeen euros.....”

“..... There will be more to come, providing my employers are pleased by your decision......”

The tall and spindly body guard caught fast sight of a targeting laser pointer on the lady’s left side of her head. Bram leaped on the woman and dragged her to the floor, as a sniper missed their shot. The nameless operations manager however, the man was not as lucky.

.....Recover the gold and get me to my vehicle. Bram called on his two brothers. Boris and Bryce stormed the steps of the adjacent building. The access to the roof opened easily. The roof was clear of all person’s of interest. The sniper, whoever they were; they were now gone.

Joint Defence Space Research Facility

Pine Gap, Australia

Agent double o’ nine marked his partner’s position silently. The two agents charged with the tasked infiltration of a fortress of a citadel.

Their stalking within the late hour of the evening, it was as of yet undiscovered.

Six guardsmen have already been quickly incapacitated. The eyes of someone directing this curious operation were fallen upon both agents.

“..... They will never make it......”

“..... Care to place a wager on that statement?”

“..... Forward security cameras are now down..... we have lost sight of the infiltrators.....”

“...... Yes...... They are quite good aren’t they?”

“Sound the alarm.....”

Double o’ nine and new trainee double o’ six; one young by the name of Maximilian Stewart Thomas were already within the walls of the allegedly secured citadel.

Peter (Gunn) Smith, gave the younger agent the silent signal of breaking from their current positions, and directed the boy to the east side stairway. The older of the two, double o’ nine took the west stairs. The two were expertly silent in their approach.

“..... Impact tremor detectors have picked up on two intruders within the security zone.....”

“.... Remarkably sensitive these sensors aren’t they?”

“..... Yes, Major..... The branch builds only the finest....”

“..... Yes, but only when you have private funding from what I hear.....”

Q, fell silent. The head of Q- branch, he did not like selling his technologies to provide for future materials for agent research and development of necessary protective gadgets to be assigned to agents in the field.

“.... Yes..... these days we do have a mighty small budget these days, and we are only capable of providing our agents with- but the barest of necessities.....

This demonstration may change that..... if you are further interested in the funding of new security necessary technologies.....”

Double o’ nine snuck up fast behind- Q. Double o’ six took up position behind the Major of their demonstration interests. Peter Smith tagged- Q, on his right shoulder.

“..... Aren’t we a little to old to playing tag- Q?”

“..... Not funny double o’ nine....”

Agent double o’ six smiled on the older of them both and gave the man a thumbs up. Peter Smith, made a fist in offer of bumping. The two agents quickly connecting fists.

Major Maximilian Thomas the first congratulated the two agents.

That was fine work of stealth and of incursion tactics. Even as silent as you were, The Q-branch security picked you both up before you managed to reach any of the upper floor bedrooms.....

“..... Just doing our part Major......”

Q, tapped the on switch for his headset. The director of Q-branch having a fast connection to MI6 operations.

“..... Yes Minister..... At once....”

“..... Uh, oh.....” Peter (Gunn) Smith commented. The man knowing full well what this call can mean.

“..... Yes.... Double o’ nine, you have been officially recalled to MI6 operations..... Double 0′ six, for now; you will remain here with me.....”

“.... Good luck kid..... maybe I will see you again in the field.....”

“..... Oh, and double o’ nine.....”

Q, tossed Peter Smith a ring of keys.

“The 2019 Nissan Z prototype is now at your disposal..... M’s orders..... Do try and return the automobile in one piece?”

“..... Q? It is me..... When was the last time I trashed a branch automobile.....”

“..... I will have a comprehensive list printed up before I return to MI6 operations....”

“..... Okay. okay..... Just remember- Q, it is the lives of the agents that are important; not the automobiles.....”

Q, smirked on the agent’s comment as he took leave of the testing site of the branches new design for security technologies.

“..... I will try to keep that in mind double o’ nine.....”

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