Chapter 2: International Tail

London, England

The 2019 Nissan Z prototype automobile handled better than the man had expected.

Double o' nine resisted the urge to search the panel for the automobile's Q- branch secret gadgets. Most likely, due to budget cuts on further research and development for these- toys, M has uninterestingly labeled them as being.

Quick glances in the rear view mirror, instinctively bring the double o' agent to lay eyes on a tail.

Not so surprising considering his position.

All though his meeting in Australia and his fast return back to England by air transport should have been kept in the strictest of confidences.

Peter (Gunn) Smith, did not want to think it; but someone may have followed him from the MI6 air transport facility.

The street before him was a busy passage. He could not endanger the health and safety of so many drivers around him, but he could still attempt to lose this tail with a few detour routes.

Passing The Packhorse Pub, Smith turned off on Chelsea manor Street.

The car following him now got uncomfortably closer.

Double o' nine poured on the speed in an attempt to draw the tail to a street of seclusion. Alpha Place Drive and Flood Street on his mind. One individual; a seemingly tall and dark haired Russian man by vague recognition, hung outside his window with a pistol in his right hand.

The car that was tailing him was a black 2018 Mercedes Benz. the automobile was fast and the driver handled the steering well as Smith sped up and past multiple automobiles to gain some distance. The pistol, it looked to be a Kalashnikov PL14.

The relations with the Russian Secret Intelligence, they have not been all that good; Smith mused, but this is the first time a Russian hit man had tried to hunt him down on the streets of London.

The 9x19 mm semiautomatic pistol was already firing on his loaned Nissan Z as he made the hard turn onto Alpha Place Drive. The bullets ricocheted easily off from the bullet proof automobile rear and left side window shields.

The drive was clear. double o' nine poured on the speed. The automobile tailing committed immediately to the same action in order to intercept him.

Making the hard right on to Flood Street, The Gunn drew his Walther PPK from the Nissan's provided center console gun rack compartment.

Spinning the Nissan fast about, double o' nine charged quickly on the fast approaching Mercedes.

Peter Smith aimed at the automobile's left side tires.

The Russian shooter lost his gun as the car spun out of control and nearly into an adjacent building.

The Russian cursed the double o' agent aloud as he sped past.

Double o' nine looked on the Russian intently to discover his identity as the man raced to recover his weapon.

The Gunn recognized the Russian as an assassin. This thought did not instill the man with any great amount of trust in MI6 security protocols, but he had no time to deal with this now. it is something he will bring up to command.

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